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Wikimedia Blog/Calendar/2012/05

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May 2012[edit]

Tuesday, May 1
  • Blog [Global]: Editing activities - Editor Survey 2011 (Mani) posted
Wednesday, May 2
Thursday, May 3
  • Blog [Global]: Wikimedia DC Embassy outreach events (Nicholas Michael Bashour, edited by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Mobile]: 2 billion mobile page views (Amit/mobile team, posted by Tilman)
Friday, May 4
  • Blog [Tech]: Wikimedia engineering report for April 2012 (Guillaume) posted
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD Marie-Lan Nguyen (Elaine, reviewed by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Comms]: Alex Wafula Profile: Offline WP in Kenya (Jordan, edited by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Global]: Focusing on the 90 percent in India (Barry, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Saturday, May 5
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD Wladyslaw Sojka (Jordan, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Sunday, May 6
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD Luc Viatour (Elaine, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Monday, May 7
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD User:Colin (Elaine, reviewed by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [GLAM]: American Association of Museums GLAM presentation (Lori Phillips, reviewed by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Global]: Mexico International Baccalaureate students use Wikipedia editing to fulfill community service requirement (Leigh Thelmadatter, posted by LiAnna) posted
Tuesday, May 8
  • Blog [GLAM]: Walters Museum Commons upload (Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Tech]: Digicert SSL announcement (Matthew) posted
Wednesday, May 9
Thursday, May 10
  • Blog [Global]: Product & Features - Editor Survey 2011 (Mani)
Friday, May 11
  • Blog [Global]: University students in Algeria contribute their first Wikipedia articles (Haitham, edited by Tilman) posted
  • Blog [Tech]: AOSA book (Guillaume) posted
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD - Kiril Lazarov (Matthew) posted
Monday, May 14
  • Blog [Tech/LCA]: Advisory regarding malware/adware injecting ads into WP (Philippe and Erik) posted
Wednesday, May 16
  • Blog [Global]: 19 May is Monmouthpedia Day - World's First Wikipedia Town unveiled (Roger Bamkin, edited by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Global]: Announcing 2 new fellows (Siko/reviewed by Matthew) posted
Saturday, May 19
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD: Poco a Poco (Matthew) posted
Monday, May 21
  • Blog [Tech]: Universal language selector (Pau, reviewed by Guillaume) posted
Tuesday, May 22
Wednesday, May 23
  • Blog [Global]: Wikimedia Argentina outreach video (written by Matthew, Jordan and WMAR) posted
Friday, May 25
  • Blog [LCA]: Open access petition post (Dario, Geoff, Kat) [posted
  • Blog [Global]: Cairo Pilot of Wikipedia Education Program update; English and Arabic (Annie/Faris, posted by LiAnna) posted
  • Blog [Comms]: Commons POTD/photographer profile, William Warby (Jordan, reviewed by Matthew) posted
  • Blog [Global]: Wikipedia Community - Editor Survey 2011 (Ayush, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Saturday, May 26
  • Blog [Global]: First mobile partnership launched in Asia (Amit, reviewed by Tilman) posted
Tuesday, May 29
  • Blog [Tech]: Now available: Special:Interwiki (text by Siebrand, review by Guillaume) posted
Wednesday, May 30
Thursday, May 31
  • Blog [Tech] Wikidata summit in Berlin (Guillaume) posted
  • Blog [Global]: Wikimedia Foundation, Chapters and Board - Editor Survey 2011 (Ayush, reviewed by Tilman)