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Tervetuloa Kestävyysaloitteen pariin.

Kestävyysaloitteen (sustainability initiative) tavoite on vähentää Wikimedian projektien ympäristövaikutuksia. The reason for this is simple and can be found right in Wikipedia: Anthropogenic climate change is a reality and it is our shared responsibility to prevent it, while the Wikimedia projects have a significant carbon footprint, especially through power consumption and air travel.

Tällä hetkellä aloite keskittyy seuraaviin kolmeen päätavoitteeseensa:

  1. Wikimedia-palvelimet toimimaan vihreällä energialla
  2. etäosallistumisen mahdollistaminen Wikimaniassa ja muissa Wikimedian tapahtumissa
  3. a sustainable investment strategy for the Wikimedia endowment

In 2017, the board of trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation adopted a resolution as a result of this initiative, making a commitment to minimize the Foundation's overall environmental impact, especially around servers, operations, travel, offices, and other procurement and through using green energy. The 2020 Wikimedia movement strategy implementation recommendations pledge to "align our practices to support the environmental sustainability of our planet."

Green energy for the Wikimedia servers

Barely passing: "D" score for Wikipedia in Greenpeace USA's 2015 "Click Clean Scorecard".[1]

Miksi tämä on tärkeää?

The servers hosting Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects have a significant carbon footprint: In 2018, only 6% of the 2.8 gigawatt hours powering the Wikimedia servers came from green sources, resulting in a carbon footprint of 1.2 kilotonnes.[2] The 2018 Wikimedia Foundation sustainability assessment states that "moving servers to renewable energy options is the single most impactful thing to reduce the organization's carbon footprint".[3] Also, as one of the world's most popular websites, Wikipedia could inspire other websites to choose carbon-free hosting as well,[4] while big names like Facebook[5] or Salesforce[6] have already switched to green hosting.

Mitä täytyisi tehdä?

The Wikimedia Foundation should ask its data center providers to switch to green energy, or choose providers that offer green hosting.

Who is the responsible for this?

Lydia Hamilton, Director of Operations, Wikimedia Foundation

Mikä on nykytilanne?

Working Waiting

In August 2017, the Wikimedia Foundation sent letters to its colocation providers CyrusOne and Equinix asking about information regarding the servers' energy sources. Equinix responded by pointing to its recent acquisition of a wind farm of Oklahoma – which does not help reach the goal since the Wikimedia servers are located in a different electricity grid in Virginia. CyrusOne has not responded to their letter. In 2019, the Wikimedia Foundation published a strategic roadmap to "identify carbon-reduction opportunities" in its operations.[7] In November 2020, the Wikimedia Foundation was "looking into several options for a new data center that uses sustainable energy".[8]

Etäosallistuminen Wikimaniaan

Miksi tämä on tärkeää?

Arlandan lentoasema, Tukholma, Ruotsi

International travel makes up for a large share of Wikimedia's carbon footprint: In 2019, WMF-funded flights stays caused the emission of 1,600 tonnes of CO2.[9] Therefore, we need to look at ways to require fewer flights. Since it would be counterproductive to propose to discontinue Wikimania, we need to encourage remote participation at Wikimania and other Wikimedia events. The main channel for remote participation is offering video recordings.

Mitä täytyisi tehdä?

The Wikimedia Foundation should offer video recordings for all sessions at Wikimania and other Wikimedia events.

Who is responsible for this?

Joël Letang, Events Team Manager, Wikimedia Foundation

Mikä on nykytilanne?

Working Waiting

Working Waiting Vuoden 2016 Wikimaniassa Italian Esino Lariossa lähes jokainen kokous videoitiin. Vuoden 2017 Wikimaniassa Montréalissa ja Wikimania 2018:ssa Kapkaupungissa pieni osuus kokouksista striimattiin verkkoon.

Vuoden 2019 Wikimaniasta Tukholmasta kuvattiin joitakin videotallenteita. Certificates were purchased for the estimated carbon footprint of the conference.[10]

In 2019, the Wikimedia Foundation published a strategic roadmap to "develop guidelines for remote vs. in-person participation of events, including meeting options to accommodate virtual participation".[11]

A sustainable investment strategy for the Wikimedia Endowment

Miksi tämä on tärkeää?

By investing in sustainable industries, we are putting our money where our mouth is – the Wikimedia Endowment should not support carbon-intensive industries if we want to reduce our environmental impact.

What needs to be done?

The Wikimedia Foundation should adopt an investment strategy for the Wikimedia Endowment that accounts for the environmental impact of its investments.

Who is responsible for this?

Lisa Seitz-Gruwell, Chief Advancement Officer, Wikimedia Foundation

What is the current status?

Working Waiting

The Wikimedia Endowment is currently invested at the Tides Foundation and the preliminary investment policy contains a very basic sustainability measure. In 2021, the Wikimedia Endowment will be moved out of the Tides Foundation and the Wikimedia Foundation is currently 'investigating' how to best reflect sustainability in the definitive investment policy. (The investment policy for the Wikimedia Foundation's own investments which was adopted in April 2018 states that long-term investments should be made in "companies with a superior sustainability profile, particularly relating to environmental factors", without further defining this objective.)

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