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نئون داخل ٿيل واپرائيندڙ (نئون رجسٽرڊ يوزر)

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A newly registered user is a user who has signed up for an account and has logged in to a Wikimedia project. In addition to what an unregistered user can do, a newly registered user can:

  • set custom preferences
  • add pages to a watchlist
  • move root user pages and category pages
  • mark their edits as minor
  • send emails to other users
  • purge the cache of a page without a confirmation step

The full list of rights for all levels is available at Special:ListGroupRights.

All edits made as a newly registered user will show the username in the history instead of an IP address.

Newly registered users cannot edit semi-protected pages or move any page. Several other minor restrictions, depending on the wiki, may apply to newly-registered users.

Autoconfirmed status

On most Wikimedia projects, accounts that are more than four days old are considered autoconfirmed. Some exceptions include zhwiki, nowiki and dewikibooks which require seven days to reach autoconfirmed status.

Additionally, some Wikimedia projects require a certain number of minimum edits an account has before it is autoconfirmed. The usual threshold is ten edits. Wikis with a high edit count threshold include arwiki, eswiki, zhwiki and wikidatawiki; all of which require a minimum of fifty total edits across the wiki before reaching autoconfirmed status.

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