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The Wikipædia Librie

State Library of Victoria La Trobe Reading room 5th floor view.jpg

The Wikipædia Librie heelps eediters tae access reliable soorces (fer) tae impruiv Wikipædia.

We also help knowledge professionals share their collections with the public.

Global branches

ArabicBanglaCatalanGreekInglisSpaingiePersieFinnishFrenchHindiEbreuKurdishNorsePolsPortugueseSimple EnglishSindhiSwadishTurkisUkrainianVietnameseYorubaCheenese

Aneat the librie

The Wikipædia Librie is aan apen research hub, ae steid fer acteeve Wikipædia eediters tae gain access tae the weel needit reliable sources that thay need tae dae thair wirk an tae be supportit in uisin thae resoorces fer tae imprui the encyclopædia. We'r ettlin tae mak access an uiss o soorces free, easie, collaberateeve an effeecient.

The Wikipedia Librie is run bi ae team o staff an volunteers led bi Jake Orlowitz (User:Ocaasi (WMF)) an fundit bi the Wikimedia Foundation. We wirk wi ae communitie-organised satellite model: we admeenister the global waurk bit wirk wi the local coordinaters in local Wikipedia waurks tae heelp ilka communitie tae set thair ain libries up.

Get in touch
 email: wikipedialibrary(at) twitter: @wikilibrary facebook: The Wikipedia Library mailing list: Wikipedia-Library irc: #wikipedia-library

Oor etlements

Pairtner fer tae gie free access tae paywalled publeecations, databases, universities, n libries

Faceelitate research fer Wikipedians, heelpin eediters tae fynd an uise soorces

Big relationships among oor communitie o eediters, libries, an librarians

Connect eediters tae thair local librie n freelie accessible resoorces

Fowerder broader apen access in publeeshin an research

Whit we dae

Journal access
We arrange donations o free journal access that eediters can sign up fer.
Buik buys
We heelp eediters tae buy buiks that will heelp thaim tae dae research.
Veesitin scholers
We get eediters universitie researcher staff status tae access aen entire oanline librie collection.
Soorce shairin
We creaute resoorce shairing pages whaur eediters can speir fer ae soorce fae ither eediters.
Reeference desk
We heelp tae set up reeference desks fer eediters tae speir research questions an get heelp an answers.

Research literacy: Help readers and editors learn how to do research with and for Wikipedia.

Research tuils
We big tuils that heelp eediters tae dae research an connect tae soorces
Explore our sitemap to learn more.

Hou ye can heelp

Set ae local brainch up
We support yer communitie tae heelp big its ain Wikipedia Librie. Contact us!

Translate: You can help editors who speak your language by translating the Library Card platform interface!

Become ae coordinater
We wirk aes ae cooperateeve team in auries o librie, accoont, pairtner, reeference, metrics, uneeversitie, an techneecal management. Sign up tae help.

Get your library involved: Explore our options for engaging as a library

Donor ootreach
We want tae contact lots o publeeshers an potential donors an need heelp shairin the wirk. We want ye heelp.
Read the newsletter
Read aneat an stay up tae date oan oor recynt an oangaun acteevities.

Ma librie
Wis dukedom muckle enooch.

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.
Mehmet Murat ildan