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WM UA/Wiki Loves Monuments 2015
Organisation of the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest in Ukraine
targetWikimedia Commons, Ukrainian Wikipedia and Wikivoyage
strategic priorityImproving Quality, Increasing Participation
start date1 September
start year2015
end date31 December
end year2015
budget (local currency)N/A
budget (USD)8169.00 USD (total)
8019.00 USD (requested from PEG)
grant typeGrant requested by an organisation
non-profit statusYes
contact(s)• director(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia Ukraine
The grand-prize winning photograph is an image of the Holy Mountains Monastery, a complex of architectural monuments of national significance in Sviatohirsk, Ukraine, taken by Konstantin Brizhnichenko
Statistics of monuments pictured by year via Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest. Only during 2015 more than 3,500 unique monuments (15%) have been pictured


Our goal is to organise the Ukrainian edition of the Wiki Loves Monuments photo contest. After three successful editions in 2012, 2013 and 2014 we want to continue this contest by organising a new edition. During this year we have expanded our lists by adding new monuments and we hope to attract for this new edition more contributors from regions that were underrepresented in previous years.



  1. Preparation for the contest. This involved work on lists (sending requests to local administrations, funded from the line 10.1 (Post expenses and telephone charges) of our Programs in Ukraine 2015-1 grant) and outreach to partners (we used our last year's album, funded from Wiki Loves Monuments 2014, souvenirs and promotional materials funded from the lines 4.1 and 5.1 of our Programs in Ukraine 2015-1 grant).
  2. Contest itself, 1 September - 30 September. During the contest we we will make promotion in the most poorly covered cities or regions.
  3. Selecting winners, 1 October - 31 October. This will involve work of organisers and active wikimedians who will check if images are eligible on the first stage and selection of the winners by the jury.
  4. Wiki Loves Monuments thematic month will be held, 15 October - 15 November. This thematic month will involve both writing articles about monuments and integrating images into articles. A press-conference or presentation event will be organised. Most active participants will get prizes, certificates and souvenirs
  5. Award ceremony and presentation events, 21 November. We will buy prizes to winners, print photos and/or prepare decorations for the award ceremony and organise an award ceremony, inviting all winners to Kyiv, probably to a building that is a monument itself. We may also organise another presentation event, such as an exhibition or a press conference.
  6. Outreach events, 1 September - 31 December. This will most notably involve Wiki Takes / wikiexpedition events that will involve photographic coverage of monuments in cities and towns and writing or improving articles about these monuments. We also expect to make presentation events in some regions (exhibitions, workshops, presentations to GLAM professionals, press conferences).
  7. Preparation of postcards and calendars and sending prizes to the winners, 21 November - 31 December. We will prepare our postcards and calendars of the contest and send prizes (as well as copies of the postcards and calendars) to the winners.


Target readership[edit]

  • Wikimedia Commons: main place for image uploads
  • Ukrainian Wikipedia: illustrations for articles about monuments and articles themselves
  • Ukrainian Wikivoyage: illustrations for tour guides
  • Wikipedia and Wikivoyage projects in other languages having articles about Ukrainian cities and monuments

Fit with strategy[edit]

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  • Increasing reach: inviting contributors from regions where we have poor coverage in both articles and photos to participate in the contest and join Wikimedia projects
  • Increasing quality: higher quality images to illustrate cultural heritage on Wikipedia, improving content about cultural heritage on Wikipedia and Wikivoyage.

Measures of success[edit]

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  • 400 users participating in the contest
  • 200 newly registered users thanks to the contest
  • 35,000 images uploaded
  • 5000 monuments illustrated (including monuments that previously had illustrations)
  • 5000 images used across Wikimedia projects
  • 200 Wikipedia/Wikivoyage articles to be created/improved
  • 8 cities and towns with Wiki Loves Monuments outreach events

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Resources and risks[edit]



  • Problem of Crimea. Both Ukrainian Wikimedia community, Ukrainian society and Ukrainian media had very negative feedback about participation of Crimea in Wiki Loves Monuments Russia (and the fact that participants of Crimea see Russian banner instead of Ukrainian one). We organised a survey for participant of previous years and we found out that most of them were still willing to participate, although some said they will boycott the contest. We even got some media coverage that critised the decision of Wikimedia RU to include Crimea in WLM lists but failed to mention that Wikimedia Ukraine also organises Wiki Loves Monuments. Thus many people (especially in Crimea) did not even know that we organise Wiki Loves Monuments in Ukraine. We think that we managed to partially overcome this challenge by writing a press release about Crimea that was published on a leading Crimean news website.
  • Lack of nationwide monument lists. National monument register is of a poor quality and covers only a small part of monuments in the country (some 3-5% only). Thus we have to contact local governments of all regions in order to obtain monument lists. Lack of response of these governments may leave us without monuments participating in the contest in the given area.
  • Military conflict in Donbass may limit participation of users in affected areas, as many people there do not have basic modern conveniences such as electricity and water, and travel to these areas may be dangerous
  • Few or no active wikipedians in some regions having a lot of cultural heritage monuments. We want to deal with this issue by doing outreach to target groups (photographers, local historians etc.) there and inviting them to participate.
  • Lower support by sponsors / partners. Firstly, Ukrainian business and institutions in general have can spend less money on supporting NGOs due to economic crisis. Secondly, Wiki Loves Monuments contest does not have a good reputation this year in Ukraine due to association with a scandal around Crimea, thus sponsors may want not to associate themselves with the contest that considers Crimea as a part of Russia.
  • Fluctuating exchange rate and restrictions on use of foreign currency. Ukrainian Hryvnia is very volatile during the latest months, and our government makes us sell some 50% to 100% of incoming funds in foreign currency immediately upon reception. An example is our WLM 2013 album (see here) that almost doubled in price due to increasing prices on paper. This makes exchange gain/loss extremely high, and exchange gain/loss alone can be beyond 10% of a category. In order to have more reasonable measures, we are providing prices in USD only as USD/UAH rate can fluctuate several percents a day.


