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Movement Strategy Implementation Grant Report
Under review

Please review the notes below before submitting your report.

Your draft implementation plan document should address the following questions clearly:

  • What movement strategy initiative or goal are you addressing?
  • What activities will you be doing to address that initiative?
  • What do you expect will happen as a result of your activities? How do those outcomes address the movement strategy initiative?
  • How will you measure or evaluate your activities? What tools or methods will you use to evaluate your activities?

To create a draft implementation plan, we recommend the use of a logic model, which will help you and your team think about goals, activities, outcomes, and other factors in an organized way. Please refer the following resources to develop a logic model:


Please respond to the following questions below:

Where have you published your draft plan? Share the link to it here:

What Movement Strategy initiative is this draft plan supporting?

  • Our draft plan was supporting Movement strategy recommendation Ensuring Equity in Decision-Making and more precisely it focused on MS initiative nr. 26 which is about Regional & thematic hubs. The project’s main focus was the implementation of activities which lead towards the building of the CEE Hub which is a regional Hub, and its focus is Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). The CEE Hub was initiated to empower and to provide support structures that enable closer cooperation, capacity building and the transfer of knowledge between communities and individuals who work in the CEE region. CEE Hub is a sort of a back-office of the CEE, offering support in 3 fields:
  • administrative,
  • programmatic, and
  • related to communications.

What activities have you completed to produce this draft plan?

