Wikimedia Chapters Association/Resolutions/2012 WCA place of registration

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Resolution statement[edit]



  • Monday 12 November— Sunday 25 November: vote by Schulze method.
  • Tuesday 27 November: Start legal registration.

Places of registration under consideration and linked proposals[edit]

List of locations to support voting
Sponsored by Council Members: Laurentius WMIT
Geneva, Switzerland
Sponsored by Council Members: Charles Andres WMCH
Sponsored by Council Members: Ziko WMNL
Further information

Vote by Council Members[edit]

Conditions of voting[edit]

  • Voting will open on 12 November 2012 and close on 25 November 2012.[1]
  • A ranked vote procedure applies with a quorum defined in accordance with the WCA charter.[2]
  • Council Members may change their vote at any time until voting closes.
  • All Council Members will be invited by direct email to vote on this resolution on 11 November 2012.
  • Detailed comments and discussion should be kept on Talk:Wikimedia Chapters Association/Resolutions/2012 WCA place of registration rather than this page.
  • WCA Council Members as defined on Wikimedia Chapters Association/Membership at the time of opening this resolution for voting will be eligible to vote.
  • All WCA Council Members taking part in the vote on location (including abstentions, see 'How to vote') will be automatically counted as supporting the resolution to determine location by this vote.
How to vote

This will be a ranked voting process, please follow this process:

  • List as many of the locations you wish to vote for and number them in order of preference, for example "1. Mars, 2. Jupiter". Only locations at List of locations to support voting (above) will be considered valid.
  • Remember to sign your vote with your digital signature and the name of your chapter, for example "WMEE ~~~~".
  • You are not required to rank all candidate locations. Your vote will be interpreted such that you prefer all ranked to all unranked candidates, and you have no preference among all unranked candidates. A abstention from a Council Member included and signed below, will be counted as having no preference for any candidate and will count towards the necessary quorum, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the abstention.

Council Member Votes[edit]

The following discussion is closed: Voting was closed on 25 November 2012 at midnight.

The chosen location for registration of the WCA is Geneva.

There were a total of 16 votes, exceeding the required quorum by 5. Pairwise comparisons using the Schulze method gave a preferred order of locations as 1. Geneva, 2. Belgium, 3. Netherlands. -- (talk) 07:57, 26 November 2012 (UTC) Reply[reply]



  1. Open and close at midnight, UTC time applies.
  2. Refer to Wikimedia Chapters Association Charter Section B Article 7 [Majority Decisions]. At the time of voting opening on this resolution there were 21 Council Members. A necessary quorum to take part in the vote and decide on this resolution is calculated as 11. The minimum quorum of 11 do not have to vote the same way, they only have to vote.