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Hello, flo[edit]

Welcome home++ +sj+

Translation of WQ3 from En to It[edit]

I will glad to help you, as far as I can, in transaltin WQ3 from En to It (Italian). Is it possible to have the code of the WQ2? This will same me some effort. AnyFile 13:30, 21 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Thanks for your little visit :)[edit]

Hi, just a note to tell you I moved your question from no:Diskusjon:Hovedside to the Norwegian Village Pump :) Cheers, Bjarte 10:26, 28 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Latest news - please watch that page to update WMF/Ru[edit]

Ru translation link

Requests for permissions[edit]

I see that RCBot stopped You. ;-) But, please set bot status to other accounts. Margos 09:51, 29 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Need someone[edit]

Salut, je suis es:Usuario:Ecelan de la Wikipedia espagnole. J'ai vu que tu as besoin de quelqu'un qui t'aide avec une traduction. Si c'est quelque chose de très urgent, je n'aurai pas trop de temps demain (une amie vient me visiter), mais le soir et dimanche je pourai faire quelque chose. Si ca sufit tu peux me contacter à es:Usuario Discusión:Ecelan. Salutations, Ecelan

Well, I see that one of my Wikipedia in Spanish colleagues has already taken the challenge :). However, if you need an extra helping hand, just contact me in es:Usuario Discusión:Cinabrium. Regards from the Far South, Cinabrium 2005.04.30 01:44UTC.

Request for Portuguese language translation[edit]

Hi Anthere, you requested at the Portuguese language Wikipedia village pump for a translator, and I think I can help you with that. Well, I'm here if you need me! Thank you. --Ikescs 19:42, 30 Apr 2005 (UTC)

I sent you an email =) --Ikescs 18:53, 1 May 2005 (UTC)

Hi, Anthere, are you still needing portuguese speakers for translation? If so, count me in! Indech 18:25, 3 May 2005 (UTC)

Bonjour, Anthere. Si tu as besoin de traducteurs pour la langue portugaise, je suis disponible pour l'anglais et français. Salutations, Mschlindwein 08:07, May 4, 2005 (UTC)

bonne Fête des mères[edit]

  • arf, c'est chez les ricains ;D m'enfin, je suis en avance pour le 29, non ?
    • super ! tu es le second. Je crois que les ricains c est le 9... merci al...
  • en fait, je suis tombé sur ça, le designated agent. traduit en allemand et en italien. toujours valide ? translation → fr needed ? quid du rôle des assocs (de, fr) ?
    • c'est une bonne remarque.... Je demanderais à juriwiki...
  • voili, voilou, zatsol ;D a peluche. byz. Alvaro 00:07, 2005 May 12 (UTC)
  • ps: j'ai actualisé ta page utilisatrice ;D
    • excellente idée. Byzs. Anthere 20:00, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

Pleased to talk to you again[edit]

Well I don´t understand IRC so I tell you this: en es:Wikipedia We need a developer. There is a problem with recentchanges (Some wikipedians had told me an old page is named like 2025 so It never changes).

Thanks--FAR 13:27, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

Thanks Indeed!-- 18:47, 12 May 2005 (UTC)
It happended again. Are you sure?-- 18:52, 12 May 2005 (UTC)
This page: I see until 11 May 15:49. I think It only has happened in es.--FAR
I see 2005.... ;-) Anthere 16:34, 13 May 2005 (UTC)

Ma cherie sister[edit]

Hi, Anthere. It's Ed Poor from Wikipedia, English division. Can I get an account here? 20:24, 12 May 2005 (UTC)

hi tonton Ed. Welcome to meta division. What do you mean by an account here ??? Anthere

about SSH on[edit]

Hy there,

I would wanna ask you a favor. I first of all want to thank you for baking me sysop at Since last we talked, i gained experience in administrating Linux, and now working at a prestigios PHP/MySQL/Perl/Python company, ( web design and IT distribution company ). I would like to SSH for administration purposes. How can i do that ? I did a test SSH, but it seems i can't login. Can you help ?

