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Konferensi ESEAP 2022/Peserta

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Can attendees please add your username, what country you are from, and if you are representing a specific community during the conference.

No. Nama pengguna Negara Afiliasi
1 GhoziSeptiandri Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia, ESEAP Funds Committee
2 AmandaSLawrence Australia Wikimedia Australia President
3 Pru.mitchell Australia Wikimedia Australia Treasurer
4 Alex Lum Australia Wikimedia Australia Secretary
5 Gnangarra Australia Wikimedia Australia Member, ESEAP, Wikimania 2023 COT
6 Butch Bustria Singapore Philippines ESEAP Coordinator, Wikimania 2023 COT
7 Harditaher Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia
8 Oronsay Australia Wikimedia Australia Member
9 Sam Wilson Australia Wikimedia Australia member (also WMF staff, but not participating as that)
10 Maffeth Opiana Philippines Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group
(Incorporator & Outreach Committee Chair)
11 Rahmatdenas Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia
12 Giantflightlessbirds New Zealand Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand, Vice-President
13 Ramzy Muliawan Indonesia Wikimedia Foundation
14 Rachit Sharma India Wikimedia Foundation
15 Satdeep Gill India Wikimedia Foundation
16 Sakti Pramudya Indonesia Wikimedia Foundation
17 B20180 Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
18 Robertsky Singapore Singapore Wikimedian, Wikimania 2023 COT
19 Rachmat Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia
20 Juan B H Alegre Philippines Philippine Wikimedia Community UG, President
21 Mehrdad Pourzaki Iran Canada Wikimedia Foundation, Movement Communications
22 Alphama Vietnam Vietnam Wikimedians User Group
23 Einebillion New Zealand Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand, President
24 Chocmilk03 New Zealand Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand member
25 Lady01v Philippines Wikimania 2023 COT, Philippines
26 Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight United States Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees
27 Athikhun Suwannakhan Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
28 MargaretRDonald Australia Wikimedia Australia member
29 Dimas Hardijanto Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia
30 tjaiwan giling Taiwan Paiwan Wikimedians User Group
31 gesi giling Taiwan Paiwan Wikimedians User Group
32 Mia Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikimania 2023 COT,
ESEAP Committee Funding Committee
33 Bonaventura Aditya Perdana Indonesia Wikimedia Foundation
34 Agus Damanik Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikimania 2023 COT,
Community Specialist for EduWiki in ESEAP
35 Rachel Judhistari Indonesia Wikimedia Foundation
36 Wafiq Aqil Malaysia Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia
37 Beeswaxcandle New Zealand English Wikisource and Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand member
38 *Youngjin South Korea Wikimedia Korea
39 Kerry Raymond Australia Wikimedia Australia member
40 Imelda Philippines Wikimedia Foundation, Campaigns
41 Heidi Meudt New Zealand Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand member
42 99of9 Australia Wikimedia Australia Member
43 Bunty Avieson Australia Wikimedia Australia Vice President
44 2ndoct Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
45 James Gaunt Australia Wikimedia Australia Communications and Project Coordinator
46 JarrahTree Australia Wikimedia Australia committee member
47 Motoko C. K. South Korea Wikimedia Korea
48 22Kartika AustraliaIndonesia ESEAP Regional Grant Committee
49 Tanapatjms Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
50 Fiona Romeo United Kingdom Australia Wikimedia Foundation, Culture and Heritage
51 Kowhaiarewhana New Zealand Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand member
52 Diepaplpg19 Vietnam Vietnamese Wikimedian (Non-affiliated individual)
53 Graham87 Australia Wikimedia Australia member, dropping in from Worlds of Wikimedia
54 Jacqueline Chen Singapore Wikimedia Foundation, Community Resources
55 Myesd Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
56 U6181299 Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
57 trainholic South Korea Wikimedia Korea
58 Carma citrawati Indonesia Wikimedia Denpasar Community
59 Bayu Gita Indonesia Wikimedia Denpasar Community
60 Jessie Mi Taiwan Wikimedia Taiwan
61 Twotwo2019 South Korea Wikimedia Korea
62 Yael Weissburg Israel Wikimedia Foundation
(VP, Partnerships, Programs, Community Resources)
63 Belinda Spry Australia Wikimedia Australia Executive Officer
64 imacat Taiwan Wikimedia Taiwan
65 Azoma Thailand Wikimedia Thailand
66 joycewikiwiki Taiwan Wikimedia Taiwan
67 ichsan.mochtar Indonesia Wikimedia Indonesia, Minangkabau community, Jakarta community
68 Reke Taiwan Wikimedia Taiwan
69 Pakoire New Zealand Wikimedia Aotearoa New Zealand committee member
70 Zyrahila Philippines Philippine Wikimedia Community Chairperson of the Board of Trustees
71 Kingoflettuce Singapore Singapore Wikimedian
72 Brigid van Wanrooy Australia Analysis & Policy Observatory (APO)
73 WhisperToMe United States (for
Hong Kong)
Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong
74 Vivien Chang Wikimedia Foundation, Movement Strategy and Governance
75 Peter Neish Australia Wikimedia Australia committee member
76 Kyi Myanmar Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group
77 Jeremy Ludlow Australia Wikimedia Australia committee member
78 Aliyu shaba Nigeria Hausa Wikimedian user group Member
(attended virtually Worlds of Wikimedia Conference)