Wikimedia LGBT/2023-05-30

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This online video conference is open to all participants of the LGBT+ User Group , and is intended as an opportunity to discuss shared opportunities, challenges, and issues.

The Wikimedia Universal Code of Conduct will be followed for this meeting.

Expected attendees[edit]

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  • Welcome
  • Zoom details and Code of Conduct
  • Introductions
  • Previous Events:
    • Queering Wikipedia Conference, QW2023 - reflections, User Group feedback
      • Wikimedia Foundation Human Rights talk
      • comments from participants
        • harassment related to Wikipedia
        • general LGBT+ support for all off-wiki things
  • Updates from the Governance committee
    • Let's increase outreach to Wikimedia LGBT+ meetups
      • We have better infrastructure
      • We have more to say
      • Things are different now and we should get more people
      • Rules for attendance:
        • We need some kind of membership confirmation for security
        • We need other rules for security
      • Other issues
        • Lots of our participants speak Spanish and need translation at these meetings
        • Other languages could be supported
        • Increased meeting participation means increased harassment and harassment reports
    • next governance committee meeting
    • applying for a Wikimedia Foundation annual grant
  • Wiki Loves Pride
  • representative of WMF Research contacted Wikimedia LGBT+ for research collab
    • they want community approval
    • what do we want?

Share + Discuss[edit]

(please add any specific Wikimedia projects/events/activities topics you'd like to share with the group or open for discussion)

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Online breakout room & proposals[edit]

(The last 15 minutes is dedicated to small group discussions. The group tuning in via zoom will hold an online breakout room. Breakout room topics may arise during the course of other discussions, but feel free to propose one in advance, too!)'

  • Add additional breakout room proposals here


Previous meetings[edit]