Community Wishlist Survey 2017/Wikidata/Better countervandalism tools

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Better countervandalism tools

  • Problem: On the English Wikipedia, at least, Wikidata has a reputation for being prone to vandalism and errors. In my experience, even on the more visible items, vandalism may take more than a day to be removed and on other items can last for months. Vandalism reversion is also tedious and difficult, particularly since label vandalism can be in hundreds of languages.
  • Who would benefit: Wikidata editors, and users of the data on other wikis and elsewhere
  • Proposed solution: Provide better and faster-to-use vandalism-fighting tool(s). This could be one or more tools along the lines of -
    • Huggle, STiki and Twinkle on the English Wikipedia, with translation capability
    • Better vandalism fighting bots and edit filters (e.g. preventing height, weight, and gender/sex statements from being added or changed by new users) to better prevent drive-by nonsense insertion
    • Autoblock IPs and new users who are blocked on other WMF wikis to prevent vandalism from being "exported"
    • Allow fine-grained protection of individual labels, descriptions and statements to prevent them from being vandalized.
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