D.evil from Wikibooks ( sorry cause i didn't log in ! )

my goodness :) No, sorry, I can not help, I am not at all a developer and what you talk about is just like chinese to me :-( I recommand you ask for help on or join the irc channel #mediawiki. Hope that helps. Anthere

A Desperate Call for Help[edit]

Hi, how are you?

I know, you probably don't know me but I recognize you as a regular user of Meta and this is a desperate call for help. I imagine that you will you know where I should go with my problem if you cannot help me yourself. Okay, for quite some time now, we have been having a problem in the Spanish Wikipedia: When we click on recent changes it takes us to recent changes of an absolutely absurd date and time. Though I am not a professional or anything like that, I think it has to do with the browser's cache because after deleting my own, it took me to the proper date and time though the very next time I faced the same problem. In order to get to the right date and time, you have to keep on clicking see recent changes since Whatever date and time until you have finally passed up all of the times that you have clicked the recent changes link in the past. I repeat: I know you're probably not the right person to complain to but I am desperate, who is? Thank you so very much!!!

P.S. Please respond to me in my Spanish Wikipedia discussion page, here. Sincerely, Orgullomoore-- 09:39, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Hi, Anthere. I think I can expatiate on what Orgullomoore above is trying to explain. It seems that Special:Recentchanges is not being refreshed on each visit, and thus the user gets the copy from the caching server (which may be hours or days old). Asking for a different URL, for example by choosing a different limit or offset parameter, solves this, but only once, as the next time this exact URL is requested the server provides again the cached copy.
I believe this happens regardless of the browser; I've personally tried it with a few Gecko- and KHTML-based ones, as well as lynx, and it made no difference. I gather it's probably a squid issue, but then squid is not supposed to cache pages for logged-in users, so I'm not completely sure of the matter.
Drop me a line (at my user page at w:es if possible) if you need any further info. Best, Taragui 18:07, 18 May 2005 (UTC)

Okay, I've got your sceenshots.

The time is 12 or so minutes off because I had clicked on recent changes 12 or so minutes ago. Had I clicked on the link more times today, I would have had to keep on clicking the link where it currently says <view changes since 5:02 until I got to the correct time. Imagine the stress!

I can give you more screenshots if necessary, tell me if this is not good enough, please. Thanks sincerely--Orgullomoore 03:22, 19 May 2005 (UTC). Again, responses should go in the Café or in My Spanish talk box.

File:100 recent changes1.jpg
When you ask for a different URL, such as 100 results instead of 50, it works fine, once but never again.

Hey, thanks alot for being the middle(wo)man. Your soldiers got our problem fixed. If we had barnstars in Spanish we would give you two for your pacience and your hookups. Gracias--Orgullomoore 10:28, 23 May 2005 (UTC)


I don't oppose your decision about L. Thierry if

  1. you prove the vote comes from him really (not only your own conviction but technical reason, if possible) and (the latter is important for me)
    1. I'll let him a note. But what you really ask is to be certain that a user:A on a pedia is the same than user:A on another pedia. We are not asking anyone to prove this. But well...
  2. you treat other votes you striked before in the same manner. you striked many votes because of "no user page" though they have now a user page with a link to their project. It is not the vote legitimacy but the matter of your fairness. I would like you to realize you became unfair to those other voters in favor of one editor you know closely. If you want to save a vote which is not legitimate following the rule you set, in advance you would be better to save other currently becoming legitimate votes from Dutch or German Wikipedia. --Aphaia | Translate Election | ++ 05:46, 30 May 2005 (UTC)
    1. If these people now have user page, their vote should be validated. I think the vote was following legitimate rules, as it was never written in the rules that the user himself had to set the user page. I'd like to insist as well that I do not know this editor closely, and do not particularly support him, nor the voting decisions he made :-) Anthere


For disapproving the Constitutional Treaty on French Mothersday. The Dutch will vote Nee on June First, 2005. Maybe it is an idea to put the text of the Treaty on wikipages so all European citizens can participate in redrafting ;) Dedalus 06:56, 30 May 2005 (UTC)

Fair Use and DVD[edit]

Hi Anthere!

Thank you for answering so quickly. As you wrote in English, I'll do the same.

