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Telegram is another popular way for Wikimedians to chat and discuss in real time. Below is a list of public Telegram groups/channels for different Wikimedian Projects.


Each channel/group may have their own policies. Please show respect to others.


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikimedia General Group en
Wikimedia LGBT+ Group en Wikimedia user group supporting the LGBT+ community and friends
wiki@TG Channel en,zh
Wikipedia Library Channel en
WikiPhoto Channel en
Wikimedia Colombia Group es
Esperanto and Free Knowledge Group eo
ВікіФлудоЧат в тг Group uk Informal Wikipedia and broader Wikimedia discussions in Ukrainian
GenderGap Group Group en and others Informal discussions related to Gender Gap

Project Wikis[edit]


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
wikipedia-cdo Group cdo 閩東語維基百科 / Mìng-dĕ̤ng-ngṳ̄ Wikipedia
cdo wiki bulletin Channel cdo
Grup Wikipedia Bahasa Indonesia Group id Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia / Indonesia Wikipedia
Wikipedia Group it Wikipedia in italinno
Wikipedia-lzh Group lzh, zh 文言維基大典 / Classical Chinese Wikipedia
lzh wiki bulletin Channel lzh 文言維基大典木鐸
WamLzh Channel lzh 維基大典亞洲月
Portuguese Wikipedia Group pt Portuguese Wikipedia group. Other languages are welcome. 95 members as of Feb, 22nd, 2019.
Wikipedia-mnc Group mnc, zh Manju gisun i Uikipidiya / Manchu Wikipedia
Wikipedia-sjo Group sjo, zh Sibe gisun Uikipidiya / Xibe Wikipedia
Wikipedianët Group sq Albanian Wikipedia / Wikipedian në shqip
Wikipedia-zh Group zh 中文维基百科。English Accepted. Interconnected with #Wikipedia-zhconnect. For more Chinese Wikipedia Telegram groups/channels, please refer to w:zh:WP:TG. (Do note that politically sensitive topics SHOULD NOT be discussed here as it is also interconnected with 2 QQ groups - which doesn't allow politically sensitive materials)
Wikipedia-zh-patrol Channel zh Broadcast newly created pages on ZhWiki.
Wikipedia-yue Group zh-yue 粵文維基百科傾計區 / Cantonese Wikipedia
cvn-smart Group zh
cvn-zho Group lzh, zh-yue, zh-min-nan, gan, hak, wuu, cdo
wikipedia-zh-science&technology Group zh
wikipedia_de Group de German-language Wikipedia
Чат русской Википедии Group ru Russian-language Wikipedia
Википедия. Неофициально Channel ru Russian-language Wikipedia
WikiUa Channel uk Ukrainian-language Wikipedia / Неофіційний канал української Вікіпедії
WikiMK Channel mk Macedonian Wikipedia / Неофицијалниот канал за македонска Википедија
WikiPL Channel pl Polish Wikipedia / Nieoficjalny polski kanał Wikipedii
TurkceVikipedi Channel tr Turkish Wikipedia / Türkçe Vikipedi


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikinews-zh Group zh Broadcast recent changes on ZhWikinews


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikibooks-zh Group zh


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikisource global community Group
wikisource-zh Group zh


Name Channel or Group Language Notes
wikiversity-zh group zh May be rather inactive, for prompt assistance, do directly use QQ group (details on village pump) or directly leave your message on either the village pump or any sysop / patroller talk pages

MediaWiki and Technical[edit]

Name Channel or Group Language Notes
Wikimedia Hackathon Group en This group is mirrored to IRC channel #wmhack and used during Hackathons
Wikimedia Hackathon mentoring group Group en This group is used during Hackathons, specifically for newcomers and mentors
MediaWiki Group ru 中文社群 Group zh

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