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Wikimania scholarships

Wikimania scholarships are a special type of Travel and Participation Support offering, administered by the Wikimedia Foundation in partnership with the Wikimania host team, with the purpose of bringing active Wikimedians from around the world to attend Wikimania.

Welcome Wikimania scholars! This page will help you understand how your scholarship works.

Learn more about the scholarship selection and application process for Wikimania 2017.

Scholar responsibilities[edit]

Travel arrangements[edit]

Scholarship recipients will receive an email from the WMF in early May '17 with details for accepting the scholarship and making travel, hotel, and conference registration arrangements. Please follow those instructions carefully!


Like other Travel and Participation Support grantees, Wikimania scholars are asked to share something that results from their participation at the conference with the Wikimedia movement after the conference has ended. This brief report is typically due 21 days after the end of the conference, and includes the scholar's choice of one of 3 options:

Option 1: Shared Experience: What is one way you shared something from your experience with your community (either locally or globally)?
Add a link here to a blog post or newsletter you wrote about your participation, or to a meet-up you organized to share your experience with your local community.
Option 2: Learning Pattern: What is one useful learning pattern you can share with the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to a learning pattern - either a new pattern you created with insights from your participation, or an existing pattern to which you added your endorsement and some significant new "considerations" or “examples” from your experience.
Option 3: New Creation: What was one useful outcome of the event for the Wikimedia movement?
Add a link to something new that was created as a result of your participation in this event (for example, you might link to new articles, tools, or collaborations).

Ready to create your report? Use the input box below to name your page and click the button to get started.

2017 WMF Wikimania Scholarships[edit]

Congratulations to the 110 people who have been offered and accepted a 2017 Scholarship from the WMF! The following users received full or partial scholarships:

Full Scholarships
Username Link to application details (self-disclosed, optional) Link to report (compulsory after Wikimania)
User:African Hope TBA
User:Another Believer TBA
User:Armineaghayan TBA
User:Banfield TBA
User:Base Not attending
User:Baskervill TBA
User:Biplab Anand TBA
User:BlaueBlüte TBA
User:Bodhisattwa Not attending Wikimania
User:Castelobranco TBA
User:Celestinesucess TBA
User:Ciell TBA
User:Darafsh TBA
User:Dashaund TBA
User:Deryck Chan wm2017:User:Deryck Chan/Scholarship application TBA
User:Dungodung TBA
User:Effeietsanders TBA
User:Elena Tatiana Chis TBA
User:Exec8 TBA
User:fjmustak TBA
User:Flixtey TBA
User:frhdkazan TBA
User:Harmonia Amanda TBA
User:Hindustanilanguage Participation Report in the WMF format
User:Horadrim TBA
User:iopensa User:Iopensa/Application Wikimania 2017 Scholarship Report WMF format, my personal report
User:Isarra TBA
User:Isha TBA
User:Islahaddow TBA
User:Jagro TBA
User:Jaluj TBA
User:Jamie Tubers TBA
User:jayantanth TBA
User:Kiril Simeonovski Scholarship application TBA
User:Krenair TBA
User:Liridon TBA
User:Lluis_tgn TBA
User:Luisalvaz TBA
User:Mahmoudalrawi TBA
User:Mardetanha TBA
User:Margott TBA
User:Masssly TBA
User:Mervat Salman TBA
User:MikyM TBA
User:Millars TBA
User:Missvain TBA
User:Moheen Reeyad TBA
User:Nabin K. Sapkota TBA
User:NahidSultan Not attending
User:Nataev TBA
User:NickK TBA
User:Olaniyan Olushola TBA
User:Ovedc TBA
User:Papuass TBA
User:Pgallert TBA
User:Pigsonthewing TBA
User:Pmlineditor TBA
User:ProtoplasmaKid TBA
User:Psubhashish TBA
User:Ranjithsiji TBA
User:Ravan TBA
User:Reem_Al-Kashif TBA
User:Remux TBA
User:Rosiestep TBA
User:Saileshpat TBA
User:salvador_alc TBA
User:Saqib TBA
User:Satdeep Gill TBA
User:Sergento TBA
User:Shanmugamp7 TBA
User:Spiritia TBA
User:Sturm TBA
User:Subas Chandra Rout TBA
User:Sumitsurai Not attending Wikimania
User:Susannaanas TBA
User:Tanweer Morshed TBA
User:Theklan TBA
User:Touzrimounir Not attending Wikimania
User:visem TBA
User:viswaprabha TBA
User:Vojtěch Dostál TBA
User:Vsuarezp TBA
User:Warko TBA
User:Wassan.anmol TBA
User:آرش TBA
User:عباد ديرانية TBA
User:علاء TBA
User:لا روسا TBA
Partial Scholarships
Username Link to application details (self-disclosed, optional) Link to report (compulsory after Wikimania)
User:Ash Crow TBA
User:Danny B. TBA
User:Gamaliel TBA
User:GastelEtzwane TBA
User:Góngora TBA
User:Helmoony TBA
User:Jetam2 TBA
User:KrakatoaKatie TBA
User:Kvardek du TBA
User:MF-Warburg TBA
User:Petrb TBA
User:Pymouss TBA
User:Reda benkhadra TBA
User:Rich Farmbrough TBA
User:Rodelar TBA
User:SPQRobin TBA
User:SuperHamster TBA
User:Vogone TBA
User:Whym TBA
Additional scholarships awarded at Community Resources program officers' discretion
Username Link to application details (self-disclosed, optional) Link to report (compulsory after Wikimania)
User:Alangi Derick TBA

