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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Foundation elections/Board elections/2013/Candidates and the translation is 61% complete.
Info The election ended 22 June 2013. No more votes will be accepted.

The results were announced on 24 June 2013.


Leigh Ann Thelmadatter (Thelmadatter)

Thelmadatter (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Leigh Ann Thelmadatter
    • 年龄: 48岁(6月49岁)
    • 所在地: 墨西哥城
    • 語言: 英语、西班牙语
声明 我提交我的候选申请是因为我在维基媒体中的经历和其他人有点不同,因此我可以带来一些不同的见解。自2007年起,我不但加深了对我所感兴趣的话题(比如与墨西哥相关的)的了解而且还锻炼了我的西班牙语技巧。很快我将维基百科作为提升自我英语的‘真正的交流’,而在之前有一个维基百科教育工程。当我的注意力集中到教育方面之后,我的经验中就包含了各种关于维基媒体的工程,比如GLAM和墨西哥维基媒体。事实上,我参与过GLAM的一些方面以及工程中涉及到我的大学的部分工作,比如摄影竞赛、文化拓展、从校园档案中分享经历甚至捐赠照片,类似于这些,另外就是关于教育机构。教育机构对于维基媒体极其重要,同时在理事会中有一个同时身为维基人和懂得教育机构和维基社区文化需求的教育专家也非常重要。

Phoebe Ayers (phoebe)

phoebe (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

2010年六月在维基媒体基金会办事处,图片贡献人 Sage Ross
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Phoebe Ayers
    • 年龄: 32岁
    • 所在地: 来自美国加州大学戴维斯分校
    • 語言: 英语-N、西班牙语-1
声明 在过去的十年中,我有过在维基百科上编辑、教育以及读写的经历。我曾为[Wikimania

Francis Kaswahili Kaguna (Francis Kaswahili)

Francis Kaswahili (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

Francis Kaswahili Kaguna
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Francis Kaswahili Kaguna
    • 年龄: 52岁
    • 所在地: Dar es Salaam
    • 語言: English-N, Swahili-N and Sukuma-N
  • 编辑史:
    • 何时成为维基人: 10:36, 11 Agosti 2012
    • 活跃的wiki: meta.wikimedia,

Manawa|TalkEducation First

声明 My name is Francis Kaswahili Kaguna, speaking English, Swahili and Sukuma languages. Basically from Tanzania I submit my candidacy for the Board of Trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation, I am optimistic that the link between the world and Africa need a someone and that someone is Francis Kaswahili Kaguna, I'm quite sure that the contribution of Africa is very important in the Wikimedia Community. I promise that if elected my focus will be on the following:
  • As the Board of Trustees is the ultimate corporate authority in the Wikimedia Foundation my sanction on this Board will be led by principals, speed and standard
  • I will encourage young people especially all those completed their training on ICT to train others on importance of computer technology with information about Wikimedia and its projects and to become Wikipedia users
  • Liaise with various experts maintain excellent relationships between all continents in their participation in all Wikimedia projects, including Wikipedia and the eleven sister projects.
  • I will encourage all users of the Wikimedia community to organize Concerts so people can meet together to discuss how to have a sustainable Wikimedia community.

Jeromy-Yu Chan (Yuyu)

Yuyu (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

2013年攝於香港,由 蛋糕陳拍攝
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Jeromy-Yu Chan
    • 年龄: 26岁
    • 所在地: 香港
    • 語言: 廣東話、中文(國語)、英語、德語、法語
声明 我參選的理念其實很簡單:基金會應該維持開放和人道。

我幫維基媒體義工多年:純粹的小編輯一名、地方分會主席、傳訊委員會和地方分會委員會委員,還組織過一些過國際會議,例如Wikimania 2013。我白天的全職工作是在一家本地媒體公司擔任編輯。





Samuel Klein (Sj)

Sj (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

Samuel Klein.   Credit: Joi Ito
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Samuel Klein
    • 年龄: 35岁
    • 所在地: 美國馬薩諸塞州劍橋市
    • 語言: 英语、德语-2、西班牙语-2、法语-2、希伯来语-1、中文(普通话)-1
声明 Our movement is at a turning point, technically and socially. This is a good time to experiment, and to plan together for the future. We can learn from one another and grow closer.


  • providing stability, reducing tension and surprise
  • helping communities test their own ideas
  • supporting new projects (wikidata!) and new technology
  • investing in local capacity, through different language projects and chapters

The Board should help make this so. We will also choose and support our next ED, and build a roadmap that includes the strategies of our many communities.

