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Welcome to the Pageviews Analysis feedback forum

This is the forum to provide feature requests, bug reports, and general feedback for the Pageviews Analysis suite of tools.

Some key notes when making a post:


Request for Userviews Feature[edit]

Is it possible to have an option to include pages we have not created, but contributed to? I would be extremely interested in this, and could not find anything online. It's a good incentive for people, especially new folks like me, as the list on our homepages are not expandable and a bit random. Ittybittykittycommittee (talk) 20:47, 14 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Topviews bug report[edit]

For yearly 2022 report only 400 first pages open. It always showed around 1000 pages.--Maxaxax (talk) 17:31, 15 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Maxaxax Due to the size of the dataset and the time it takes to run the jobs, the yearly reports unfortunately only include up to 500 pages (non-mainspace and other less relevant pages may be removed). Apologies! MusikAnimal (WMF) (talk) 15:47, 17 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Maxaxax: Here have the unmodified TOP 7951 articles (every page with 1M+ human pageviews per year) for enwiki in year 2022. Source: Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 01:02, 18 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Page views for large set[edit]

Hello, I have a large set of articles I would like to run page views for. There are 254 articles in English Wikipedia that I'm interested in pulling pageview data for. Any suggestions for a need beyond the maximum of 10 articles allowed in this tool? Thanks! Mcbrarian (talk) 19:27, 17 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Mcbrarian: You can use the Wikimedia page API.
P.S.: If You wanna the mass pageview export, so send You me a mail. Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 19:44, 17 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Dušan Kreheľ: That would be very helpful! Can I send you a spreadsheet? What metadata do you need me to send to you for the pageview export? Mcbrarian (talk) 15:24, 18 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Mcbrarian: You can send me.
The input data are for one record: TITLE, WIKI, DATE_INTERVAL_FROM and DATE_INTERVAL_TO. The title in user like format (none URL-% in title; right Example: User:Dušan Kreheľ; the best in UTF-8), WIKI in full format (Ex.; full project list), DATE_INTERVAL in ISO format (Ex. 2022-12-25). Another input format is more work, but no disaster. The main thing is that the data is unambiguous. Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 18:28, 18 January 2023 (UTC), --Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 18:30, 18 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Dušan Kreheľ: Thanks for your support on this. I found MusikAnimal (WMF)'s suggestion much easier to perform, so I'm working on that. I only had the Page Titles, not the URLS. I won't be sending you anything after all. Mcbrarian (talk) 23:30, 20 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hi @Mcbrarian! It sounds like @Dušan Kreheľ is eager to help, but in case you didn't know: toolforge:massviews can be used to get pageviews for any arbitrary list of pages. See documentation at Pageviews Analysis#Massviews. I think in your case it's probably easiest to either create a page containing links to each of the pages, then plug that into Massviews with the "Wikilinks" option. Alternatively, you can create a Pagepile and plug that into Massviews. Hope this helps, MusikAnimal (WMF) (talk) 21:01, 18 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@MusikAnimal (WMF) Thank you for this very helpful suggestion. I was using links from Altmetric explorer, which were proxied, so I ended up just pasting in the titles for English Wikipedia articles and hyperlinking them. The pagepile worked! Thanks again. Mcbrarian (talk) 23:31, 20 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Form of adress in German pages[edit] in German obviously can't decide whether to "duz" or to "siez" the reader. MenkinAlRire (talk) 20:12, 24 January 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Mediaviews analysis on toolforge[edit]

The wikimedia file information page offers a mediaviews analysis on toolforge. This video constantly gets over a 1.000 requests every day. The wikipedia pages, where the video is embedded, are accessed much less often. How does this tool count? Presseteam Uni Innsbruck (talk) 07:41, 22 February 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]

[Bug] Error query[edit]

If, i wanna see the statistic for the page, so i see the error, but if I look the RAW API (, so the none error. Dušan Kreheľ (talk) 12:37, 20 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[reply]