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Pre 2011
  •[1] was a message board for wiki enthusiasts in Thailand from 2008 till 2011. Most of the members are Thai Wikimedians (and uncyclopedians). There was no connection with WMF nor intention to form a chapter. It was primarily a forum for technical exchange and some spill-over discussions from Thai Wikipedia and its sister projects.






2015 Photo gallery


  • Wiki Loves X in Thailand
    • 2016-04-27 2016 PEG grant application submitted.
    • 2016-05-04 2015 PEG grant report submitted.
    • 2016-05-12 2015 PEG grant report approved.
    • 2016-05-18 2016 PEG grant application approved as requested.
    • 2016-05-19 and Siam society confirmed their partnerships with us.
    • 2016-05-20 WLX2016 grant agreement received.
    • 2016-05-22 WLX2016 grant agreement signed and returned to WMF.
    • 2016-05-27 WLX2016 fund transfer failed.
    • 2016-06-01 WLE2016 in Thailand commenced.
    • 2016-06-25 Second meet-up at Mahidol University
    • 2016-06-29 WLX2016 received grant money of THB60,312.40 into the usergroup account.
2016 Photo gallery