  • To provide support to the CEE communities in three areas which are the focus of the CEE Hub’s work i.e. to provide support in administrative, programmatic and communication area, the CEE Hub developed a wide range of activities in each of these three areas. A In the table below you can find a detailed description of all activities we implemented as well as the explanation of concrete outcomes we achieved. Also, where possible we included links to Meta pages which show concrete examples of our work.
Specific goals and activities More details about specific activity Implementation period (months) Final outcome
1 ADMINISTRATION Administration processes of the communities of the CEE region are supported 1-12
1.1. SUPPORT / SIMPLIFICATION OF (WMF)ADMINISTRATION General support for communities and better communication between communities and WMF 1-12
1.1.1. Collecting information about grant administration and advocacy towards WMF about problems/issues Meetings with communities, meetings with the WMF (Chris), presenting issues that we know of at other relevant meetings with the WMF, especially presenting issues related to smaller communities and communities without affiliates (be their voice). 1-12
  • Communication channel with the WMF regarding this topic established (with Chris and Yop).
  • Organised one session together with the WMF about grant reports for the CEE communities.
  • Chris (WMF) informed about comments/feedback regarding grants from the CEE communities.
  • Collected information about received grants in the region (round one, general support fund) to be able to enquire and ask WMF about plans for the round 2 (in order to be able to support CEE grantees and new grantees in a realistic way).
1.1.2. Creating and distributing CEE joint materials (swag) Survey about the needs completed, On demand promo materials call published (deadline 20th April 2023), purchasing of swag for 5 CEE communities that expressed and explained their needs. 4-7
  • Criteria created and call published for enabling SWAG purchases for the CEE communtities.
  • 5 CEE communities supported and recieved SWAG from the CEE Hub.
1.2. REGIONAL GRANT SUPPORT Communities supported in writing applications for funds (WMF, EU or other funds) 2-12
1.2.1. Brainstorming and learning sessions organized Meetings with communities, cooperation with Let's Connect and the WMF (Communication specialist Natalia Szafran), reacting to needs/requests of the CEE communities by organising brainstorming/learning sessions which are a follow up on a certain demand, following projects that communities are implementing in order to understand overlaps and encourage regional cooperation. 4-12
  • WLE learning session organised.
  • Learning session about Movement Strategy grants organised.
  • Information sessions about Rapid grants organised.
  • Support and information about the Annual grant project applications provided.
  • Learning session about grant reporting organised together with the WMF.
  • Brainstorming and coordination related to Swedish Institute grant application (encouraging participation of 5 CEE communities in the project) organised.
  • Information session about human rights in Wikimedian context organised.
  • Information session about AI and its practical implementation in Wikimedia projects and context organised.
  • Information published on our Meta page: News
1.2.2. Enable cooperation/connecting different communities/individuals who want to start a project
  • SI grant application collaboration (February-September 2023) was an attempt in this direction.
  • We supported the organization of a regional gathering in Zagreb (30 March-2 April 2023) where individuals from Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina met and they were disussing collaboration on regional projects.
  • We offered Lithuanian Wikimedians to connect them with WM Estonia.
  • Bulgarian active Wikimedians were offered support and we offered connecting them with other regional communities (Romanian, Hungarian, Macedonian community).
  • Also, Bosnian Wikimedians were connected to Czech WM community and support was offered to initiate new local projects.
  • Efforts to establish regional youth cooperation.
  • Swedish Institute grant application submitted and awarded in December 2023 (3 CEE communities are formal partners in the grant application and other CEE communities will have chance to learn/participate if they decide to do so).
  • Regional meeting of Slovenian, Croatian, Bosnian and Montenegrin Wikimedians took place in Zagreb (1-2 April 2023) took place, CEE Hub supporting organisation of this event to enable closer connection building between communities that were invited
  • Albanian WM community supported by enabling Greek Wikidata trainer to join their conference and teach them about Wikidata.
  • CEE Youth Group established and has more than 15 memers from various CEE countries: the CEE Hub is coordinating and facilitating the work of this group
1.2.3. Documentation of CEE processes (eg. CEEM/CEE Spring organization) CEE Spring organization process was documented. CEEM organisational processes documentation. Fiscal Sponsorship process evaluation. 3-11
  • CEE Spring process documented
  • Guidelines for proposing candidacy to organise CEE meeting prepared and published on Meta: Bidding process
  • Criteria for selection of CEE meeting organiser prepared.
  • Criteria for the selection of fiscal sposors established.
1.2.4. Pre-screening and commenting applications (before application is submitted) Based on communicated and noticed needs we support individuals and communities when they are preparing grant applications. We organized consultations with Slovenian UG, we were commenting Slovak and Albanian UG rapid grant applications and we organized individual consultations with these communities. We had consultation with Bulgarian community and offered support in application writing (rapid and research grant). We supported Cyprus community suring their first rapid grant proposal writing. We were part of grant application writing process for Swedish Institute grant application. We supported Polish community in their preparation of a bigger grant application (Wiki Loves Audio). 2-12
1.2.5. Collection of feedback from communities to WMF Regular communication with communities, survey about grants, feedback to WMF via regular meetings we are having. 2-12
  • Chris (WMF) informed about plans that CEE affiliates have regarding grant applications.
  • Survey about grants conducted and information collected: link
1.3. HUB & THEMATICAL COOPERATION Support structures for various endeavours in collaboration with thematic hubs and affiliates (Education, GLAM, Wikidata, … ) are set up due to the proximity to the communities 3-12
1.3.1. Adjusting global campaignes to local circumstnances – guidelines Wiki loves Earth learning kit, Wiki loves Living heritage information, Wiki loves science information. 4-12 Wiki Loves earth learning and participation kit prepared.
1.3.2. Graphic design support provided – graphic, branding, WP banner etc. Support offered during meetings with communities, when announcing campaigns repeating about this possibility. 0 None
1.3.3. Event organization supported by participation in the process and taking over some tasks Organizing SC meeting in Zagreb, working on agenda for the SC meeting in Prague, preparation of the CEEM (Hub day) in Georgia. Helping smaller communities organize events (help with drafting agendas, ppt presentations, help them to find ways to establish relevant connections and write invitations and emails). 3-12
1.4. CEE MEETING & HUB GENERAL MEETING ORGANIZATION CEE Meeting & General meeting of Wikimedia Hub 2-11
1.4.1. Hub is supporting the organization and running of the annual CEE meeting (budget creation, business processes definition). Taking part in CEE meeting organizing committee, helping with budget creation, creating meta page about CEEM (guidelines, rules, explanations). 2-11
  • Hub SC members and one employee formed part of the CEEM program committee thus were directly involved in the creation of the content, speeches and CEEM related procedures.
  • CEEM bidding process described and mapped, published on Meta
  • Selection Committee for CEEM 2024 organised
  • The work of the Selection Committee for CEEM 2024 facilitated (enabled to reach decision about the location of the CEEM 2024)
