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Community Liaisons (CL; previously called Community Engagement (Product)) serve readers, contributors, and the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) by supporting the WMF Product and Engineering departments in their collaboration with the communities of WMF-hosted sites. We inform the WMF of communities' views and particular needs about software products; and we inform the communities during the whole process of development of said software, and facilitate its adoption.

Community Liaisons are part of the Technical Collaboration team in the Community Engagement WMF department.

Our work includes[edit]

Supporting Wikimedia communities when new or updated software by WMF is deployed on their wikis:

  • facilitating communications from and to the WMF's Product and Engineering departments
  • assisting with testing, bug filing, documentation writing
  • delivering announcements, news, and feedback
  • engaging translators for the user interface and for documentation

Who we are[edit]

The Community Liaisons currently consist of:

Quim Gil (Qgil)
Team Lead
Quim joined the Wikimedia Foundation in November 2012.
Moushira Elamrawy (Moushira)
Reading Department
Moushira met Wikipedia in 2007 and have since been friends in different ways. She is currently a part time contractor working with the readers community. She is here to help grow a happy community of readers, where the app/web experience is engaging and fulfilling to both new comers and existing users, alike. Readers, she is your voice—talk to her.
Benoît Evellin (Trizek)
Editing Department, Collaboration Team; TechNews support
Benoît hails from the French Wikipedia, where he started to contribute in May 2008. Since 2011, he is contributing on his wiki to community efforts to help new users on their first steps, by increasing interactions, rewriting help pages and promoting new editing products. He joins the Foundation in May 2015, to work on VisualEditor on small wikis and Collaboration team products (mostly Flow).
Johan Jönsson (Johan)
Community Tech; TechNews lead
Johan (User:Julle in his volunteer capacity) has been a Wikimedia editor since 2004. He's mainly active on Swedish Wikipedia but has written articles in around a dozen languages and sometimes employs his mediocre photographing skills for Wikimedia Commons, when no one better suited is around. He will mainly be working with Community Tech, as well Analytics and TechOps. He also writes and edits Tech/News.
Chris Koerner (CKoerner)
Discovery Department
Chris has been involved in the MediaWiki community since 2011 when he inherited two internal wikis while at a large healthcare provider. Shortly after he jumped into the community as a member of the MediaWiki Stakeholders' Group. He thinks everyone should use MediaWiki. He's also a small-time editor on English Wikipedia and a tiny contributor to Wikimedia Commons.
Erica Litrenta (Elitre)
Editing Department, VisualEditor
Erica has been in the Movement since 2005, mostly active at the Italian Wikipedia and on the Italian queues of OTRS. She joined the Foundation in 2013 and is primarily liaising for VisualEditor on most of the Wikipedias where it's already enabled as the primary editor.
Keegan Peterzell (Keegan)
Technical Collaboration Specialist
Keegan has been an editor on the English Wikipedia since 2005 and an administrator since 2006. He's also an Oversighter and CheckUser there. Globally he's an OTRS administrator and a Global Renamer. A former Community Liaison, Keegan's job now involves documenting best practices for working with communities and consulting on community collaboration.
Sherry Snyder (WhatamIdoing)
Editing Department, VisualEditor
Sherry has been a regular editor at the English Wikipedia since 2007, and she's been in the top 500 most prolific editors of all time for a couple of years. Her interests run from medicine to pastry to education, with odd points in between, but she also spends a lot of time working as a metapedian. She's the go-to liaison for VisualEditor on English-speaking WMF projects. She's fond of flowers that look like dandelions, but actually aren't.
Nick Wilson (Quiddity)
Editing Department; Collaboration; Community Tech; TechNews support
Nick has been an editor since 2005, helping with everything from page and site redesigns to informal mediation. He lives in Canada, and is interested in anything related to words, felines, connections, and design. Since late 2013, he's been working as the liaison for Flow, and various smaller changes.

How you can help[edit]

Each individual and entity in the Wikimedia Movement is invited to cooperate with the Community Liaisons: find out why.

We have written a list of action items so that editors can help us support better their communities.

Staying up-to-date[edit]

See our workboard on Phabricator; goals, annual plan, strategy.

Contacting us[edit]

Do you have ideas, compliments, concerns, questions for or about the Community Liaisons team? Please reach us at

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The Community Liaisons team

Quim Gil
Senior Manager, Technical Collaboration
Moushira Elamrawy
Community Liaison (Contractor, International)
Benoît Evellin
Community Liaison (International)
Johan Jönsson
Community Liaison (International)
Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Erica Litrenta
Senior Community Liaison (International)
Keegan Peterzell
Technical Collaboration Specialist
Sherry Snyder
Community Liaison (Contractor)
Nick Wilson
Community Liaison (International)