Wikimedia LGBT/2021-06-01

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This online meetup is open to all members of the LGBT+ User Group, and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

  • Date: Tuesdays 1 June 2021
  • See your local time here
  • GCal: link
  • Location: Zoom Meeting ID: 837 3660 2547 Passcode: WMLGBT+6

Please help us take rolling notes - Wikimedia LGBT etherpad (it will be transferred to wiki (below) after every meeting)

The Wikimedia Friendly Space Policy and Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.


Please add your agenda item and who will lead its discussion:

  1. Welcome, Quick reminder of Friendly Space and UCoC, new introductions, and Agenda Review (FULBERT, 3 min)
  2. Interim Team (Fae, 10 min)
  3. QW Planning Team (Owen, 15 min)
  4. QW2021 Coordination Team learning points (FULBERT, 10 min)
  5. AOB

Planning to Attend[edit]



  • Governance
    • Governance proposal approved, time-limited to replacement with something voted on by the user group at QW2022. If no such meeting has occurred within 2 years, the governance proposal needs re-approval by the user group
    • Need to agree responsibility about the User group's logo (at some point)
    • Aside: Need to set up risk register and action list — Owen and Fæ to discuss in the next ~2 weeks
  • QW2022
    • Atm we don't have agreed names on grant writers or project managers. We need someone to bring together the vision for the conference and be a bubbly, upbeat, positive marketing/PR person. Our main task, currently, is to find that person — Owen to draft something this week, Jeffrey will review
    • Deadline end-Sept
    • Concern that hybrid model will be more difficult, but we don't need to solve that right now, just budget for doing so once we're setting everything up
    • Worth bearing in mind that WMF is not the type of funder we need to convince to give us money, so much as just convince them we're reliable
    • Concerns around the percieved positivity of the planning team aside, not getting a proposal together would also cause significant reputational damage
  • QW2021 Coordination Team learning points
    • UG met with WMF Research team; see Notes on Etherpad
    • Main topic was discussing problems with several recent surveys, with Leila from WMF Research and Christel from WMF T&S
    • Agreed to set up Centralized place with some expectations set where people can complain about problems with surveys
    • Seems like WMF unlikely to be able to set up an Ethics board (IRB) anytime soon
    • Conscious that there's a bunch of organisational change at WMF atm; probably need to wait for new CEO and for middle-management changes to settle down
    • Meeting definitely showed power of the UG as being a key stakeholder and voice for LGBTQ+ Wikimedians
    • Action for Leila due today (1 Jun 2021) to propose a draft solution — this is overdue; Jeffrey to follow up
    • Action for Christel to schedule a follow-up meeting in the week of 7 Jun 2021 — Jeffrey to follow up
  • Follow-ups from QW2021
    • We have not yet met with Chen at WMF Events team, so (format of) learning points not yet clear. (Need to remember to include those points in the QW2022 grant proposal)
    • The Organising team need to review the draft write-up from Stuart