Anthere wrote: You might wish to start a campaign to convince people :-)
Thank's, but some users and I (who are against fair use) have a lot to do in the portuguese wiki, where there are always campaigns of new users who want absolutely fair use images to illustrate articles about cartoons and things like that, to which it is difficult to find a free image.
Anthere wrote:However, I must say I am delighted to learn you made this decision, for that means you will all take extra attention not to have copyrighted images in your project I suppose.
Indeed, we do! And I would really appreciate if other Wikipedias would follow the same way... That would certainly boost and spread the idea of a really free Wikipedia among the other wikis.
By the way, I do not think that fair use is compatible with GFDL. The contents must be released in GFDL, and fair use images simply cannot respect that. How come the french Wiki accepts this? I understand the Wikipedia in English do this, knowing that fair use is part of the american legislation, but the French?! Is the french community very divided or are the pro fair use the great majority?
Anthere wrote: we are planning to make a DVD in french/english. This is currently handled by the french team. Recently, the firm involved in the DVD press and distribution suggested they wanted three languages (though it is not obvious yet to me whether the third language will be on the first DVD version). And the big news is that the third language is portuguese !
Hey, this is really good news!!! And the fact that we do not have fair use images will certainly facilitate the project. This will also be a good advertising of our politics of not accepting fair use. The German Wikipedia released a DVD in April 2005 (I think), but you know that for sure.
Anthere wrote: I was recently saying that an issue we would met is that possibly portuguese wikipedia would not have yet done a tagging job over its images... but if pt:wikipedia recently decided to ban fair use images, then most of the issue is gone :-) I'll keep you informed on the matter. I should get the last version of the contract today probably.
I'm really very glad with the news! Please let me know whenever you have something new about the project. Do you allow me to publish your message in our "Esplanada" (our "bistro")? I think the community would be happy and proud in reading this... And it would also put more pressure on the "pro-fair use" ;o)
PS: I like very much your country! So much that I live in it!
Cheers, Mschlindwein msg 23:16, Jun 9, 2005 (UTC)


Pas de problème, on attendra le temps qu'il faudra. La campagne pro-fair use fait du bruit chez nous (une nouvelle votation est prévue pour Mars 2006), et j'ai pu me renseigner: parmi les "grandes" wikipedias, il n'y a que l'Anglaise, Française et Italienne qui acceptent le fair use! Suédoise: seulemente logotypes ou trademarks. L'Allemande, la Japonaise, la Polonaise, la Néerlandaise, la Portugaise et l'Espagnole ne l'acceptent pas! Ah, si la Wikipedia francophone était contre... Mais les français sont difficiles...

Je vis ici. C'est moi qui ai pris la photo, avant que le Commons n'existe. --Mschlindwein msg 18:21, Jun 13, 2005 (UTC)


Hi Anthere, I'm translating your presentation for the board elections into Dutch. I'm nearly finished, I just don't understand what you mean by "no political advocacy" (in relation to establishing partnerships). Could you please explain in a sentence or two what you mean by that? I should be able to translate it then. Fruggo 16:57, 10 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Thank you! Fruggo 18:29, 14 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Sorry about the errors… I just changed them since the site looked incredibly messy with all those external link arrows… Jon Harald Søby (talk, contrib) 14:20, 19 Jun 2005 (UTC)

oki :-) Sorry for snapping. Anthere 14:25, 19 Jun 2005 (UTC)


1. Now it's much easier to browse your user page :-)

2. Quarto:

  • See these draft spreads for pg 2 and pg 7, thanks to Ryan. Just a start, but it's nice to start somewhere. We can fit the whole thing into a 16-pg "octavo" with an extra page for the covers.
Waou. This is gorgious !!!

3. I have more people to be added to the international list at ... I will come back to it tonight. Can you add the people you have contacted as well? Most of the people I asked about coming (from India, Vietnam, Africa) were only somewhat interested; only one person from the es. mailing list responded to my recent request. On-wiki searching may be needed. I will be back later tonight, after meeting with the cofounders of my old translation company; see you your morning, perhaps.

+sj | Translate the Quarto |+ 22:04, 19 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Please add the guys and their status to User:Anthere/dev.

