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لوگوی ویکی‌سفر
لوگوی ویکی‌سفر

Wikiquote is a multilingual online open-content compendium of quotations. All content but copyrighted quotations is released under the GFDL and CC-BY-SA in the same manner as other Wikimedia Foundation projects.


این با یک پست در فرا ویکی توسط فانزی در ۲۷ژوئن ۲۰۰۳ شروع شد.

یک ایده پیشنهادشده :ویکی گفتاورد یک دانشنامه از نقل قول‌ها است صفحه موقت آن‌را می توانید اینجا بیابید – فانزی .

It started as quote.wikipedia.org on July 10, 2003 and later got its own domain, wikiquote.org on August 25, 2003.

نسخه‌های تحت‌توسعه

Wikiquote had quotations with over 2,500 articles in six languages in June 2004, one year after its first proposal under the domain wikiquote.org. Some language-speakers other than English requested their own subdomain and on July 17, they were created, starting Wikiquotes in languages like German, French, Italian and Polish.

The Wikiquote project is expanding slowly but steadily. At the end of September there were about 15 Wikiquotes, both large and small. On December 1, there were 24 Wikiquote projects. There were almost 6,500 articles in total in December 2004. At the end of May 2005 the total number of articles reached 14,000. It included nearly 30,000 articles in over 30 languages in February 2006, over 60,000 articles in 87 languages in May 2007 and over 80,000 articles in 89 languages in June 2008.

Since the last update of June 2008, the number of languages has remained stable, while the number of articles has doubled. As of 10 May 2014, about eleven years after its creation, the Wikiquote project now includes over 168,000 articles in 89 languages. Twenty-eight language versions have more than 1,000 articles. Fifty-six language versions have 100 or more articles.

The largest Wikiquotes are Italian and English, with over ۴۸٬۰۰۰ and ۴۶٬۰۰۰ articles respectively. Third is Polish Wikiquote, with more than ۲۴٬۰۰۰ articles.


Sometimes the Wikiquote project faces troubles and challenges. One of the most remarkable challenges was copyright issues on the French Wikiquote. To avoid problems, on March 2006 the Foundation decided to take it down, erase all its material and relaunch it. For details, see the announcement from the Foundation.

However, devoted editors rescued the situation. They settled their charter and polices, and French Wikiquote was relaunched on December 4, 2006.

فهرست ویکی‌گفتاوردها

See Wikimedia in figures – Wikiquote and this page for complete statistics.

جدول تعویض شد از ویکی گفتاورد/جدول.

نقاط عطف

Recommended article-count milestones are 100, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k increments to 50k, 10k increments to 100k, 25k increments to 250k, 50k increments to 500k, and 100k increments to 1000k.

Reporting to Wikimedia News is also recommended.

نقطه عطف قبلی را می توان در آرشیو ها یافت.











  • February, 2010
    • Wikiquote has over 100,000 articles in total. Not known when the milestone has reached.


An Alemannic Wikiquote has been created as separate namespace within Alemannic Wikipedia: Alemannischi Spruchsammlig (Wikiquote).

ویکی گفتاورد جدید

If you want to launch a Wikiquote project in your favorite language, you can request it, filling some requirements. See Requests for new languages for further information.

پروژه بزرگ ارتباطات

بیش تر زبان های ویکی گفتاورد محل بحثی دارند در ویکی هایشان.اگر برای شما سخت است یافتنشان تلاش کنید در بحث صفحه اصلی در هر ویکی

ارتباط جهانی ویکی گفتاورد از بعضی کانال های ارتباطی استفاده می کنند.

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