Movement Charter/Drafting Committee/Principles

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This page includes principles dedicated to the Movement Charter Drafting Committee (MCDC). They describe the Committee, its main purpose, work and relationship with the Wikimedia movement.

The Principles[edit]

Article 1[edit]

The 'Movement Charter Drafting Committee' (MCDC) is a body that will draft the Wikimedia Movement charter

  • The MCDC has the mandate by process design and a movement-wide election/selection/appointment process.
  • The drafting of the charter includes research, and conversations with movement groups. These conversations include, but are not limited to local projects, affiliates, the WMF, and external experts.
  • The MCDC will lead the process to develop the movement-wide agreement for the draft charter. The final Wikimedia Movement Charter will have received movement-wide ratification.

Article 2[edit]

The MCDC will consider the decisions and definitions made during previous discussions in the Movement Strategy process.

When changing these is necessary, the MCDC will share this clearly, for transparency and awareness of the process.

Article 3[edit]

The MCDC will operate as a body of 15-18 working members.

  • In case a working member steps down, they will be replaced using the same process that inducted them:
    • Next eligible candidate from election
    • Choice by selectors for selection
    • Committee or WMF appointment for appointed candidates

Article 4[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation staff, and outsourced professional services, will support the MCDC.

Article 5[edit]

The MCDC will operate as an independent body.

  • The MCDC decides within itself about the committee's internal operating principles, schedule, organization, and policies.
  • The MCDC is accountable to and reports to the Wikimedia movement as a whole, and makes information available in a fair and transparent way.

Article 6[edit]

The MCDC will decide amongst itself about the models for reaching a consensus. The models include different kinds of majorities required in different contexts, and for each kind of decision.

The models will be used for drafting, internal and external decisions, and other decisions defined and decided by the group.

Article 7[edit]

The MCDC will converse with communities at regular intervals, using an open and iterative process.

Article 8[edit]

The term of the MCDC will stretch over the drafting, consulting, and amendment phases up to the submission of the charter for ratification.

Article 9[edit]

MCDC will stay active through the transition phase to the next identified governance structure. The MCDC will dissolve itself thereafter, or at the latest on 31st December 2024 if it is not able to fulfill the intention of the committee.