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Wikimedia Community User Group New Zealand

New Zealand
Location Flag of New Zealand.svg New Zealand
Country code NZ
Approval date working on it
Official language(s) English, Māori

Wikimedia Community User Group New Zealand is a proposed Wikimedia user group of Wikimedians who are interested in organizing and participating in outreach activities in New Zealand.


There was an attempt to create a local chapter a few years ago. One of the goals of this group is to renew a discussion about creating a chapter in the future. Before we can make a chapter, we need to have run a User Group with a range of well-documented activities for a couple of years, so this is the first step.

From June 2018 to June 2019, Mike Dickison has been running activities as the New Zealand Wikipedian at Large. Mike is keen to see a user group start, and has already started a mailing list of potential members.


  • Form a User Group (see the Creation Guide)
    • Provide support for our own members and public
    • Centralise activities of individual members and institutions into the same group
    • Empowering members and support their activities
  • Renew the discussion about creating a chapter
    • Run and document activities for 2–3 years
    • Set up a legal structure
    • Find enough active members within the local community (we need 10, ideally 20 active members)
    • Reach out to Wikimedia Foundation grants if needed
  • Participate on Wiki Loves Monuments or Wiki Loves Earth


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