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Wikimedia LGBT/2023-07-12

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This online video conference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group , and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

The meeting will have an entry lobby, please reach out on the Telegram group if you are left waiting.

The Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.

Expected attendees[edit]

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  • Icebreaker/Group think activity: "Kaleidoscope conversation"
    • The moderator will start with a question, then, we will go around and each person will ask a question based on the previous question. Only questions, no answers/responses! The point is to generate a list of ideas in the form of questions, because questions provide a lot of depth and direction, getting to the heart of presences and absences.
  • What are your preferences for a recurring User Group meeting time going forward? Weekends or weekdays?
  • A WM LGBT+ Communications Committee is forming, and will have breakout meetings to discuss social media strategy, press outreach, moderation of Telegram and group channels, promotion, etc. Who wants to join?
  • Re-submission of Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Community Fund/Conversation series - LGBT+
    • Previously denied for lack of metrics plan
    • WMF grant officer invited Wikimedia LGBT+ to revise and resubmit
    • WMF grant officer offered a video chat to discuss - who wants to join?
  • FYI - grant submission to Open AI
    • Call was at https://openai.com/blog/democratic-inputs-to-ai
    • There is an LGBT+ AI challenge there
    • Lane submitted - Dorothy helped strategize - Lane will publish the proposal openly
    • general issue: under what circumstances can researchers collab with Wikimedia LGBT+?
      • hard to do because Wiki LGBT+ does not have a review process
      • by default, collabs require consensus of everyone
  • Events and announcements
  • Wiki Loves Pride
  • QW Office Hours, Thursday, July 13th at 17:00 UTC (10am PT).
  • Wikimania 2023 LGBT meetup in Singapore
  • Any other events to promote/announce?

Share + Discuss[edit]

(please add any specific Wikimedia projects/events/activities topics you'd like to share with the group or open for discussion)

  • Discussion idea: How can we get better at holding multi-lingual events and translating resources? How can we get better at including more people from around the world, especially when time zones are difficult to sync.
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Online breakout room & proposals[edit]

(The last 15 minutes is dedicated to small group discussions. The group tuning in via zoom will hold an online breakout room. Breakout room topics may arise during the course of other discussions, but feel free to propose one in advance, too!)'

  • Add additional breakout room proposals here