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Wiki Loves X in Thailand 2017
In 2017, we plan to organise three main activities including Wiki Loves Earth, Wiki Loves Monument, photo exhibition, and education program. The main purposes of the contests are to improve the quality and quantity of Wikipedia articles and to increase the amount of freely-licenced material related to Thailand's protected areas, heritage sites in Wikimedia Commons. Photo exhibition will be hosted by one of our local sponsors exhibiting winning photographs from WLE and WLM. It would also be an opportunity to advertise the contests and other activities.
targetWikimedia Commons, English Wikipedia, Thai Wikipedia
start date15 April
end date14 April
budget (local currency)THB70,000
budget (USD)USD2,000
grant typeGroup
contact(s)User:Athikhun.suw, Athikhun.suw(_AT_)
organization (if applicable)Wikimedians in Thailand User Group
website (if applicable)•


The main objective of this year's proposal is to increase the visibility of our movement. Not only that the exhibition displays winning photographs from the WLE and WLM, it provides the opportunity to communicate with the public and to advertise our activities/movement. Aim of the photo contests and Wiki Asian Month is to expand Wikipedia community in Thailand by increasing the number of editors, increasing the amount of freely licenced materials related Thailand in Wikimedia Commons and improving quality of the content on Wikipedia.

We are planning to organise three main activities and three side activities including:

As far as photo contests are concerned, participants are eligible for prizes in these contests throughout the year. Within this scope, we would like to ask for funding for the prizes for the winners, postage, and any other cost associated promotional materials. We would also like to ask for additional budget to organise a photo exhibition, which will include display/exhibit materials, promotional materials, and merchandise.



Photo exhibition in Bangkok

This is the first time that we organise a photo exhibition in Bangkok. The exact location will be confirmed later, though. The objective of this event is to enhance offline activity of our movement, and to communicate with the general public. It is also a means to advertise our activities.

Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments

The WLMTH2016 and the WLETH2016 are parts of public photo competitions by Wikimedia members. We have organised these event in Thailand since 2013 with support from both the international coordinator team and local sponsors. Photographs from Thailand have won international prizes in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016, and we have secured a number of partners for WMTH. This project here does not only increase the number of Thai heritage images on commons but also reaches out to the Thai people and educate them on how various wiki projects work.

Wikipedia Asian Month

Wikipedia Asian Month (WAM) is an online Edit-a-thon organised worldwide. It is aimed at enhancing the understanding among Asian Wikipedia communities. Postcards from different Asian countries are sent to active contributors. The first edition of the Wikipedia Asian Month was held in November 2015, which attracted more than 23 Thai volunteers and over 100 articles were created on Thai Wikipedia as part of the event. This year we look forward to being part of it again.

Meetups/edit-a-thons to organise/promote WLX events

From now on, regular meetups/edit-a-thons will be organised every month. It will be held at different locations around Bangkok especially at universities or academic institutions. We plan to increase number of editors and increase coverage of Wikipedia while at the same time improve the content of Wikipedia by encouraging university's students, experts from different fields to contribute. The budget will cover the cost for the venue and food.

Education program

Wikipedia writing assignment will be implemented as part of the education program, in which students get the opportunity to contribute to Wikipedia as part of their final exam.

Proposed activity schedule[edit]

  1. April: Preparation of the contests, setting up rules, launching websites, first term of the education program
  2. May: Press release of the events (WLE, WLM and WAM), notification to the public (within Wikipedia, social media, mailing lists, PR), preparation of promotional materials (t-shirts, souvenirs, merchandise, etc.)
  3. June: Photo exhibition in Bangkok, WLE upload period
  4. July: Judging of the WLE and announcement national awards (by mid July) with submission to the international contest (by 31 July)
  5. August: WLM and WAM advertisement period
  6. September: WLM upload period, second term of the education program
  7. October: Judging of the WLM and announcement national awards (by mid October) with submission to the international contest (by 31 October), The Wikipedia Adventure as preparation for the Asian Month.
  8. November: WAM period and judging of the WAM
  9. December: Judging of the WAM
  10. January: Third term of the education program
  11. February:
  12. March:
  13. April: Grant report and 2018 proposal

Meetup/edit-a-thon is planned to take place every month from May 2017 to March 2018.

Eligibility/judging criteria
  • Participants must contribute according to the criteria set by the organisers (TBA for WLE and WLM).
  • The submitted articles (for WAM) must comply with notability criteria.
  • The submitted photographs must be original (for WLE and WLM), which will be judged by our volunteers, professional photographers and columnists.
  • Articles created as part of the WAM will be evaluated by our volunteers/administrators based on the criteria set by the international organiser (see Wikipedia Asian Month/2015 Edition).


Fit with strategy[edit]

  1. Increasing visibility of our movement and communicating with the general public
  2. Increasing participation: We aim to recruit and train new editors in Thailand (Global south). The submitted photographs from the WLE and WLM will be used in our future activities (e.g., edit-a-thons, meetups, etc.).
  3. Increasing quality: We will ask our new editors to improve various articles by combination of approaches including taking a new photo and upload it to Commons. We also look forward to cooperating the submitted photographs into Wikipedia articles.