Bon baisers de Kabylie[edit]

Hi I'm cafefort from Algeria, I've been On IRC and FoeNyx told me that you'll be glad to hear from one of "us" :)

So I'd really like to thank you for the great job! I really like it! Hold on! And if ever I can help in any way... I'll do it with joyce :)

P.S. That's the best I can, English is the 4th language I learned... so sorry :)

IRC chat 23 June 2005 22:00 CEST Wikimedia Nederland chapter[edit]

Anthere, vous êtes invités à joindre une causerie 23 juin 2005 22:00 CEST d'cIrc au sujet du chapitre de Wikimedia Nederland dessus #nl.wikimedia. La causerie sera de préparer la première réunion de 3 juillet 2005 à Utrecht. Les matières incluront des bylaws d'ébauche et spécifiquement le rapport de but. Dedalus 07:38, 21 Jun 2005 (UTC)


Hi, my email shizhao AT gmail dot com --Shizhao 01:01, 24 Jun 2005 (UTC)

appel à contribution[edit]


On réfléchit actuellement à un projet de blog démocratisant le concept des wikis et leurs usages en entreprise et pour le grand public !

Tout est ici : Le blog est là en version beta :

Les contributeurs potentiels ont été recrutés autour d'une WikiSchool d'un certain xtof ! On aimerait savoir si des personnes connaissant wikipédia seraient intéressées par le concept. Est ce que tu pourrais relayer l'info au sein des cercles d'élus ?


Youssouf CHOTIA

J'ai reçu le mail... mais je suis très en retard ces temps ci. Je ne vous oublie pas et je vois qui peut être intéressé dès que j'ai un moment. Cordialement. Anthere 05:17, 28 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Votes for the Board[edit]

Sorry for being stupid, but how do I vote for you in the election? It says that the election is open from today, but I can't work out how we're supposed to vote. :-( Yours in WikiPedia, Brequinda 11:36, 28 Jun 2005 (UTC)



if recollections are not in this issue, then I guess the 'Retrospective: Wikipedia turns 4' item should also be removed from the Table of Contents? -- kocio 12:54, 1 Jul 2005 (UTC)

yup, seems quite right to me Kocio... Anthere

IP Block on fr[edit]

Je n'ai pas d'accès IRC pour alerter #mediawiki : depuis le passage en 1.5 il n'y a plus de blocage d'IP ou d'utilisateur possible sur fr. Tous les blocages ont été levés. Ainsi Goldsilver banni depuis mars est-il revenu vandaliser ma talk page. Il s'agit d'un problème avec les temps de blocage, très embêtant. villy 09:10, 4 Jul 2005 (UTC)


Hy. Please consult before any other moves. As you can see, some of the romanians and moldovans want the to be SHUT DOWN. The sysop there Node_ue is counting some of the votes invalid be his own. Some of our arguments are listed there. The mo.wikipedia is an insult to romanians and moldovans togheter. It is a wise decision to shut down this wikipedia, before any more aggresion between romanians and Node_ue. Btw, Node_us isn't of moldovan origin, it's from russian origin. Your's truly. D.evil 07:01, 5 Jul 2005 (UTC)

Your letter (Quarto 3)[edit]

I am sorry to interrupt you and please forgive my doubts but I would like to ask you a question reffering to your board letter. I am an aid in translation of Quarto 3 into Polish and I am troubled with the sentence: He (Jimbo) imagined quarterly meetings and some agreements in principle...

Did you mean some agreemets were to be done (Jimbo thought he would have work out the common vision with you) or some things were agreed (Jimbo thought you all shared his vision)? It is quite vital for the meritum of your letter and I don't want to guess.

I don't use my English that often that I used to and I may be wrong, however I was convinced that two forms: "some agreements on" or "some agreement in" are used respectively. Here the case remains unclear, as only in pronciple comes furthermore...

Please correct me if I am wrong and thanks for the answer. Sorry for trouble but our goal is a possibly exact translation (what is sometimes pretty difficult because of true barriers like differences in the "spirits" of the languages).

Best wishes! Aegis Maelstrom 7 July 2005 17:08 (UTC)


First for translating it :-) Yes, I know translation and getting the right meaning is often very hard; and reading the english version, it is even hard to me to understand what I wrote (I wrote the letter in french initially, but Sj translated it). I tried to improve a little bit the english version.

