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Archives 2012

August 2014[edit]

July 28-August 3[edit]

Friday, August 1
  • Announcement from Legal/Engineering. Posted.
ca. Saturday, August 2

August 4-August 10[edit]

Thursday, August 7
Friday, August 8

August 11-August 17[edit]

Tuesday, August 12

August 18-August 24[edit]

Monday, August 18
Tuesday, August 19
Friday, August 22

August 25-August 31[edit]

Monday, August 25
  • [L10n] Content Translation Project - highlights from the first deployment and upcoming release plan (Amir Aharoni and Runa Bhattacharjee)
Wednesday, August 27
Thursday, August 28
  • [Community] Matica Srpska blog post. (Michael. Reviewed by Carlos). Posted.
Friday, August 29
ca. Saturday, August 30
Sometime in August