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This page contains a list of Inspire campaign ideas that estimates the number of endorsements the idea has received, based on activity on the idea page itself. The endorsements are counted by a bot that reads the edit comments on the page, so that endorsements may in some cases be over or under-counted. To see the exact number of endorsements an idea has received, please see the "Endorsements" section on the idea page itself.

An idea's placement in this list does not signify that it is better or worse than any other idea, and the number of endorsements an idea receives does not determine whether that idea will be selected for funding..

Endorsed ideas


This list is updated hourly. It was last updated on 10/25/2018 by User:GrantsBot. Manual changes to this list will be overwritten the next time the bot runs.

idea endorsements
Identify and quantify toxic users 75
Editor rescue 27
Multidimensional EPR (Earned Public Reputation) 24
A Certificate Course in Editing and Level tests. 21
Make sysops a technical role, but for real 19
Percentage of abandoned articles metric 14
Email inactive (formerly active) users with a survey on inactivity reasons 12
In sync 12
Allow users to rank articles on usefulness 9
Better Communication for beginners 9
Identify knowledge or skill bottlenecks 9
Encourage Editors To Keep Editing 8
Assembly line editing 8
Reminders to know when you need to stop and take a rest 7
Separate conflicting users instead of punishing 7
enable everyday users (non-editors) to rate parts of the article 6
Vet all new editors 5
Measure administrative mistakes 4
HBU Room 4
What do you want to name your idea? 4
Build ethnical communities 4
Identify potential collaborators-group via past articles and contributions 4
Dark Theme 4
Measure replacement rate among the admins 3
An "Edited by (name)" for registered users plus a diff of the changes done to the page 3
Auto linkage of article to other languages 3
Graphs and charts 3
Vanity detector 3
Online learning group for editing 3
Health rating radio button template on talk pages 3
Point for authors 3
Reasons for Leaving (example idea) 3
Talk Page Moderation Assistant 2
Monitoring of new editors - Analyzes of the editing behavior of new users in the German Wikipedia 2
Get inspired by the Stack Overflow community gamification to strengthen Wikipedia contributing community 2
Rated Ticket System with optional Achievements for the Gamification Freaks 2
Wikipoll 2
WikiYouths 2
Creation of international ombudsman 2
Location based editors 2
Syncing Articles across languages 1
Take Responsibility 1
Allowing users to create a following based on articles based on Wikipedia 1
measure the gain of quality on added value articles broken down according to well-chosen criteria 1
Function to disallow editing of certain users on a certain page for edit wars 1
Upgraded Blocked User Reinstatement System 1
User rating 1
Non-Partisanship 1
Backlogs 1
Health stated in their own words. 1
Wikimedia 2.0 1
Classify abandoned and new articles by importance 1
Community review for potentially toxic users 1
Current health of Wikipedia editing community 1
Reward for the regular contributors 1
Depoliticize historical pages 1
Make non-article additions (citations, categories, etc) easier 1
Small-scale bias correction 1
Survey of hostile experiences among new editors 1
Campaign progress
ideas created: 105
participants: 242
days left: 0

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