What happened is that Jimbo thought we would just meet from time to time and have to discuss and agree on big principles only. For example, he would come and say "here is this potential partner, they will give us this and in exchange, we will put advertisement, what do you think ?". He thought we would just discuss the idea of putting ads, saying "well, no" and that would be it for a month or two. Only discussions on big principles but very light involvement from Angela and I. This is what he expected, but not what Angela and I had in mind. And this is how things work in most boards in american foundation. A board member does not do work, he just discuss and agree on general directions to follow or not to follow. Angela and I both choose to actually do work, so it came as a surprise to Jimbo.

I hope it is clearer :-)

8 July 2005 05:11 (UTC)

Thanks a lot! :) And this "language chain" explains something... :)

Aegis Maelstrom 8 July 2005 09:10 (UTC)

Tradution (sp?) de WQ3 en Hollandais[edit]

Hi Anthere! Now in English :) I started to translate Q3 to Dutch. If you have time to read especially your letter. Maybe you understand enough of it. I hope I am not to far off from what you intended to tell the world. If so, please tell me. Patio 8 July 2005 12:25 (UTC)

hiya. hou my god; Sorry, but I really do not speak dutch :-( I am not very blessed as far as foreign languages go. I managed english, never made it to german in spite of 6 years or so at school. But Dutch, sorry, I could not help you :-( Errrr, Oscar speaks french and could compare to the original version :-) Thanks for the translation work. Anthere

(other notes)[edit]

Using Ultimate Wiktionary for Commons -


Félicitations (-:[edit]

We are all very lucky to have you on the board, I perhaps more than most. Here's to the next hundred languages... +sj | Translate the Quarto |+ 07:31, 12 July 2005 (UTC)

thanks :)
P.S. - Can I get you to work on an abstract for a short board presentation at Wikimania?
errr, what do you mean ?
I meant in the sense of a short discussion of the board's purpose in life, and perhaps an open Q&A session. Despite this being a "Wikimedia" conference, there is very little currently about, or presented by, the foundation.
Right, after the african paper then :-) But you can certainly plan a Q&A session.


Hi, I have a problem in the Spanish Wikitionary (Wikcionario). My user ecelan seems to be blocked and I don’t know who I have to ask to get it fixed. Hope you can help.

Thanks a lot, Ecelan

P.S. Congratulations, I heard you are boardmember again.

problems on polish wiki[edit]

Can you look at it and do anything in this case? pl:Wikipedysta:Kwiecień, please

On Irate and Wikijunior[edit]

So you know, I had called a ceasefire with Irate on the matter of reverting, because you asked. However, he reverted my comments off his talk page. Sadly, I've had to re-revert, inching back on my ceasefire. If it's of nominal interest to you, my comments on my motivation are either still there, visible to most, or can be found in his talk page's history.

On a more pleasant matter, congrats on your re-election. Also, from my limited understanding of French, your son's project is quite impressive for his age. While I'm still leary of a all-out kids-edited encyclopedia, I think this proves we can actually make limited invitations to youth editors in Wikijunior. -- user:zanimum

And yes, he reverted my repost, as expected. -- user:zanimum

new admin ...[edit]

please see : Wikibooks Romania Admins. We would love to see Gangleri an sysop at ro.wikibooks.

User: is a spammer[edit]

Could you block this IP from Meta, please? He/she submitted hundreds of links to "submityourcock" (see vandalised page archive here). Thanks in advance. -- user:zanimum

Actually, just saw Patrick saw one of this IP's other spams, and did the duties. Thanks anyway! -- user:zanimum


I give you a WikiThanks.png for respecting diversity. – Kaihsu 09:18, 27 July 2005 (UTC)

oh, a flower :-) thanks Anthere

Reward for kindness[edit]

As a reward for giving me a kind answer to my question a few months ago, last month, i voted for you in the 2005 Wikimedia Board of Trustees Elections. Congratulations on your reelection. -- Eddyward Telerionus 17:27, 27 July 2005 (UTC)

thanks. Glad to see your real name attached to John-1107 :-) Anthere


Je suis retorunee. Aphaia++


...but my IRC client doesn´t work properly. Can you tell a developer that the history of the article Alexan (spanish wiktionary) has disappeared until 14:59 7 jul, 2005 (UTC)

