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Partial and multi-item protection for Wikidata items

  • Problem: (by Man77) It is (still) my firm opinion that the control of incoming data and of changes to the data stored in Wikidata does not work as well as it should. What is a tiny edit on one of Wikidata's ~ 52 million items can cause wrong information to appear in many thousands of pages in more than a hundred other projects, even those which chose to have flagged revisions as part of their quality control. There are many examples where the threat of vandalism not being detected is significantly higher than the possibility that the information provided actually needs to be changed (for instance: Chiapas is located in Mexico); some information is actually timelessly true (such as population numbers from a census at a specific date in time). Allowing such stable data to be actually stabilized and only be changed under circumstances yet to be defined could not only increase Wikidata's reputation as a trustworthy database but also increase its usage, while reducing its vulnerability.

    (added by Jc86035) Wikidata's core editor base is also quite small in spite of the large amount of content, and unlike on other projects, some items may never be edited manually because of the breadth of this data. Directly because of this, some vandalism can go unnoticed for months. On the other hand, it would be impractical and problematic to e.g. semi-protect large groups of items in their entirety, because this would prevent a lot of page moves and deletions from being reflected on Wikidata by the user performing the page move or deletion, and it would prevent anonymous and new contributors from adding valuable data (particularly translations of labels and descriptions).

  • Who would benefit: Wikidata as a whole (reputation, usage), Wikidata volunteers, other projects' volunteers (lessened workload), readers (wouldn't see wrong information)
  • Proposed solution: Allowing partial protection of items, and protection of classes of statements across all Wikidata items based on their content (i.e. usage of properties, qualifiers and references), would help with preventing needless vandalism. Users might be deterred from vandalizing (due to the additional effort required) or might be encouraged (or forced) to discuss potentially problematic changes with other editors.
  • More comments: Originally flagging of problematic statements was part of this proposal's solution. This is now part of a separate proposal.
  • Phabricator tickets: T189412, T209243
  • Proposer: → «« Man77 »» [de] 15:12, 11 November 2018 (UTC)[reply]


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