Measures of success[edit]

For Wikimedians in Thailand, we expect at least 3 local partners and we expect to get coverage in the national media outlet and have our advertising materials sent to schools and universities.

Wiki Loves Earth and Wiki Loves Monuments[edit]

  • We expect to receive at least 3,000 files uploads for both the WLE and WLM.
  • We expect at least 10% of the uploads are quality images and will be used in various project over a period of time.
  • We expect to have at least 5 volunteers in the organising team.
  • We expect to have professional photographers, columnists as judges.
Tracking tools

Wikipedia Asian Month 2016[edit]

  • We expect at least 100 articles to be created/edited on Thai Wikipedia.
  • We might extend the WAM into the English Wikipedia
  • We expect at least 30 volunteers to participate.
  • We expect to have at least 3 active volunteers as organising team and judges.
2016 certificates, trophies, awards
Tracking tools


  • We expect to gain new editors
Postcards incorporating winning photographs from the WLMTH and the WLETH

Resources and risks[edit]

  1. Risks from the international side of the WLM and WLE contests. No international team, no international awards, delays in coordination, etc.
    • We have learned the lesson and prepared for the worst. The contest can stand alone on its schedule without the international team.
  2. This is an individual grant rather than PEG grant. Personal commitment and responsibility are required.
    • Athikhun received the endorsement and support from community members and previous joint grantees of the same project.
    • The size of the budget is inline with what is actually spent in the past years, which never exceeded USD2,000 despite larger estimates in previous proposals. I believe that I can deliver more with less monetary resource having learned from Japan and various communities during Wikimedia Conference 2017 in Berlin.


Project budget table

1USD is approximately THB35 baht

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Awards Cash/voucher prize for 1st-10th winners (1st prize=10,000THB). Awards for 2nd-10th places will be managed when we know the total number of winners. contest 2 (WLM & WLE) 15,750 31,500 THB ~USD900
2 Exhibition/promotion (1) Photo exhibition, printed materials, web hosting, online advertisement and other associated costs
(2) Promotional materials (e.g. ,trophies, certificates, flyers, posters, postcards, calendars, t-shirts), postage, bank fees, other cost associated with physical mailing of promotional materials
21,000 THB ~USD600
3 Meetups 10 monthly meetups (venue and food for about 5-10 volunteers/participants during the course of the project) meeting 11 ~955 10,500 THB ~USD300
4 Contingency Incidental costs (Custom duty+other charges on WP merchandise sent from overseas, travels, phone calls, souvenirs/trophies for local corporate partners, extra postage fees, stamps and packages etc.) 7,000 THB ~USD200
Total cost of project
USD2000 (~THB70,000)
Total amount requested from the Project and Event Grants program
USD2000 (~THB70,000)
Additional sources of revenue that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded
We are expected to get non-financial assistance from local partners.
  • We expect a local partner to do PR in the newspaper. (In 2016, we had an article/interview published in Techsauce.)
  • We expect a local partner to do PR on their website. (In 2016, we secured a PR spot on - a website with similar raking to Thai Wikipedia in Thailand.)
  • Volunteers are expected to distribute the news of the competition via their social networks.
Requests for non-financial assistance
We would like to request some WP merchandise such as t-shirts, mugs from WMF.
  • Before September, we mail small souvenirs like pins and sticker with our promotional materials.
  • We mail bigger items like t-shirt, mug, WLM notebook /calendar to juries, 11th-20th runner up, local partners and volunteers at the conclusion of WLM.
  • The total items mailed out last year was about 200 parcels.

Non-financial requirements[edit]

See a description of non-financial assistance available. Please inform the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF) of any requests for non-financial assistance now.

Requests for non-financial assistance, if any
Wikimedia merchandises (if possible)



  • We fully support athikhun.suw to work on this by using individual rapid grant. We are inspired by the Japanese community that a structure like usergroup or chapter may not be required to run successful activities. We will help athikhun.suw to run his programs. Taweethaも (talk) 07:55, 2 April 2017 (UTC)
  • Great projects ! This would increase the engagement of the editors in the community. I give my full support. Pilarbini (talk) 12:10, 3 April 2017 (UTC)
  • Support, Thailand has good experience organising Wiki Loves contests and will be able to organise them again at a good level and meet their goals. I have had a discussion with athikhun.suw and Taweetham in Berlin and I am sure they have enough experience for this — NickK (talk) 11:27, 6 April 2017 (UTC)

Community notification[edit]

You are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal, so that they can help you! Depending on your project, notification may be most appropriate on a village pump, talkpage, mailing list. Please paste a link below to where the relevant communities have been notified of this proposal, and to any other relevant community discussions. Need notification tips?

  1. Discussed at Wikimedia Conference, Berlin, 1 April 2017.
  2. WMTH mailing list, 2 April 2017
  3. WMTH Members were notified on Facebook & meta, 2 April 2017
  4. Announcement on Thai Wikipedia, 2 April 2017