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リーフ語利用者グループはリーフ語のプロジェクトならびにコンテンツ、アマーズィーグ文化(転写: ⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖ)に携わる利用者の集まりである。

Tamazight is a set of languages derived from Numidian language, also known as Old Libyan. They form a branch of the family of Chamito-Semitic languages (or Afro-Asiatic, or Afrasian) and cover a large geographical area: North Africa from Morocco to Egypt, via Algeria, Tunisia and Libya, as well as the Sahara and part of the West African Sahel, with many speakers in Mali and Niger.

Tamazight is written, from the middle of the first millennium BC, using the Tifinagh alphabet. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Tamazight has mostly been written using the Latin alphabet or Arabic alphabet, although Tuareg still use Tifinagh.



  • Promote the use of Wikimedia projects by Tamazight speakers.
  • Help Tamazight speakers learn how to edit Wikimedia projects.
  • Organize gatherings of Tamazight speaking Wikipedians.
  • Create Tamazight Language Education Programs.
  • Put more data in Tamazight.
  • Make partnerships (photo or edit-a-thon contests, etc.) with the local chapters of the countries where Tamazight speakers exist, and with Tamazight or Amazigh associations.


  • Edit-a-thons for Wikipedia, Wiktionary, Wikisource, and Wikidata.
  • Promote editing of Tamazight content on Wikimedia projects.
  • Trainings around Tamazight on how to edit Wikimedia projects.
  • Taken photos around the Amazigh culture and historical places and lifestyle.


  • 2007, request & Creation of Wikipedia taqbailit
  • 2007, Requests for new languages/Wiktionary Kabyle
  • 2015, Requests for new languages/Wiktionary Tacawit
  • 2016, Beginnings of creation of the Tacawit language in the French Wiktionary.
  • 2016, Beginning of the translation of the Wikimedia interface in tacawit and tachelhit language.
  • 2017/2018, november, Organization of a workshop on the Wiktionary in tacawit language in Batna, Algeria.
  • 2017 , July, workshop Wiktionary in tacawit language in Montréal (library Saint-Michel)
  • 2017 , July, workshop Wiktionary in tacawit language in Montréal (BAnQ)
  • 2017, August, workshop Wiktionary in tacawit language in Montréal since Wikimania (BAnQ)
  • 2017, August, workshop Wikidata /infobox, Kabyle language in Montréal since Wikimania
  • 2018, March, workshop Wiktionary in tacawit language in Montréal since the month of contribution (francophonie).
  • 2017/2018, Record pronunciation of tacawit language in the French Wiktionary.
  • 2018, Requests for new languages/Wikidata Tacawit
  • 2018, 1st, Statistics of French wiktionary on the tacawit language at the Wikiindaba Conference in Tunis.
  • 2018, Wikimania Cape Town, presentation of The African's Wikipedia (Kabyle, Darija, and Tacawit Wiktionary) and the Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group by Emna Mizouni
  • 2018, Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group, do presentation of the Tacawit projects. by Ahmed Houamel


  • 2018年07月26日:インターネット・ワークショップ (ウィクショナリーに貢献する方法。)
  • 2018年07月30日:ウィクショナリー・ワークグループ。
  • 2018年08月01日:定例ビデオ会議。
  • 2018年08月08日: ウィクショナリー・ワークグループ。
  • 2018年08月09日:定例ビデオ会議。
  • 2018年08月16日:ウィクショナリー・ワークグループ。
  • 2018年08月17日:インキュベーターとウィクショナリーでコンテンツ制作。
  • 2018年08月24日:定例ビデオ会議。
  • 2018年08月30日:定例ビデオ会議。
  • 2018年09月01日:ワークショップ、モントリオール。
  • 2018年09月02日:シャウィーア (Tacawit) 語版ウィクショナリーの MOOC 開始。
  • 2019年08月17日:ウィキマニア・ストックホルムにてアフリカの少数言語のパネル、例:シャウィーア語 (Tacawit 語)、ダリジャその他のリーフ語系言語 (ⵜⴰⵎⴰⵣⵉⵖⵜ)。
  • 2019年09月07日:WikiconFr、ウィキメディアのプロジェクト群と少数言語を含む戦略的教授法の発表、ブリュッセル。
  • 2019年10月000:ウィキアラビア、Abdellah Bouzandag 主催ティフィナグ文字 を学ぶワークショップ、モロッコ、マラケシュ。
  • 2019年11月08日:ウィクショナリー・ワークショップ、Muḥend Belqasem 主催 カビル語およびシャウィーア語オンライン共同データベースTatoeba、モントリオール。
  • 2019年11月15日:ウィクショナリー・ワーク ショップ、Ahmed Houamel 主催 Lingualibre シャウィーア語、モントリオール。


Becoming a member

Any one can become a member of the Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group. To become a member, simply fill out and submit the online form.

Individuals or organizations who want to support Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group can also become collaborator members.

Please contact our membership team by email at Talk page if you have any further questions about becoming a member of Wikimedians of Tamazight User Group.

Founding Members

Designated Contacts for Wikimedia Foundation

Interested in participating

  1. Reda Kerbouche
  2. Anass Sedrati
  3. Houamel Ahmed
  4. Zakaria Mimouni
  5. Zinou Yahoui - Head of Communication
  6. Abderrahman Ait Ali
  7. Reda Benkhadra
  8. Kassem Mostapha Ghoul
  9. Tatiana Kerbush
  10. Fahed Kettal
  11. Afek Ben Chahed
  12. Houmidi Assia
  13. Driss Amjich
  14. Emna Mizouni
  15. Sami Mlouhi
  16. Houcemeddine Turki
  17. Mounir Touzri
  18. Richard Rezki
  19. Omar Bouffi
  20. Mehman Ibragimov
  21. Iván Hernández Cazorla
  22. Benslimane Louardi
  23. abdelkader Ben Djaafri
  24. Oldstoneage (talk) 14:16, 21 November 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  25. Aziz Chetara
  26. Idhurar
  27. Abdelmadjid Lahmadi

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