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Meta:Allgemeine Botschaften

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This page is a translated version of the page Meta:Common messages and the translation is 20% complete.

Allgemeine Botschaften sind Wörter und Phrasen, die häufig in der Internationalisierung verwendet werden.

Die Verwendung dieser Botschaften trägt dazu bei, die Arbeitsbelastung der Übersetzer zu verringern und wird ausdrücklich empfohlen.

Built-in messages

You may use {{int}} template to display a system message in current page language using translations provided by Translatewiki.net. This is helpful to automatically translate:

  • Wikimedia global project names, e.g. {{int|wikibase-otherprojects-commons}} gives “Wikimedia Commons”.
  • Wikimedia local project names, e.g. {{int|project-localized-name-frwiki}} gives “Französischsprachige Wikipedia”.
  • Months, e.g. {{int|September}} gives “September”.
  • {{#language:}} parser function allows you to display language names. E.g. {{#language:fr|ar}} will display “French” in Arabic.
    • {{Lg}} template allows you to display language names in current page language. E.g. {{lg|fr}} will display “French” in current page language.


You can get common names from Wikidata thanks to {{Label}} template.

  • Country names are available through {{Country}} template.

Meta-Wiki translation system

Meta-Wiki uses the Translate extension to provide multilingual support to wiki pages and templates.

These templates make use of translations which have already been created within this system (database):

  • {{Int string}}: Provides common messages (strings) used in navigation, table headers, timelines, and related non-sentence usages.
  • {{Translated content}}: Displays translations already entered into the Meta-Wiki translation system from other pages or existing translations within the same page.
  • {{Tunit}}: Displays translations already entered into the Meta-Wiki translation system from the same page.

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