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Grants (disambiguation)
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Grants may refer to: many forms of incentives.

To organizations, informal groups, and individuals[edit]

To help future organizations[edit]

To Wikimedia volunteers[edit]

Organisation Name Since Range Page
Many Wiki Loves Monuments
Amical Wikimedia Microborses 2015 <500€ Organization's wiki
Wikimedia Österreich Access to literature 2009 de.wp
Information material and give-away articles 2008 de.wp
Software grants 2014 de.wp
Technical equipment pool 2011 de.wp
Public data fee reimbursement 2017 de.wp
Cooperation with institutions 2011 de.wp
Publics relations for community activities 2011 de.wp
E-mail addresses and business cards 2012 de.wp
Digitalization 2011 de.wp
Support for project and event planning 2008 de.wp
Travel grants 2009 de.wp
Event accreditations and photo permits 2013 de.wp
Volunteer certificates 2016 de.wp
Trainings 2013 de.wp
Prizes for community competitions 2011 de.wp
Wikimedia Australia Volunteer Support Programme < AUS$ 200 Chapter wiki
Wikimedia Canada Grants and reimbursements 2018 Chapter wiki
Wikimedia CH Micro-Grant 2014 < CHF 500 Meta
Software grants de.wp
Wikimedia Czech Republic (Wikimedia CZ) Mediagrant II < $2,500 Meta, cs.wp
Wikimedia DC Grants 2012 < $2,500 Chapter wiki
Book grants 2015 < $500 Chapter wiki
Wikimedia Deutschland (w:de:Wikipedia:Förderung) Literaturstipendium − literatur grant 2007 30-250 € de.wp
Bibliotheksstipendium − library grant de.wp
eLitstip − access to online literature databases de.wp
Software grants de.wp
Technikpool − loaning of technical devices 2011 de.wp
Community-Treffen − meetup grants (thematical WikiProjects or meta-groups) 2011 de.wp
Bilderschatz − Illustrative content grant 2011 de.wp
Community-Projektbudget (open community budget) 2011 < 5.000 € with few exceptions Meta // de.wp (2013 plan)
Community-Budget (various activities) < 5.000 € de.wp
Official e-mail address and business cards Wikipedia:@
Wikimedia Foundation / Wikmimedia DE / Wikimedia CH Wikimedia Participation Support generally <US$ 2.000 Participation:Support
Wikimedia Foundation IEG < US$ 30.000 Grants:IEG
GAC US$ 500 − ∞ Grants:Index
Wikimédia France Commission micro-financement - Small Grant 2011 < 2.000 € Meta
Wikimedia Hungary Közösségi támogatási keret (Community support budget) − projects (e.g. meetings, contests) initiated by the community hu.wp
Utazásitámogatás (Travel support) hu.wp
Költségtérítés (Reimbursement programme) − microgrants for expenses related to creating content hu.wp
Wikimedia Indonesia "Free your knowledge". Transcribing and writing contests with a score system for each aspect of an article. 100k topic eligible. 200 k$ Chapter website
Wikimedia Israel Microgrants < 10.000 NIS (~2.600$) Chapter website
Wikimedia Italia Microgrants 2017 <500 € Chapter website
Wikimedia New York City Travel micro-grants (mini grants) 2016 US$ 200 WM NYC on Wiki:Meetup
Wikimedia Nederland Foka − Financiële Ondersteuning Kleine Activiteiten (financial support for small activities) 2009 < 500 €, 1.500 € for travel Chapter wiki
Wikimedia Norge Wikistipend (wikigrants) 2016 < 8000 NOK (~898 €) Chapter wiki
Wikimedia Polska Wikigranty, mały grant < 200 PLN (~46 €) Chapter wiki
Wikigranty, duży grant 250-1.500 PLN (~58-346€)
Wikimedia Russia Microgrant for the purchase of equipment. 2018 < 2.000$ Chapter website
Wikimedia Sverige Minibidrag (mini grants) 2013 < 2000 SEK (~220 €) Chapter wiki
Gemenskapens projekt (community projects) 2012 < 40.000 SEK (~4,400 €) Chapter wiki
Referenslitteratur (literature grant) 200-3.000 SEK (~22-330 EUR) Chapter wiki
Resebidrag (travel grants) 2014 <10.000 SEK (~<1.100 EUR) Chapter wiki
Wikimedia UK Project grants 5-2.000 £ Chapter wiki

Past grant programs[edit]

Other forms of incentives[edit]

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