1.4.2. General meeting of CEE Hub preparation - information for participants. Sharing information about CEE Hub meeting, informing communities about the work of CEE Hub and governance, about SC election process and voting. 5-10
2 PROGRAMMATIC Programmatic processes of the communities of the CEE region are supported 2-12
2.1. PROGRAMMATIC COOPERATION Support structures for programmatic work (administrative, research, technological or outreach) are created 2-12
2.1.1. Sharing certain thematic knowlegde around region Meetings that teach people something, connecting people with the same knowledge (online/offline), organising Catch up sessions, preparing and implementing learning clinics (WLE, Grant preparation). 3-12
  • Catch Up sessions organised on the topics that were requested by CEE communities: CEE Youth edition, Community health and AI and Wikimedia
  • Learning sessions organised: WLE session, MS Grants and Grant reporting
2.1.2. CEE Hub employees are involved in program development activities in regional projects (CEE Spring): creation of content, graphic design. CEE Spring organisation process mapped, CEE contest coordination. Support for the Wiki Science competition. 3-7
  • Local coordinators for the Wikimedia CEE Spring 2023 contacted.
  • New contact persons reached (underrepresented communities, Aromanian and Western Armenian took part for the first time).
  • Limited support for Wiki Science Competition 2023 (where main organiser is Wikimedia Eesti) provided.
2.1.3. CEE Hub developed a way/procedure to inform and connect people to participate or create other regional projects (e.g. TechSoup). Hub follows regional activities&projects, Hub is dividing or making clusters with desires or topics, this is on Meta and available for everyone to check out, this is communicated via Newsletter, Open office hours and Catch up sessions. 0
  • A map that outlines WM projects/campaigns that communities in the CEE participate in created: 2023 and 2024
  • CEE Youth Group created as a follow up on showed interest and feedback from communities. This is an initiative that focuses on CEE youth cooperation projects.
2.1.4. The adoption of technical innovations and features (volunteer tools and those developed by WMF) is facilitated (Introducing new tools to communities, translating new tools and features created by WMF eg. for newcomers). Possible plan: 1. Maping of the features (who has rights) and spread it through the region, 2. repository in the future? 3. translations rights 4. talking with WMDE 5. demo sessions like small-wiki tech up project. 0 No activity, we moved tools/technical activity to Y2 proposal.
2.2. REGIONAL CAPACITY BUILDING Initiatives for capacity development of volunteers, affiliates and communities in general are developed 2-12
2.2.1. Hub created and Hub is maintaining a list of capacity development needs for the CEE region, organizing specific workshops for capacity development. Define list of underdeveloped skills and interesting topics (based on the outcome of the meetings) and additional survey - Organise workshops from July-Dec 2023. 2-12
  • Regular meetings with communities organised (to follow and understand their needs/plans)
  • Survey about needs in the region created and distributed, feedback received.
  • Based on the survey results and meetings, learning/information sessions organised on various topics: MS grants, Artificial Intelligence, CEE Youth activities, Grant support, Community health.
  • Topics of interest were put on the CEE Hub agenda for Y2: tools and Human Resources related activities (standardisation of onboarding for board members/volunteers/employees).
2.2.2. Onboarding and leadership training for volunteers, board members and staff within the CEE region facilitated. Define topics and learning goals for 3-4 training sessions, conduct survey in the CEE about interest and organize 2 workshops by Dec 1st. 6-12
  • Training/session for (new) board members organised during the CEE Meeting: Part 1 and Part 2
  • Other HR activities planned and put in Y2 CEE hub plan
2.3. REGIONAL COOPERATION The participation of smaller communities in regional/global projects like CEE Spring, WLM and WLE, WikiScience Competition is supported 3-12
2.3.1. Hub maintains a database of regional&global projects CEE communities are participating in/wishing to participate in. 8-12 Map/overview created and CEE Hub is maintaining it.
2.3.2. Hub is organizing workshops/connecting people needed to support the participation of smaller communities in regional and global projects. 3-12
  • WLE learning session organised and support offered to smaller communities.
  • CEE Youth group established and participation promoted in the whole CEE, especially in smaller communities.
  • CEE Spring and support for smaller communties (Aromanian and Western Armenian took part in the CEE Spring for the first time, and we had a representative of Aromanians in CEE Meeting 2023)
2.3.3. Hub is facilitating workshops in regions to help galvanize the local community. When/if possible, use planned meetings to also connect to local communities. 3-6
3 COMMUNICATION Communication processes of the communities of the CEE region are supported 2-12
3.1. CEE (HUB) COMMUNICATION CEE communication channels (what and for whom) are defined and regularly updated 2-12
3.1.1. Hub open hours. Organized and ongoing, 1 x per month. 3-12 CEE Hub open office hours take place regularly (usually first Monday afternoon of the month) and everyone is invited to join
3.1.2. Community events calendar. We were coordinating this process with Chris K. (WMF) because we were trying to set it up as automatised if possible but in the end, there was no capacity from the WMF side to continue working on this during 2023. 3-12 Article about this topic in the CEE Newsletter. No joint calendar, we will continue exploring this in 2024.
3.1.3. Newsletter. CEE Newsletter existed in the past and it should be revived. 4-12
  • CEE Newsletter Editorial team established.
  • The process of publishing established and explained on Meta.
  • CEE Newsletters published: About (4 numbers during 2023).
3.1.4. Social network management. Posting on Facebook/Telegram (various groups). 2-12
  • Information posted in various Telegram groups on regular basis: CEE Group, CEE Hub group, CEE Youth group
  • Information posted on CEE Facebook, app. 30 posts in FB Central and Easter Europe group
3.1.5. CEE communities contact list maintained. CEE Hub reorganised the existing CEE mailing list. 2-12
  • Old Wikimedia CEE Regional mailing list '' was replaced by '' after the CEE Hub confirmed who wants to be on the list.
  • New list is maintained by the CEE Hub and it currently has 134 members.
3.1.6. Documenting the work of the Hub. All CEE Hub activities is documented via CEE Hub meta page. Discussion about web page during SC meetings and conclusion how there is no need for one at this point. 4-12
  • The existing CEE Hub meta page was redesigned to be community friendly: Wikimedia CEE Hub
  • There is a sub page on Meta where Updated and News are published: News
3.2. KNOWLEDGE AND INFORMATION REGIONAL EXCHANGE Knowledge and information exchange between communities is supported be it by visiting other affiliates, using the Capacity Exchange platform (cXc), or connecting people with the right information on the Wikimedia projects 5-8
3.2.1. Study visits organised. 5-8 None: this was also not in the budget thus we could not explore this further.
3.2.2. Capacity Exchange platform (cXc). Cooperation with this initiative. Understanding why/how its important for the region and making sure communities are informed about it. 5-8
  • Communication with WM Brasil established.
  • WM CEE Hub participated in the focus group work of cXc.
3.2.3. Joint (new/modified) regional projects supported. Supporting ideas/initiatives as they emerge/if there is enough interest.
  • CEE Youth group formation supported
  • CEE Youth meetings coordinated/facilitated
  • Telegram Youth group launched
  • CEE Youth group meta page launched
  • CEE Youth meeting in November in Prague organised.
3.3. CEE HUB OUTPUT SHARING Information flow between wider global initiatives and interested people in the CEE communities is supported 4-12
3.3.1. Information about CEE Hub on regular basis in the Newsletter. Ongoing through Newsletter. 4-12
3.3.2. Information about CEE Hub but also beyond Wikimedia. For WM general public - good practise, activity reports, statistics, quantitative & qualitative metrics about: a) about Hub activities; b) about Hub development. 5-12

