GLAM Wiki 2023/List of participants

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GLAM WikiConference
Montevideo, Uruguay
16–18 November, 2023

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Username Where are you coming from? What are you interested in? What do you want to talk about with people?
Edward Bristol, United Kingdom Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, Artworks, MARC, Internet Archive, Editing tools, Wikicommons
Mvpsilva87 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Wikicommons, Wikidata, Open Access, Digitization, Public Engagement
Olea Almería, Spain Wikidata, Wikicommons, OpenStreetMap, EU project consortia, GLAM tools, Wikivoyage
Paula (WDU) Montevideo, Uruguay The mission of cultural institutions towards the future and how Wikimedia projects can help them accomplish it, Art+Feminism, Wikisource
FColman (WDU) Montevideo, Uruguay Wikimedians in residence experiences from around the world and their approach to institutions. Wikidata, Wikicommons, OpenStreetMap.
Scann (WDU) Canelones, Uruguay Past, present & future of GLAM Wiki. How can we agree on collective goals and get the GLAM Wiki community needs prioritized in tech development & social infrastructure. How can we better collaborate with GLAM institutions in Latin America.
Natalia (WDU) Montevideo, Uruguay Staff.
Piracalamina Montevideo, Uruguay Wikidata. Education.
Cnyirahabihirwe123 Kigali - Rwanda Wikiquote, Movement strategy in Africa Great Lakes , initiatives and perspectives
Chrusky San Salvador - El Salvador Museo de Arte de El Salvador and Salvadorian Wikipedista
FRomeo_(WMF) London, United Kingdom Images and media, image description, metrics, and partnerships. The role of the Wikimedia Foundation in supporting GLAM Wiki communities.
Will (Wiki Ed) San Francisco, USA Teaching, research, curriculum development for Wikidata. Running a Wikidata and Wikipedia program for GLAM professionals.
Brivez (Creative Commons) The Hague, Netherlands Towards a Recommendation on Open Culture: What? When? How?
Gorana Gomirac (VMRS) Belgrade, Serbia Connection, partnerships, new ideas and projects and application of new tools in activities. Future of GLAM and impact of AI
Mike Dickison Christchurch, New Zealand Wikipedian at Large projects, museums and galleries, Commons partnerships, Wikisource
Ukglo London, United Kingdom Flickypedia, photography, media description and stats on WM Commons, linked data
Giovanna Fontenelle (WMF) Sao Paulo, Brazil Visual knowledge and image descriptions, museums, structured data, accessibility, gender, decolonization, and support for communities and projects in Latin America and North America.
Satdeep Gill (WMF) Patiala, Punjab, India Wikisource, manuscripts, digitization, language documentation & revitalization
AInacio (WMB) Curitiba, Brazil Capacity Exchange
Mercedes Caso (WMF) Mexico City, Mexico WMF staff with focus on supporting Wikimedia communities in Latin America and the Caribbean ; Language revitalization, decolonization.
Berna Santa Fe, Argentina Digitization, photography & audiovisual, Wikicommons, human rights activism, social memories & historical documentation
Lilian Viana São Paulo, Brazil Libraries, Wikidata, Cataloging, Open access, Citizen science, Education
Amanda Figueroa, Curationist New York City, USA Metadata, decolonization, technology
Rute Correia (Wikimedia Portugal) Lourinhã, Portugal Partnerships, Wikidata/Commons/Wikipedia/Wikisource, Open Access/Science, Wikimedia as an infrastructure for open knowledge, sustainability of tools and of the movement
Mauricio V. Genta Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina Digitization, libraries,
Nicolescribe Santiago, Chile Visual culture, museum's collections, documentation, heritage and gender
IvomarDos Montevideo, Uruguay Connection, new ideas and projects. Future of GLAM and the gender perspective.
Silvia Gutiérrez (WMF) Mexico City, Mexico Wikidata, Wikipedia, disinformation, metadata, AI. The role of the Wikimedia Foundation in supporting Wikibrarians (librarians who work with Wiki) and the communities that work with them.
Sailesh Patnaik (WMF) Bhubaneswar, India 🇮🇳 Wikidata, Community Engagement, Education, Decolonization, languages, collaboration
Mike Peel London, UK Wikimedia Foundation Board and governance questions/topics; Wikidata; Commons; Bot coding; co-presenting: Using Wikidata integration on the Wikimedia projects to enhance GLAM-WIKI content sharing
Irene Tobón Restrepo Bogotá, Colombia MediaWiki: content management, templates, customization, interoperebility, integration with Wikidata; GLAM + Wiki: reference and dissemination of collections in the wikimedia projects, decolonization and local cultural heritage; Linked Data, semantic web, RDF, and interoperability.
Kamila Neuman (WMPL) Toruń, Poland learning from the collective wisdom of GLAM-Wiki, I invite you to my workshop “Sharing is caring, but who cares?” and presentation
Darafsh Göttingen, Germany Wikisource, Digitization, Wikidata
Jean-Olivier Gransard-Desmond Paris, France ArkéoTopia icono-archaeologist working on several projects involving the Wikimedia galaxy and other free content.
Mashan Genesis Kambai Abuja, Nigeria The difficulty in linking between Wikipedia and wikidata in Nigeria
LPiantá (WMB) Porto Alegre, Brazil Capacity Building and Training; Movement Strategy; Wikimedia Movement governance; Community engagement; Decolonization
Xavier Cailleau, Wikimedia France Paris, France GLAM contributions and future, open data/open content, open content lobbying, structured data, accessibility and diversity, partnerships, community engagement
Yhhue91 Lima, Perú GLAM initiatives around gender equity, GLAM initiatives around cultural heritage and cultural diversity, partnerships, community engagement, disability and language justice.
Emilio Velis San Salvador, El Salvador I am part of Appropedia and focus on the creation and archival of technical documentation for sustainability and international development.
Ucriesidelplata La Plata, Argentina Wikidata, OpenRefine, Wikimedia Commons, Open Science,
Agus_Damanik Medan, Indonesia Wikidata, Wikisource, Wikispecies
John Andersson Stockholm, Sweden The Content Partnerships Hub. Metabase. Working with UN. GLAM initiatives around cultural heritage, cultural heritage in danger, batch uploads, and cultural diversity, partnerships, community engagement, disability (especially Wikispeech)
Ezarate Argentina Wikicommons, Wikinews, GLAM initiatives around cultural heritage, education, languages, collaboration with photography of the event and exchanging knowledge.
Marinna Uruguay GLAM initiatives around cultural heritage, education, collaboration with photography of the event and exchanging knowledge. Wikinoticias, Wikicommons, Wikipedia
Tove Ørsted Finland AvoinGLAM original member. Visual heritage archivist. Open culture activist. Free sharing anarchist. Currently working at Aalto University.
AfricanadeCuba Suisse Wikimedienne. Project Noircir Wikipédia/Projet Noircir Wikipédia. Ennegreciendo Wikipedia. Co-presenting: Reivindicando nuestras voces en los proyectos GLAM Wiki: una activación colectiva para descolonizar la memoria.