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Yao Eliane Dominique (Yasield)[edit]

Yasield (talk meta edits global user summary CA  AE)

Candidate details
Training workshop on the Wikidata project organized by the wikimousso cluster on Saturday March 16, 2019
  • Personal:
    • Name: Yao Eliane Dominique
    • Location: Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire
    • Languages: French
  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: 2013
    • Active wikis: Wikipedia
statement (Not more than 450 words) I have been a member of the Wikimedia movement since 2013. I am involved in the user group of Côte d'Ivoire to fight against the gender content gap in my country. In 2016, I was selected by the executive board to lead the team working on the Wiki Loves Women project. After the success of this project that gave important results Côte d'Ivoire results between 2016 and 2017, I initiated a project called Wikimousso (Wiki woman) whose objective is to produce quality content on notable women in my country to reduce the content gap. This project allows us today to give visibility to women whose actions have a considerable positive impact on the population of our country on Wiki projects such as Wikipedia, Wikidata, Wikicommons and Wikiquote. Since 2017, I have been actively leading the team of this project that we have presented at several international meetings such as Wikiindaba, French-speaking Wikiconvention, Wikimania.

As vice president and executive board member between 2018 and 2021, I represented my user group at several important community meetings, such as the Wikimedia Summit. As a regional ambassador for Art+feminism in French-speaking Africa for three years now, I also contribute to the capacity building of French-speaking Wikipedians in other countries in my region. This set of experiences allows me to have a general vision of the movement and to understand the importance and urgency for the Board of Trustees to operate on the basis of precise priorities oriented towards short and long term results. I would like to be part of the Board of Trustees to help the team to strengthen the achievements and actions already well done, to contribute to the diversification of decisions taking into account the interest of the whole community. Being also a communication professional, one of my objectives is also to help the movement to improve its communication policy and to adapt a strategy to the different member communities

Top 3 Board priorities *
  • Re-establishment of the governing bodies: It is important for the Movement to re-establish its governing bodies as soon as possible in order to evolve the actions and continue the development of our community.
  • Improve the communication of the Foundation: Improve the communication system of the movement to decentralize information.
  • Strengthen the system of good governance of the movement by diversifying the skills and expertise within the Board of Directors for an even more inclusive movement.
Top 3 Movement Strategy priorities *
  • Capacity building: It is advisable to help build the capacities of the communities according to their strengths and weaknesses in the movement.
  • Decentralization: It is necessary to bring the foundation closer to the communities in order to facilitate certain administrative procedures.
  • Equity in decision making: For me, all major decisions related to the life of the movement must take into account the opinion of all communities and affiliates who are great forces of proposals.
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