Communities and wider public informed about CEE Hub during various online and offline events where we were presenting the CEE Hub e.g.:

  • During Wikimedia Europe GA in May in Prague
  • Three minute introduction about the CEE Hub and our work in the call for consultations regarding Wikimedia Foundation Annual plan 2023/24, which was organised for the CEE Region and Africa (the invitation to the hub came after the CEE Hub was mentioned in the Annual plan under regional goals)
  • During Polish GA in Olsztyn, Poland in June 2023
  • During Wikimania 2023 in August
  • During CEEM in September 2023 in Tbilisi
  • During WikiWomenCamp in October 2023 in India
  • During Youth meeting in November 2023 in Prague
  • During CEE Hub Zagreb meeting in March 2023
  • Online presentations during: Kyrgyz Seminar in November 2023, to American Hub in making in March 2023, to Openfoodfacts organisation in July 2023.
  • Information about our collaborations published: Collaborations
3.4. CONFLICT FACILITATION & MANAGEMENT Facilitating communication and conflict management between communities. 4-12
3.4.1. Provide safe space and moderate discussions - conflict resolution. Intervening on demand and when needed; follow up about Montenegrin incubator situation, asking questions about two Albanian UGs and supporting positive and open conversations. 4-12
  • Support offered to those who reach out, without CEE Hub's picking sided.
  • CEE Hub scholarship given out for CEEM participation to ensure balances representation and different voices to be heard.
3.4.2. Creating safe space and opportunities for different WM stakeholders for learning. This is a part of each learning session/activity.
  • Context and support provided during each activity which CEE Hub organises.
  • Special attention given to newcomers and those that need more support to include them in regular activities.
  • CEE Hub scholarship given out for CEEM participation to ensure learning of new/other stakeholders.
4.1. CEE HUB BRANDING EFFORTS Coordination with the WMF brand studio in order to explore the branding options and make co-create CEE Hub's logo. After several meeting and consultations we decided to stop the process and continue in 2024 with different approach i.e. by using community resources. 6-9

