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Wikimedia Foundation Board Talent & Culture Committee

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The Wikimedia Foundation Board Talent & Culture Committee (formerly Human Resources Committee[1], or HR Committee) is a standing committee of the Wikimedia Foundation Board, which assists the Board in overseeing compensation and personnel policies and practices. This includes reviewing executive compensation and supporting the Board's review of the performance of the Executive Director.

Its scope and responsibilities are laid out in its charter.

As of September 2023, members are:

  • Chair: Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight (appointed in 2023)
  • Members: Dariusz Jemielniak, Raju Narisetti
  • Alternates: Luis Bitencourt-Emilio, Tanya Capuano, Nataliia Tymkiv
  • Staff Liaison: Chief Talent & Culture Officer (currently performed by Maryana Iskander)


As of July 2019 members are:


As of July 2018 members are:



As of June 2016, the HR Committee is composed of:[2]

6 months' agenda

The committee agreed that these are priorities until the end of 2016:

  • finalize Katherine's appointment
  • define cornerstones for a productive working relationship of ED/board
  • define evaluation criteria for Katherine's first year
  • prepare a 360" ED performance review (to be established in 2017)
  • compensation comparison of executive director, officers, directors, key employees, and highest compensated employees (see charter)


The committee usually communicate via mail or shared documents. To ensure that things are moving on the committee meets once a month for a brief check-in. Purpose of the check-in is to ensure that everyone has the same information, to discuss open issues and to identify action points. Due to the nature of the committee there won't be detailed public minutes. The committee though wants to share regularly basic information about its work with summaries of these check-ins.

Past years




Alice Wiegand was an alternate.




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