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This online meetup is open to all members of the LGBT+ User Group.

  • Date: Monday, April 22, 2019, at 11:00am EDT / 17:00pm CET
  • Live Online Location: Zoom (link is here)

It is intended as an opportunity to meet one another and discuss some shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

Items to discuss (working agenda)[edit]

  1. Rolling notes - Wikimedia LGBT etherpad
    1. Anyone can take notes with default Wikimedia compatible copyright licensing
    2. These notes get transferred from etherpad to wiki after every meeting
  2. Friendly Space Policy review
  3. Welcome and Introductions
  4. What do you find valuable in the LGBT+ User Group?
  5. LGBT+ Wikimedia Summit report (currently under construction)
  6. LGBT+ Wiki Manual of Style
  7. Increasing LGBT+ Wikipedia / Wikimedia Engagement
  8. Wiki Loves Pride 2019
  9. Intersectionality
  10. Affiliate-Selected Board Seats Process for our User Group (see here and here)
  11. What would you like to see? Who will do this?
  12. What are the next steps we can do?


The general circumstance is that the Wikimedia LGBT group has not done regular online voice chat meetups.

First issue: Should we take notes? In previous LGBT+ wiki meetups the discussion has been private because of discussion of sensitive issues. Should this meetup avoid taking notes? Lane volunteered to take notes. Anyone else can join in taking notes. If anyone has anything private to say off-the-record then please speak up and that discussion can go unrecorded.

Next issue - review the friendly space policy. This is not here because of any particular concern but because many Wikimedia groups share this as a precautionary practice. There is no universal Wikimedia conduct policy but this is one that gets shared at Wikimedia Foundation events.

Introductions -

  • I am Rachel. I go by Rachelwex. I manage the Wikilgbt twitter account and spread the good word.
  • My name is Houssem. I live in Tunisia. I recently organized an event there which produced 100 articles in 14 languages. Soon I will be organizing an event in my home city, Paris, where the focus will be on migrant rights and include an LGBT component. We would like to repeat that Tunia
  • My name is Josie Fraser. I am the chair of Wikimedia UK. I am interested in supporting more LGBT+ events. I am based in London.
  • Richard Knipel - Pharos - with the Wikimedia NYC event. I am organizing Wiki Loves Pride
  • Lane Rasberry - bluerasberry
  • Jeffrey Keefer - in Wiki NYC - in the strategic working group for capacity building
  • My name is Kiki, I am part of WIkimeidans of Albanian language US but currently I am based in Belgrade where I work as project manager in an international organization. I have worked previously as journalist for LGBT+ rights in Pro-LGBT ngo in ALbania and I have done an investigation on intersex community. I am mostly contributing for LGBT+ issues in ALbanian wikipedia.
    Kiki are you able to join Zoom? I read your statement to the people in Zoom. Houssem said that he might connect you in Whatsapp - Lane
    Kiki - joined through phone through Whatsapp rather than Zoom.

issue - what do we find valuable in the LGBT+ user group? At the Wikimedia Summit just a few weeks ago various Wikimedia community groups talked about their collaborations with the LGBT+ community and expressed interest in these sorts of projects.

Richard - the LGBT+ community is international and multilingual, perhaps moreso than other types of Wikimedia collaborations. LGBT+ people work well together across cultural barriers.
Josie - participants in all sorts of Wikimedia groups enjoy participating in LGBT+ themed events
Jeffery - many people are interested in using
Rachel - I am in an LGBT+ group in a library organization called IFLA. Every time this group does conferences they have 7 working languages. For Wikipedia there are various languages and the Wikimedia central language is English. What kind of Wikimedia discussions have happened to decide what ot prioritize for translation and how to make these decisions?
Lane - also on the agenda is a live example of how we manage this, which is the board election. The Wikimedia Foundation is paying for translations here and seeking to coordinate volunteer translations. All of this is still experimental and we have neither an established Wikimedia community process or even a well developed conversation.
Richard - there are translation tabs on meta pages.
Jeffrey - one problem with paid translation is that it happens one time, and unlike anything with a community, paid translation might not be maintained.
Rachel - I wish that the documents which we all use, like the code of conduct, could be translated into other languages.
Jeffrey - there have been challenges with this in the past. In the Western world it is currently trendy to talk about "equity" in the sense of social justice. There are often not easy ways to translate highly specific Western discourse into other languages, and for example, equity in paid services got translated to its sense in finance.
Houssem - yes, often it does not make sense to translate documents from English to other languages.
Jeffrey - in the recent Wiki LGBT+ summit there was a diversity statement which neglected to include LGBT+ status among the diversity goals.

