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Wikimedia LGBT+ 2023 Annual Report[edit]

Global discussion[edit]

Wikimedia LGBT+ User Group meetings are open to anyone and are advertised on the User Group calendar on Meta. In 2023, members of the User Group participated in discussions that included the following topics:

A monthly User Group meeting is held in English. Spanish translation is provided and coordinated by User Group administrators.

Separate User Group meetings are also held in Spanish.

On-Wiki Organizing[edit]

Governance and Strategic Planning[edit]

  • Held discussions about the future of the User Group and processes of administrative support
  • Held organizational consensus-seeking conversations at QW2023
  • Significant development of Wikimedia LGBT+'s internal harassment response process
  • Ongoing participation in the Wikimedia Foundation's Universal Code of Conduct development process
  • Provided mentorship to an Outreachy intern
  • Maintained mailing list, provided facilitation to multiple Telegram groups for the User Group, and created a Mastodon page.
  • Membership Registration - Wikimedia LGBT+ announced our first call for membership registration on 12 September-31 October, 2023. More details are available here: Wikimedia LGBT+/Membership
  • Board of Trustees Elections - We held our first Board of Trustees Elections in fall 2023. Two new Board members were elected. See: Wikimedia LGBT+/Elections/2023
  • WMF General Support Grant Submitted - Wikimedia LGBT+ submitted a request for funding to the Wikimedia Foundation in September. Our grant application can be found here: Grants:Programs/Wikimedia_Community_Fund/General_Support_Fund/Sustaining_Wikimedia_LGBT+.
  • Fiscal Sponsorship - We factored out financial activities to WMAT on QW23-23 grants. We obtained Kiwix as a fiscal sponsor in December 2023. We are exploring the potential for incorporation in 2024.

Grants and reports[edit]

  • Queering Reports: Grants:Conference/QW23/QW2023/Report. We submitted the report for our QW22/23 Conferences and their associated grant on 31 September, 2023.
  • The Wikimedia LGBT+ Conversation Series grant was delayed and postponed because of a lack of administrative capacity. We aim to organize a similar conversation series in the future with additional support.

Programs and Events[edit]

Queering Wikipedia[edit]

  • Queering Wikipedia is the Wikimedia LGBT+ conference for discussing LGBT+ issues in the Wikimedia platform including community organization. The QW2023 schedule includes links to video recordings and slides when available. As described in the grants section, a relevant grant report also describes conference outcomes.

Wiki Loves Pride[edit]

Wiki Loves Pride is a global campaign to expand and improve LGBT-related content across all Wikimedia projects, in all languages that has been operating annually since 2014. In 2023, Wikimedia LGBT+ invited Wikipedia users to participate by improving Wikipedia's coverage of LGBT-related content. Wiki Loves Pride contributors documented outcomes at Wikipedia:Wiki Loves Pride/2023.

Events and activities Various Wikimedia community organizations hosted LGBT+ themed events. While organizations do their own events, in Wikimedia projects people often are members of multiple projects at once, such as their regional Wikimedia chapter and also Wikimedia LGBT+. Sample LGBT+ events which included the participation of WMLGBT+ membership and promotion using WMLGBT+ communication channels include the LGBT+ meetup at Wikimania 2023 Singapore and routine local meetups such as the Seattle Independent Film Festival editing event for LGBT+ movies. Many events are undocumented for security reasons.


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