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Wikiquote be multilingual online open-content compendium of quotations. Dem dey release all content but copyrighted quotations under de GFDL den CC-BY-SA for de same manner insyd as oda Wikimedia Foundation projects.

De beginning

E begin plus post by Fonzy for June 27, 2003.

idea dem propose: Wikiquotionary Encyclopedia of Quotes. Dem fi find de temp page hie – fonzy.

E start as quote.wikipedia.org for July 10, 2003 wey later e get ein own domain, wikiquote.org for August 25, 2003.


Wikiquote get quotations plus ova 2,500 articles for six languages for June 2004 insyd, one year afta ein first proposal under de domain wikiquote.org. Sam language-speakers oda dan English request dema own subdomain den for July 17, dem create dem, dey start Wikiquotes for languages insyd lyk German, French, Italian den Polish.

De Wikiquote project dey expand slowly buh steadily. For de end of September na dem get about 15 Wikiquotes, both large den small. For December 1, na dem get 24 Wikiquote projects. Na dem get almost 6,500 articles in total for December 2004 insyd. For de end of May 2005 de total number of articles reach 14,000. E include nearly 30,000 articles for ova 30 languages for February 2006 insyd, ova 60,000 articles for 87 languages for May 2007 insyd den ova 80,000 articles for 89 languages for June 2008 insyd.

Since de last update for June 2008, de number of languages remain stable, while de number of articles double. As for 10 May 2014, about eleven years afta ein creation, de Wikiquote project now dey include ova 168,000 articles for 89 languages insyd. Twenty-eight language versions get more dan 1,000 articles. Fifty-six language versions get 100 anaa more articles.

De largest Wikiquotes be Italian den English, plus ova 48,000 den 46,000 articles respectively. Third be Polish Wikiquote, plus more dan 24,000 articles.


Samtyms de Wikiquote project dey face troubles den challenges. Na one of de most remarkable challenges be copyright issues for de French Wikiquote top. To avoid problems, for March 2006 de Foundation decide to take am down, erase all ein material den relaunch am. For details, spy de announcement from de Foundation.

Howeva, devoted editors rescue de situation. Dem settle dema charter den polices, wey na dem relaunch French Wikiquote for December 4, 2006.


Spy Wikimedia in figures – Wikiquote den dis page for complete statistics.

Dem transclude table from Wikiquote/Table.


Article-count milestones dem recommend be 100, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k increments go 50k, 10k increments go 100k, 25k increments go 250k, 50k increments go 500k, den 100k increments go 1000k.

Dey sanso dey recommend reporting go Wikimedia News.

Dem fi find past milestones for de archives insyd.












Dem create Alemannic Wikiquote as separate namespace within Alemannic Wikipedia: Alemannischi Spruchsammlig (Wikiquote).

Fresh Wikiquote

If you wan make you launch Wikiquote project for your favorite language insyd, you fi request am, dey fill sam requirements. Spy Requests for fresh languages for further information.

Project-wide communications

Chaw language projects of Wikiquote get ein discussion place for dema wikis top. If e be hard give you make you find am, try talk:Main Page for each wiki top.

De global Wikiquote community dey utilize sam communication channels.

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