Please provide a detailed breakdown of project expenses according to the instructions here. See Budget Guidelines.

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Project budget table
1 USD = 21.615991 UAH as of 25 September 2015.
Number Item description Unit Qty Cost per unit UAH /USD Total cost USD WMF contribution (USD) Other sources (USD) Notes
1. Prizes 3600.00 3450.00 150.00
1.1 Main Prizes per nomination 6 450.00 USD 2700.00 2700.00 6 prizes: 3 for top-3 best photos, 3 for top-3 in terms of monuments pictured. We expect that at least one prize will be donated by sponsors. As last year, we want to give to each winner a possibility to choose among several prizes (for this value: cameras, tablets, smartphones, GPS navigators etc.)
1.2 Additional Prizes person 15 40.00 USD 600.00 600.00 Prizes to places 4-10 in both nominations and regional winners. This encourages more people to actually participate in the contest, as people know that it is easy to win.
1.3 Special nominations prizes person 20 15.00 USD 300.00 150.00 150.00 We expect to organize several special nominations with our partners, with all prizes provided by partners.
2. Jury and Award Ceremony 1239.00 1239.00
2.1 Jury's offline meeting (travel expenses and meals) event 1 300.00 USD 300.00 300.00 Judging from our previous experience (WLM 2012 & 2013, WLE 2013), this offline meeting of the jury is very helpful for the efficient work of the jury.
2.2 Hall rent day 1 200.00 USD 200.00 200.00 Hall rent for the award ceremony
2.3 Hall decorations event 1 125.00 USD 125.00 125.00 The prize-winning photos are to be printed out, for example, for exhibitions like we organised last year in Kyiv and Chernihiv
2.4 Food & Beverages. Stand-up party person 30 3.00 USD 90.00 90.00
2.5 Travel expenses (for participants and jury members) person 25 20.00 USD 500.00 500.00 To the awards ceremony. We expect more participants living outside Kyiv as we are targeting regions with lower coverage (while Kyiv has high coverage rate).
2.6 Transportation expenses way 3 8.00 USD 24.00 24.00 Our banners, prizes and food are to be delivered to the venue
3. Postcards, calendars & prizes delivery 2375.00 2375.00
3.1 Publishing sets of postcards and calendars project 1 2250.00 USD 2250.00 2250.00 We want to replace photo albums with sets of postcards and calendars that we intend to distribute to WLM prize winners, active participants of outreach events (photographers, Wikipedia/Wikivoyage contributors, GLAM representatives) and partners.
3.2 Post expenses and telephone charges project 1 125.00 USD 125.00 125.00 Sending prizes and postcards and calendars to users who could not attend the ceremony.
4. Wiki Loves Monuments outreach 880.00 880.00
4.1 Wiki Loves Monuments thematic month: souvenirs for participants and presentation event project 1 400.00 USD 400.00 400.00 We intend to organise a thematic month as a lower-cost alternative to a large-scale article contest. It will include both writing articles about monuments and integrating images into articles.
4.2 Local outreach events city/town 8 60.00 USD 480.00 480.00 We expect to organise local outreach events in at least 8 cities/towns. This will include (depending on the city/town): Wiki Takes/wikiexpedition events with picturing monuments and writing/improving articles about them, exhibitions, workshops, presentations to GLAM professionals, press conferences. Cost will include: travel and possibly accomodation in respective cities/towns (provided we have few or no local Wikimedians), hall rent and possibly decorations, refreshments for participants of Wiki Takes events, materials for workshops. We might organise more events if we get financial support of local partners.
5. Administrative expenses 75.00 75.00
5.1 Bank expenses project 1 1600.00 UAH / 75.00 USD 75.00 75.00
TOTAL 8169.00 8019.00 150.00
Total cost of project
8169.00 USD
Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
8019.00 USD (2307.43 USD without amounts transferred from previous grants)
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded
Programs in Ukraine 2014 grant: 7548.95 USD = 121 376.26 UAH remaining, depreciated to 5615.11 USD as of 25 September 2015
Wiki Loves Monuments 2014 grant: 349.34 USD = 5327.44 UAH remaining, depreciated to 246.46 USD as of 25 September 2015
Partners of the contests: 150.00 USD
Potential support of local partners for outreach events.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non-financial assistance available. Please inform the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requests for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance, if any
  • Providing international WLM souvenirs (calendars?) to the winners, so that we can ship them in December together with postcards


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