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Wikimedia thematic organizations are independent non-profit organizations founded to support and promote the Wikimedia projects within a specified focal area. Like the Wikimedia Foundation, they aim to "empower and engage people around the world to collect and develop educational content under a free license or in the public domain, and to disseminate it effectively and globally". Thematic organizations use a name clearly linking them to Wikimedia and are granted use of Wikimedia trademarks for their work, publicity and fundraising. Currently, 1 thematic organization exists.

This page lists current and planned thematic organizations. Please see the Step-by-step thematic organization creation guide for more information. The Affiliations Committee exists to aid the creation of, and to support, thematic organizations.

Approved thematic organizations[edit]

Name Focus Status Bylaws Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Amical Wikimedia Catalan language and culture Approved and operational Amical Wikimedia/Bylaws wikica-l #wikipedia-caconnect, or Arnaugir

Planned thematic organizations[edit]

A list of planned thematic organizations in active preparation follows below. When adding information about your organization, please provide a link to a page on Meta with more detailed information (with a short summary in English) and provide a contact for questions about the state of the organization.

A yellowish background means organizations are currently in active contact (as of the "last update" date) with the Affiliations Committee;
A light grey background means awaiting an update (from the proposed organization or from the Committee)
A light blue background means the Committee has asked the Board of Trustees to approve the organization's formation.
Name Focus Status Bylaws Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Wiki Project Med Foundation Medicine Bylaws Wiki Project Med wikimedia-medicine Talk:Wiki Project Med 2014-06-02
The Wikinewsie Group Journalism Affcomm recommended to the board organization be approved Bylaws draft wikinewsie at wikinewsie at, or Laura Hale 2014-06-02
Wikivoyage e.V. Travel Committee contacted By-laws on assoc. wiki wikivoyage-l RolandUnger

Thematic organizations in discussion[edit]

Name Focus Status Bylaws Website Mailing list Contact Last update
Wikimedia Indigenous Languages Indigenous Languages Beginning discussion internally Not started Wikimedia Indigenous Languages languages-l Mailing list, #wikilangconnect, Talk:Wikimedia Indigenous Languages, or Amqui 2013-05-21
Wikimedia Latina Latin language Starting getting a group together Ilario 2012-10-29
Wikimedia LGBT LGBT community Beginning discussion Not started Wikimedia LGBT LGBT-l Use mailing list, or #wikimedia-lgbtconnect 2012-09-03
Wikimedia Persian Persian language Beginning discussion Not started Wikimedia Persian Talk:Wikimedia Persian 2013-09-24
  • Esperanto kaj Libera Scio - recognized as a WUG at 2013-04-04, testing of possibilities, discussing about change of status to Thematic Organization

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