No concrete logo created but:

  • Coordination of feedback for the branding studio
  • Several brainstorming sessions about CEE Hub potential logo
  • More understanding about regional cooperation and ideas about potential logotype acquired
4.2. FREELANCERS: research activities After approved reallocation of the CEE Hub budget, two research paper were financed. The goal was to get more information and tools which can help the CEE Hub to further explore the community building in the region. 5-12

In which community channels have you announced your draft plan?

  • Draft plan was announced in the CEE Telegram group on 12 March 2022. Communities were encouraged to read it and ask questions. The link to the draft plan was shared: Building a CEE Hub.

The draft plan was also announced on the Facebook page "Central Eastern European Wikimedia Community" on 12 March 2022.


Grant funds spent[edit]

Please describe how much grant money you spent for approved expenses, and tell us what you spent it on.

In the Financial report table you can find information how the grant money was spent in all approved categories. Please note that compared to the first approved CEE Hub budget, there are two new categories in the final budget: freelancers and community exchange. The first one was introduced as a 'replacement' of employing a 3rd staff member (Regional Support staff member) and the latter refers to enabling the gathering of the newly formed CEE Youth group. All these changes were implemented in close cooperation with our grant officer and discussions/approvals can be found on the project discussion page.

The column 'CEE Hub budget' reflects the outcomes of the last reallocation which took place in November 2023.

Remaining funds[edit]

Do you have any remaining grant funds?

No, there are no remaining funds. We had an overspending of 111,29 EUR which resulted from currency exchanges and bank charges which couldn't be precisely planned (especially those when we needed to transfer the money outside of the EU).

Anything else[edit]

Anything else you want to share about your project?