Thanks indeed.--FAR

Administrateur sur[edit]

Bonjour, je vous écris de la part de Pontauxchats car j'ai eu une discussion avec lui à propos de l'accession au rang d'administrateurs sur wikipedia in lingua corsa. Je suis un des principaux contributeurs avec Img et je souhaiterai devenir administrateur sur co.wikip. Pourriez-vous me guider? dire ce que je dois faire pour le devenir? Il se trouve que depuis 3 mois où je suis dessus, il n'y a pratiquement personne qui est intéressé par l'encyclopédie en langue corse, pourtant sollicité par le lobby corse qui parle la langue. Merci d'avance, cordialement. Lisandru68 5 août 2005 à 17:30 (CEST)

S'il vous plait allez sur Request for permissions. Datrio 15:42, 5 August 2005 (UTC)
Appears to be fixed... Anthere 06:13, 9 August 2005 (UTC)

Merci de ton message[edit]

Merci de ton message d'encouragement sur le site ekopedia!

Amicalement, Jean-luc

article move[edit]

I was just looking for an fr.wikipedia sysop to move fr:Millenium Dome to fr:Millennium Dome (two n's), I keep getting an error message. Ta. -- ed g2stalk 08:34, 16 August 2005 (UTC)

thx i.e. děkuji[edit]

Thx for your opinion in I guess will will carry on and solve this by ourselves. Anyway, the help we got from meta and from some stewards was very good for this little wiki. Thx, -jkb- 13:47, 23 August 2005 (UTC)

Meeting log.[edit]

The log for the meeting can be found here :)
Solensean 23:14, 27 August 2005 (UTC)

Human Rights Servey on Wikipedia (The final post of I_sterbinski)[edit]

Dear all,
Wikipedia was recently a subject of intensive research of an huge international human right organization. A team of people from different nationalities and ages were acting on Wikipedia for 20 days, investigating previously noted anomalities of Wikipedia free editing and forming a final report, which (between the others similar reports) will later be a guide to all future moves of the organization concerning Wikipedia. Acting under an account of a real person, their privacy is to be held private. Therefore, very few private information will be revealed.
Also, this is a result of the lack of final possition of the organization concerning Wikipedia and human rights, which was still not formed.
The team's final post on Wikipedia, where they explain their actions can be found on the following addresses:
The team would like to thank to all the persons who took part in the correspondence with us.
We also want to appologise for keeping our identity secret for a longer period.
Best regards,
Aleksandar, Biljana, Asparuh, Christos, Valjon, Michael and Ana Luiza 00:34, 28 August 2005 (UTC)

Foundation Wiki[edit]

Te serait-il possible de créer un compte pour m7 et Snowdog sur le wiki Foundation ? Leurs e-mails : mario.m7 (at) et rfrangi (at) Frieda est la seule éditrice italianophone et elle est en vacances. Merci :-) Delphine

done Anthere
WikiThanks.png. Delphine

Wikijunior Kiki/Nikki design vote, round 2[edit]

Wikijunior project Kiki/Nikki character designs lasts until Friday, in case you wanted to have your say... -- user:zanimum

Errr, sorry for being so much uninformed, but what is this project about and what will the designs be used for ??? Anthere 18:06, 1 September 2005 (UTC)
Nikki/Kiki is a character for Wikijunior. Kiki/Nikki will essentially act as a narrative to link sections of the book/magazine, and pose any questions kids themselves might have. She'll also hopefully "interview" real modern-day scientists, historians, etc. relating to each book, and also dead figures like Caesar, Darwin, or Einstein. -- user:zanimum
Oh, very good idea. I like it. Anthere 05:57, 3 September 2005 (UTC)


Wikisource and Gallica==

ThomasV 07:16, 2 September 2005 (UTC)

wp a la télé[edit]

lu ant, plz mets ta touch' ici, je suis sur que tu as des idées, de plus ont doit pouvoir y arriver(collaborative power non?) merci --Vev 22:46, 4 September 2005 (UTC)