About me

I was born in the US, and have lived in Germany and Kenya. I fell in love with Wikipedia and its sister projects 10 years ago. Since then I have contributed as an editor, translator, columnist, and steward. I led Wikimania 2006 and planned the Kiswahili WP Challenge. I have served on the Board since 2009, working on transparency and strategy, and serving on the Chapters Committee and the Audit Committee.

Off-wiki, I chair the technical committee for the Digital Public Library of America. I was Director of Content at One Laptop per Child, where we sent WP and WikiJunior to 2M children in the developing world. Before that, I studied physics at Harvard, and worked in software and education.

Michel Aaij (Drmies)

Drmies (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Michel Aaij
    • 年龄: 44岁
    • 所在地: 阿拉巴馬州蒙哥馬利
    • 語言: 英语,荷兰语,法语,德语
  • 编辑史:
    • 何时成为维基人: 2007年8月
    • 活跃的wiki: 大多在en.wikipedia(超過130,000次編輯),荷蘭語,德語及其他重要語言
声明 I am not much of a bureaucrat or a politician; I'm an editor, and an admin on the English wiki. A Dutch native, I got a Ph.D. in the US and am now a tenured professor of Medieval literature, where I list my Wikipedia work as "research". The 2011 Higher Education Summit and Wikimania 2012 solidified my desire to become active in the organization. I am especially interested in promoting the use of Wikipedia in academia.

Some bullets:

  • I've been involved with the Education Working Group, and I would continue the Foundation's support for the education project and the folks that make it work, possibly with an education or academic chapter.
  • The WMF should strengthen relationships between the various wikis; for instance, the English wiki and Commons are frequently, needlessly at odds.
  • Editor retention is a huge problem on the English wiki and others, despite WikiLove and new notification systems. It is possible that this can only be addressed within the specific wiki, but the Foundation has shown interest in it and I would like to be involved with that effort.
  • The WMF exists to keep the servers running and to enable article writers to write better articles: the rest is secondary.

Tom Morton (ErrantX)

ErrantX (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Tom Morton
    • 年龄: 26岁
    • 所在地: 英格兰
    • 語言: 英语
  • 编辑史:
    • 何时成为维基人: 2006年4月29日
    • 活跃的wiki: en.wikipedia
声明 Hello Wikimedia. I'm putting in a candidacy so you have diversity of choice, and because I can bring unique insight. Me as a Wikimedian? I'm a sysop on English Wikipedia (occasional contributor to Commons/Wikibooks/Wikinews) and write articles about the Second World War. I'm also heavily involved with the Wikimedia UK chapter. In real life I am a freelance software engineer and author/writer.

I hope to bring a deeply technical perspective to the board, and an understanding of software engineering, architecture and management. The Foundation has worked to build links between the technical staff and the community, with some high profile success and failures. I hope to advise, both as a technologist and Wikipedian, how best to create a strong working environment.

Broadly, the Foundation and Community need to build stronger ties, and I would foster that relationship - helping the WMF to incorporate broad community views into their strategic thinking; for example the editor retention program is excellent but needs deeper collaboration with the community to foster new editors.

Disclosure: I am a paid contractor for the Wikimedia UK, a mild conflict that I am confident of managing.

María Sefidari (Raystorm)

Raystorm (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

At WikiConference'13.
Credit: Niccolò Caranti.
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: María Sefidari
    • 年龄: 30岁
    • 所在地: 西班牙
    • 語言: Español-N, English-4, Français-3
声明 Hi, I’m a Psychology lic. I’m interested in this position because I'm a long-time volunteer, who started out on en.wp and am now most active on Wikinoticias, Meta and Spanish Wikipedia where I founded the LGBT Wikiproject. I’m a founding member of Wikimedia España, and was its first Vice-President. I also have experience with inter-chapter cooperation and helping new groups through the Iberocoop network. For more than a year I‘ve been serving on the Affiliations Committee, and am a member of the Individual Engagement Grants committee since its creation. I enjoy working towards empowering volunteers through official recognition and/or grants.

Throughout my wiki volunteerism, I’ve been amazed with the people I’ve met. This has deepened my commitment to the Wikimedia movement. We may disagree on the path, but we all share the same powerful commitment to the outcome. As a Board member, my focus would include supporting our vision through the development of strategic plans, ensuring that diversity is at the heart of WMF's efforts to increase editorship, and encouraging communication and exchange by making the Board more approachable and visible.