Josie - I have started to work up an outline and request about how to better support smaller and less represented wiki communities by region or language. I shared this with Thomas and will share it with you now. - HA

The idea is to get funding from the Wikimedia Foundation or other Wikimedia chapters to get an LGBT+ Wikimedian at Large, who would serve an administrative role in supporting LGBT+ projects. This would go for a trial 2-year period. Josie invited anyone to contribute either to the document or to the idea. Should people add comments or edit the document? Josie said that the document is available for anyone to edit. This is an application for money rather than a full description of what we want anyone to do. Is this something that you see a part of the Wikimedia LGBT+ usergroup to do? Josie said that probably because of the need for administrative support it needs some backing of an established organization and Wikimedia UK could provide that support. However, upon appointment of the facilitator, the Wikimedia LGBT group would be a key stakeholder and essential partner.

Houssem - I was at the Wikimedia Education Conference in San Sebastian. At that event the grants officer made a recommendation that the LGBT+ community ask for a grant to support LGBT+ meetups.
Josie - perhaps the Wikimedia Foundation can fund this or perhaps we have to seek funding from other sources, including Wikimedia chapters or external funders. The most important thing now is drafting an idea and coming to an agreement among ourselves.

Wiki Loves Pride - who is doing something?

Richard: in previous years this has been a photo campaign. This year there seems to be some interest in partnering with Wiki Loves Love, a project based in India. Also there is interest in art and medicine.
Rachel - one thing that Art+Feminism does really well is use the Wiki Education Dashboard to run events and track when events happen. Also I would be interested in getting Wiki Loves Pride out of the mode of being a temporary event and on to a continuous campaign.
Lane - many Wikimedia community groups around the world are organizing LGBT+ events but we do not have the adminsitrative labor to collect all these events. Many organizers do not know how to track and report their wiki events. If we had an LGBT admin of the kind Josie is proposing, then I expect one of the key functions of that person would be to identify and report all the LGBT+ events of which they became aware. If we were able to report all these events then that would demonstrate how strong and popular LGBT+ outreach is.

About the Affiliate Selected Board Seat Election - this election is ongoing right now. Currently the nominations period is open. If anyone wants to stand as candidate, now is the time. In past elections candidates have committed about 5 hours to the election process. Successful candidates mostly rely on their history of participation in Wikimedia community organization. 30 April is the end of the call for candidates. Josie - what practically can we as a group do to advance this process? Jeffrey - if someone here wants to volunteer to actually cast the vote for the group, then that would be great. The named contact for the user group has expressed interest in turning over the responsibility to someone else. The duty of this person would be to cast vote based on the consensus of the user group. Rachel volunteered to cast the vote! Jeffrey advised that Rachel speak up in public volunteering to cast the vote, replying in the Meta-wiki page volunteering to cast the vote. People in the room supported Rachel as being the elector. Should we schedule another one of these meetings to talk about the candidates? Yes, that is a good idea.

Jeffrey committed to scheduling the next voice chat for Mid-May, which will allow for us to provide updates on the current areas of interest and to give Rachel, as our LGBT+ User Group ASBS elector, to discuss candidates with our user group and to determine who should receive our shared vote.


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Post-meeting discussion[edit]

Thank you for sharing the above notes. Please let me know what's needed re: turning over vote for Affiliate Selected Board Seat Election to Affiliate Selected Board Seat Election. Thanks! -Another Believer (talk) 17:20, 22 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]

@RachelWex: Thank you for offering to do this on behalf of the group. -Another Believer (talk) 17:21, 22 April 2019 (UTC)[reply]