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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Highlights, August 2012 and the translation is 77% complete.
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语言支持工具在"Project Milkshake"上发布

The Internationalisation/Localisation (i18n/l10n) team reported progress on its Project Milkshake, an effort to release its existing internationalisation-related JavaScript components as standard jQuery libraries. They include an i18n framework that supports parameter replacements and grammar-, plural-, and gender-dependent translations, a library to support WebFonts (fonts that do not need to be installed on the reader's computer), and a library to provide text input methods in the browser.


In a Request for Comment (RfC), the Foundation proposes a program intended to help pay for the legal defense fees of eligible users in specified support roles - such as certain community administrator, arbitrator, email response, or project governance functions - if a lawsuit is brought against them in relation to their activities in these roles.


On the Arabic Wikipedia, a new "contribution portal" was created in June, as a pilot project within the Editor Growth and Contribution Program. It offers simple visual tutorials for six basic editing tasks, such as fixing a typo or creating a new article. It has already increased the ratio of new users who start contributing, according to an analysis of the first phase (in English and Arabic).

Contribution portal on the Arabic Wikipedia (phase 0)




4亿5182万 (相比上月,减少3.80%;相比去年同期,增长14.81%)
(comScore 数据,所有维基媒体基金会计划;comScore公司将于9月晚些时候发布8月数据)



2012年7月活跃注册编辑者(>= 5 主空间编辑/月,不包括机器人):

80,465 (相比上月,增长2.59%;相比去年同期,增长1.16%)

2012年7月报告单 (集成了各种关于维基媒体基金会计划的统计数据和趋势):




Wikimedia Foundation YTD Expenses by Functions as of July 31, 2012

(Financial information is only available for July 2012 at the time of this report.)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date July 31, 2012.

收入 $346,647
 工程组 $1,145,753
 筹款组 $221,223
 全球发展组 $541,308
 治理组 $96,465
 法律/社区宣传/联络组 $185,852
 财务/HR/管理组 $413,077
总开支 $2,603,678
总盈余/(亏损) ($2,257,031)
  • Revenue for the month-to-date and year-to-date is $347K vs plan of $1.5MM, approximately $1.1M or 76% under plan, primarily due to $1M from Sloan Foundation budgeted for July but actually received in August.
  • Expenses for the month-to-date and year-to-date is $2.6M vs plan of $3.2M, approximately $639K or 20% under than plan, primarily due to lower personnel related expenses and awards and grants associated with Wikimania DC that had been reflected in FY 11-12.
  • Cash position is $23.6M as of July 31, 2012, which is approximately 6.7 months of expenses.

来自马里的羚羊图形("Raccolte Extraeuropee"贡献的照片之一)



On Wikimedia Commons, an Italian art collection ("Raccolte Extraeuropee" from Milan) has been uploading hundreds of photos of African artworks, with detailed descriptions. In Africa itself, over 50 GLAMs (galleries, libraries, archives or museums) are supporting the "WikiAfrica" project, while several others are collaborating with Wikimedia South Africa and Wikimedia Kenya.


In a two-month project encompassing the entire network of public libraries of Catalonia, 150 librarians were trained in informing their library users about Wikipedia. It is a pioneering collaboration between Amical Viquipèdia and the Catalan Ministry of Culture. The ministry has also reprinted 1,500 copies of a "Welcome to Wikipedia" guide for distribution through the network of libraries.


WikiCon 2012, the annual conference of German-speaking Wikimedians, took place over three days in the town of Dornbirn near the tripoint of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. It brought together over 200 participants, from German-language Wikimedia projects, other free knowledge endeavours and the interested public. The event was organized by volunteers and financially supported by the Wikimedia chapters of the three countries, and the Wikimedia Foundation. A "Declaration of Dornbirn WikiCon 2012" was passed by acclamation at the conference. Among other topics, the document calls for guidelines on paid editing, more participation by women, and a more relaxed deletion policy for media with unknown copyright status.