Kat Walsh (Mindspillage)

Mindspillage (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Kat Walsh
    • 年龄: 30岁
    • 所在地: 加利福尼亚州,山景城
    • 語言: 英语、基本的西班牙语
  • 编辑史:
    • 何时成为维基人: 2004年6月
    • 活跃的wiki: en.wikipedia
声明 The issue most important to me, professionally and personally, is also most important to Wikimedia: access to knowledge, for everyone, uncensored, as creators and as consumers.

I'm a lawyer, currently at Creative Commons; I went to law school because of Wikipedia, and have studied and worked in a wide range of the legal issues that affect us. I'm active in the free culture movement, building connections between organizations, helping each other achieve shared goals.

I've been a Wikimedian for 9 years, on the board since 2006, and currently its chair, helping Wikimedia maintain its principles and fulfill its mission throughout a period of growth. But this isn't a role I intend to hold forever. The main reason I am seeking another term is to guide the transition to a new executive director. This is one of the most important tasks of a board; when that goes well, the rest of the job can be about providing direction, oversight, and strategy in a careful, thoughtful way.

Hiring Sue and then working with her was an invaluable experience and a key time for WMF; I hope to spend the first year with her successor, making sure we are aligned on the values and practices that cannot compromise, and figuring out new directions.

I plan to continue using my experience, professional skills, and commitment to the principles of our movement to guide us through a period of change while keeping the values and integrity that define our work.

Liam Wyatt (Wittylama)

Wittylama (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

At a wikimeetup in Bangalore, 2011
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: Liam Wyatt
    • 年龄: 28岁
    • 所在地: 澳大利亞堪培拉
    • 語言: 英語-N,法文-3,瑞典語-1
  • 编辑史:
    • 何时成为维基人: 2005年10月
    • 活跃的wiki: Principally En.wp but also Commons, Meta, Outreach, etc.
声明 In the next two years we face major changes of leadership, technology, funds dissemination and of strategy. I believe for our movement to thrive the WMF must proactively support the capacity development of local communities. We must focus on enabling the community itself to be successful advocates for our mission.

I have been involved in many aspects of the community. I am most proud of being the founder of our GLAM project and being the world’s first Wikipedian in Residence - at the British Museum. I have convened outreach conferences in Europe, Asia and North America, and frequently presented to cultural organisations and the media. I have also been: The WMF cultural partnerships fellow; the vice-president of Wikimedia Australia; and co-host of the Wikipedia Weekly podcast. My administrative involvement includes teams such as Individual Engagement Grants, Wikimania and OTRS.

Professionally, I coordinate digital engagement at the National Library of Australia and have previously worked for Creative Commons and Europeana. My academic work on the historiography of Wikipedia received an award and I am completing a WIPO Masters degree in intellectual property law.

John Vandenberg (John Vandenberg)

John Vandenberg (talk meta edits global user summary CA)

John with his wife Siska Doviana at Creative Commons Asia-Pacific Conference 2012.
  • 个人:
    • 姓名: John Vandenberg
    • 年龄: 37岁
    • 所在地: Armidale & Jakarta
    • 語言: 英语
声明 I stand for these Board of Trustees community seats because Values I hold dear, and our Vision and Mission are for me a daily call to action.

I work at the University of New England, in Armidale Australia, as a Research Data Analyst.

I have over 100,000 edits. While I primarily edit on the English-language projects, I have over 100 non-anti-vandalism edits to 17 projects, including Wikipedias (Spanish, Russian, German, French, & Indonesian), Wikisource (Dutch, French, Russian, Latin and Multilingual), and I have edited on many of the Wiktionary projects, and English Wikiversity and smaller contributions to English Wikibooks.

I have been the president of the Australian chapter, however I moved aside earlier this year to allow my colleague Craig Franklin to carry that torch. I have presented at, and organised, GLAM conferences, Wikimedia in Higher Education conferences in Australia and Indonesia, Open Knowledge conferences and workshops across Australia and Indonesia.


  • 提高关于资金的使用透明度——包括在英语维基百科、其他语言的维基百科以其姊妹计划
  • 发起一项用于评估创建一个将负责MediaWiki软件进一步发展的单独的非营利性的社区项目。
  • 允许社区成员在理事会会议中提出项目。