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Wiki99 is a project to develop about 99 Wikipedia articles in various fields of information, then translate those articles into as many other languages as possible. Any one interested in any sort of information may propose their own "Wiki99" and list it on this page.

The reason for compiling lists is that when there are Wikipedia editing events, people often ask, "What articles should I edit?" When these lists are available for a topic, then these articles become standing suggestions for development and perpetual monitoring. When the sets of articles are well developed, they become good examples for collections of information that Wikipedia provides.

How to create a Wiki99 list[edit]

  1. Choose any field of study
  2. Identify the 99 most important concepts in that field of study
  3. List Wikipedia articles covering those 99 topics
  4. Advertise the existence of the list to others who would discuss it
  5. Collectively edit and change the list to get consensus for what should be included
  6. 99 articles is not a limit - feel free to use 80, 100, 115, or any number you like. This is wiki so do as you please. The popular request is for lists of about 100.

Existing lists[edit]

List of articles every Wikipedia should have[edit]

The Meta-Wiki community has compiled a list at List of articles every Wikipedia should have.

100 vital articles for all encyclopedias[edit]

On English Wikipedia, see en:Wikipedia:Vital articles/Level/2.

This is a collection of fundamental topics in information cataloging, including basic concepts in art, geography, science, everyday life, and society. These topics are chosen because large numbers of other Wikipedia articles reference these ideas.

100 medical conditions[edit]

On English Wikipedia, see en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_Medicine/Translation_task_force/RTT(Simplified)#Short_articles.

WikiProject Medicine on English Wikipedia provides multiple lists of essential topics in medicine, including

  • Essential medicines and drugs
  • Emergency medicine
  • Top 100 most common medical conditions

100 topics in LGBT studies[edit]

See Wiki99 LGBT+

Wikimedia LGBT presents 100 topics to which all LGBT communities should have access. In an effort to establish and share a common global LGBT culture, this list presents concepts like "LGBT", "LGBT rights by country or territory", "HIV/AIDS" and a regional cultural concepts deserving more recognition.