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Info The election ended 22 June 2013. No more votes will be accepted.

The results were announced on 24 June 2013.


The 2013 elections to the Funds Dissemination Committee will be held from June 8st through June 22th 2013. Members of the Wikimedia community have the opportunity to elect two candidates to a two-year term which will expire in 2015. The purpose of the FDC process is to make allocations to FDC-eligible Wikimedia entities, based on an assessment of the extent to which requested funding will enable those entities to have an impact on realizing the mission goals of the Wikimedia movement.




From the FDC portal

FDC members will be expected to dedicate considerable time, focus, and effort, including:

  • In-person attendance at FDC meetings (two to three meetings expected per year);
  • Reading and evaluating proposals during the two proposal rounds per year (March and October);
  • Ongoing monitoring and participation in FDC discussions and activities within the community; and
  • Sporadically intense email and IRC communication with FDC staff and other FDC members.

To be eligible for the FDC, candidates:

  • Must be over 21 years old and over the age of majority in their home country;
  • Must be able to work effectively in English (although full fluency is not required);
  • Must present to WMF appropriate personal identification, a copy of which will be maintained by WMF for record-keeping;
  • Have sufficient time and dedication to commit to this process and availability to attend in-person meetings, as needed;
  • Have a track record of constructive engagement in community discussions and an orientation toward collaborative problem solving; and
  • Be able to set aside any conflicts of interest and work towards the mission goals of the Wikimedia movement without considering individual or organizational interests.

Staff / board members of entities requesting funds from the FDC may serve on the FDC; however, they must recuse themselves from deliberations pertaining to their entity's application.

Through careful selection of candidates through both the Board-appointment and community election processes, the FDC membership (as a whole) should have the following skills and attributes:

  • Experience directing or evaluating programs;
  • Grant-making expertise (either as a grantee or grantor of funds);
  • Exposure to, understanding of, and personal credibility in the Wikimedia movement (that is, experience in programs, chapters, or administrative roles within the Wikimedia movement); and
  • Gender, geographic and linguistic diversity.

FDC members will be expected to adhere to articulated conflict of interest provisions that will reduce their risk of being unduly influenced.


The eligibility requirements for candidates are the same as for voters (see voter requirements) with the following additional requirements:

  • You must not have been convicted of a serious crime or any crime involving dishonesty or deception; and
  • You must not have been removed from a position at a non-profit organization or other company because of mismanagement or misconduct; and
  • At the time of nomination or election, you may not be banned or blocked from any Wikimedia project for a period of 30 days or longer; and
  • You must be over 21 years old and over the age of majority in your home country; and
  • You must submit proof of your identity to the Wikimedia Foundation (see below).



  1. 写一篇不超过600个汉字(1200字符)的简介,说明若是被选中会做什么,你的相关意见和经验,和其他一切你认为有关的事情。但请不要在这篇简介里加入背书名单的链接,也不要和其他候选人过度竞争(slate
  2. 提交简介 须在2013年4月27日的00:00(UTC) 至2013年5月17日的23:59之间(UTC)。提交三天之后(最多到5月17日前)除了小改正(字词错误)或翻译,将不的再作变更。在截至时期后任何增加或改变都会被标记,且仅当这些文字与原件一样都被完整翻译,才有可能被(与元件分开)呈现在投票者面前。需要之注意的是,只有早点提交才有时间使其被翻译成更多的语言。如果押线提交,将无法被广泛传译。 注意:作为提交的一部分,你必须回应一些既定的问题。这些回应不记字数,这些问题如下:
    1. 你认为你的那些经历会对提高FDC的工作和推荐过程有帮助?
      1. ) 关于指导或评估年度计划和程序有什么看法?
      2. ) 关于捐赠的看法?
    2. 你与维基媒体有哪些渊源,使得你适合 FDC?
  3. 请在UTC时间5月17日23:59之前,向维基媒体基金会提交你的身份证明。在你申请成为候选人之后,会有竞选委员会的成员与你就关于你参与竞选的要求进行深入探讨。



Candidates for this position must submit proof of identity and evidence of age of majority as a condition of candidacy. This proof may be provided in one of the following manners:

  • Copy or scan of driver's license.
  • Copy or scan of passport.
  • Copy or scan of other official documentation indicating real name and age.


  • 发送电邮到 secure-info(_AT_)wikimedia.org
  • 传真到 +1 (415) 882-0495
  • 邮寄(普通邮寄)到:
Wikimedia Foundation Inc.
149 New Montgomery Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94106
  • 不建议通过邮寄方式提交。若到截止日期还未送达,将不作例外。



  • 2013年4月24日-5月17日:候选人陈述
  • 2013年5月17日:身份确认发送截止日期(延迟或无陈述将被取消资格)
  • 2013年6月8日-22日:投票
  • 2013年6月23日-25日:计票
  • 2013年6月25日-28日:公布结果