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Wikimedia LGBT/2024-01-24

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This online video conference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared interests, opportunities, and challenges. The meeting will include User Group administrative and governance updates, community discussion, and open presentations.

The meeting will have an entry lobby, please reach out on the Telegram group if you are left waiting. The Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.

Expected attendees[edit]

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  • Events and announcements
    • Wiki Loves Pride updates from anyone organizing an event or related campaign
    • Anyone have other events to promote/announce?
      • Put yours here or come ready to say something about your event

User Group Administrative/Governance Updates[edit]

  • A 2023 User Group annual report draft is in development Wikimedia LGBT+/2023. If you have things you think should be added to the annual report, get in touch with User:Hexatekin or any of the Governance team, or write on the Talk page.
    • Lane Rasberry submitted this report and it is logged at Wikimedia_Affiliates_Data_Portal/Reports. No further action for compliance is needed.
    • Because the submission was a wiki page, there is still time to revise! Finish by due date 31 January.
  • The Wikimedia LGBT+ Board of Trustees and Governance Committee will meet in Feb to draft rules and discuss governance roles and responsibilities. Updates will be published and community feedback will be solicited.
  • We plan to submit a 2024 Wikimedia Community Fund, General Support Fund application in March. Preparation has begun.
  • Eligibility check starts 16 February
  • Everything due 8 March
  • Applying in to the North American review committee, Grants:Regions/North America, as we must choose a region even though our scope is thematic and international

Community discussion[edit]

  • What have you been editing on Wikimedia platforms?
  • What recent challenges have you faced to participating in Wikimedia projects that you'd like to discuss?
  • What are your goals for Wikimedia participation in 2024?
  • How can the User Group help you achieve your goals?

Share + Discuss Ideas and Proposals[edit]

(please add any specific Wikimedia projects/events/activities topics you'd like to share with the group as a lightning talk or open for discussion)

  • -
  • -

Chai Time! (After-meeting informal chats)[edit]

Tea, Turkish style
A tea cabin in Sreemangal, Bangladesh

Getting to know each other and having fun is an important part of why we exist! Following the meeting, there will be a half hour of unstructured time, where the meeting room will stay open for people to chat and form any proposed breakout rooms.