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ESEAP Preparatory Council/Nomination

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Next meeting (conference): May 9, 2024

This will be the nomination page for those who would be running for the ESEAP Preparatory Council. There will be a total of 9 (nine) Council seats, comprised of: 4 (four) Affiliate seats, 3 (three) Community seats, and 2 (two) individual candidate seats. To participate in voting, please visit the voting page.

Affiliate Seats[edit]

There will be 4 (four) Affiliate seats allocated.


  • Nominees must be supported by their respective Affiliate. Otherwise, the nominee would not be qualified.
Name Username Home wiki Experience Affiliation (e.g. chapter, user group)
Reke Wang Reke Chinese Wikipedia Secreatary General of WMTW (2014-2020,2022-) Wikimedia Taiwan
Belinda Spry BindiS English Wikipedia Executive Officer WMAU (2022-), member of ESEAP Interim Hub (2022-) Wikimedia Australia
Athikhun Suwannakhan Athikhun.suw English Wikipedia Wikimedia Thailand board member (2017-present), WikiJournal of Medicine board member (2022-present) Wikimedia Thailand
Dody Ismoyo Dody Ismoyo English Wikipedia ● President of Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia (2017–present)
● ESEAP Hub Interim Committee (2022–present)
Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia
Anthony Diaz Kunokuno Bikol Central Wikipedia Chairman, Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group
Maffeth Opiana Maffeth.opiana Wikimedia Commons President of PhilWiki Community PhilWiki Community
  • Update: The nomination of affiliate seats is concluded. Late nominations from Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group and PhilWiki Community were accepted per the decision made by members from the ESEAP Hub Interim Committee who are not running for affiliate seats and without potential conflict of interests.

Community Seats[edit]

There will be 3 (three) community seats available to fill up

  • For nominee to this position, please get your Wikimedia community endorsement and a brief description of the decision-making process and result.(preferably written in a separate Meta-Wiki page).
Name Username Name of Community Meta Page / Community wiki page Description of the Community Nominated by Meta-Wiki documentation regarding your nomination
Johnny Alegre Buszmail Pilipinas Panorama Community Pilipinas Panorama Community Thematic community Pilipinas Panorama Community Nominations to the ESEAP Preparatory Council 2023–2024
Irvin Sto. Tomas Filipinayzd Bikol Wikipedia Bikol Central Wikipedia Wikipedia Self-nominated with endorsements from community members and admin. Discussion in the community portal talk page
Youngjin Ko *Youngjin Korean Wikipedia Korean Wikipedia Wikipedia Self-nominated with endorsement from community and Wikimedia Korea's Board. Nominations to the ESEAP Preparatory Council 2023-2024(Korean Wikipedia)
Robert Sim Robertsky Wikimedians of Singapore User Group Wikimedians of Singapore User Group Wikipedia Self-nominated with endorsement from Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia Talk:Wikimedians of Singapore User Group#ESEAP Preparatory Council nomination
  • Update: The nomination of community seats is concluded.

Individual Seats[edit]

There will be 2 (two) individual seats available to fill up

  • Individuals eligible for seats nomination must fulfill these minimum criteria.
    • At least having an autopatrolled status in English Wikipedia or being an admin in any Wikimedia project (of any ESEAP language), or
    • Holding any position in Wikimedia global committees/teams.
Name Username User's Global account information (Special:CentralAuth) Nominated by Experience / Qualifications
Pasagorn Waeson Azoma Special:CentralAuth/Azoma Azoma Admin in th.wp
Vanj Padilla Lady01v Special:CentralAuth/Lady01v Markadan (1) Juris Doctor
(2) Wikimania 2021 & 2023 COT
Agus Damanik Agus_Damanik Special:CentralAuth/Agus Damanik Agus_Damanik (1) Admin in id.ws and id.wp
(2) Wikimania 2023 COT
(3) Founder of Komunitas Wikisource Indonesia
(4) event assistant for WikiNusantara 2023
Thomas Bell Chipmunkdavis(CMD) Special:CentralAuth/Chipmunkdavis Chipmunkdavis ESEAP RGC member
Gnangarra Gnangarra Special:CentralAuth/Gnangarra Buszmail (1) Pioneer of ESEAP
(2) Wikimania 2021 and 2023 COT
  • Update: The nomination of individual seats is concluded. Late nomination of Gnangarra's candidacy was accepted.