2016 WMF Wikimania Scholarships[edit]

Congratulations to over 129 people who received 2016 Scholarships from WMF! The following users have been offered full and partial scholarships to attend Wikimania 2016 in Esino Lario, Italy:

Full Scholarship Recipients[edit]

  1. User:Basvb
  2. User:Drbug
  3. User:Magioladitis
  4. User:FloNight
  5. User:Ciell
  6. User:Vini_175
  7. User:Shyamal
  8. User:Superzerocool
  9. User:Oscar .
  10. User:Спасимир
  11. User:Jaluj
  12. User:Rohini
  13. User:Kudpung
  14. User:AroundTheGlobe
  15. User:ProtoplasmaKid
  16. User:Warko
  17. User:Thelmadatter
  18. User:NaBUru38
  19. User:B1mbo
  20. User:Rehman
  21. User:KuboF
  22. User:Geraki
  23. User:Esh77
  24. User:Adeliine
  25. User:TMagen
  26. User:Daryag
  27. User:OrsolyaVirág
  28. User:Ladsgroup
  29. User:Spiritia
  30. User:لا روسا
  31. User:Kenrick95
  32. User:Bachounda
  33. User:fjmustak
  34. User:Ochilov
  35. User:Gikü
  36. User:B20180
  37. User:Armineaghayan
  38. User:tranletuhan
  39. User:Ата
  40. User:آرش
  41. User:Bojana Wiki PG
  42. User:Helixitta
  43. User:Reem Al-Kashif
  44. User:Papuass
  45. User:Krish Dulal
  46. User:Elvonudinium
  47. User:Meursault2004
  48. User:Xabier Cañas
  49. User:Margott
  50. User:Borovi4ok
  51. User:Satdeep Gill
  52. User:Tanweer Morshed
  53. User:Hindustanilanguage
  54. User:Thamizhpparithi Maari
  55. User:Kiril Simeonovski
  56. User:Hasive
  57. User:NahidSultan
  58. User:Bjankuloski06
  59. User:Виолетова
  60. User:Bodhisattwa
  61. User:Nataev
  62. User:Ehrlich91
  63. User:Pratyya Ghosh
  64. User:Pranayraj1985
  65. User:Commons_sibi
  66. User:Jnanaranjan sahu
  67. User:хомелка
  68. User:Ainali
  69. User:Josve05a
  70. User:dschwen
  71. User:Sjoerddebruin
  72. User:Ajraddatz
  73. User:Isarra
  74. User:Saintfevrier
  75. User:Base
  76. User:01tonythomas
  77. User:Odisha1
  78. User:Millosh
  79. User:Dyolf77
  80. User:8ohit.dua
  81. User:Wassan.anmol
  82. User:AddisWang
  83. User:Kruusamägi
  84. User:Touzrimounir
  85. User:arianit
  86. User:Basak
  87. User:Liridon
  88. User:Harvinder Chandigarh

Partial Scholarship Recipients[edit]

  1. User:Millars
  2. User:Pigsonthewing
  3. User:Aubrey
  4. User:Gereon K.
  5. User:Mike Peel
  6. User:Strainu
  7. User:Danny B.
  8. User:Ter-burg
  9. User:VIGNERON
  10. User:Rich Farmbrough
  11. User:Jaqen
  12. User:Sannita
  13. User:Thryduulf
  14. User:Góngora
  15. User:Putnik
  16. User:Mahmoudalrawi
  17. User:SpeedyGonsales
  18. User:Jagro
  19. User:Hawkeye7
  20. User:CFCF
  21. User:Vodnokon4e
  22. User:Peaceray
  23. User:cmglee
  24. User:Rodelar
  25. User:Discott
  26. User:Wotancito
  27. User:Ліонкінг
  28. User:Ynhockey
  29. User:Texaner
  30. User:Mtmlan84
  31. User:Adam Cuerden
  32. User:JeanBono
  33. User:psychoslave
  34. User:Jetam2
  35. User:Astirmays

Additional scholarships awarded at Community Resources program officers' discretion[edit]

  1. User:Rberchie
  2. User:May Hachem93
  3. User:Vitor Mazuco
  4. User:Saileshpat
  5. User:Jeph paul
  6. User:Sturm

Reports from 2016[edit]

Past Wikimania Scholarship Programs[edit]

2015: Mexico City[edit]

2014: London[edit]