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  1. Sei so unaufdringlich wie möglich.
  2. Sei so eng zugeschnitten wie notwendig.
  3. Sei Konsens-getrieben und respektiere unsere Prinzipien.
  4. Vermeide ständige Verwendung, um Bannerblindheit so viel wie möglich zu vermeiden und lass der lokalen Community etwas Raum.


Jede Central Notice (-Gruppe) muss rechtzeitig in den CentralNotice/Calendar, dem wichtigsten Tracking- und Koordinationstool. Es muss außerdem eine Kontaktperson/Verantwortliche Person geben, die im Auftrag der Werbenden anfragt und die Spezifikationen definiert.

Alle Banner benötigen eine Kommentarperiode von mindestens 7 Tagen. Die Ziel-Wikis sollten über die Meta-Diskussion informiert werden, siehe Distribution list oder was am besten geeignet ist, um die am meisten interessierten Benutzer zu erreichen.


Standardbanner für die gesamte Bewegung bezüglich Wikimania, Stewardwahlen, Boardwahlen, andere allgemeine Wikimediaabstimmungen und -umfragen und Wartungshinweise bedürfen keiner breiten Diskussion.


Manche Kampagnen sind wegen ihrer Umsetzung umstritten, einfach weil ihr Inhalt ungewöhnlich ist oder weil ihre Übereinstimmung mit den Prinzipien noch nicht klar ist. Das gilt beispielsweise für Werbung für Initiativen mit Nicht-Wikimedia-Organisationen, Projektweite Proteste oder Unterstützungsaktionen.

Abhängig davon, wie kontrovers eine CentralNotice vielleicht ist, sollten solche zusätzlichen Themen mit der globalen Community an einem öffentlichen Ort wie dem Wikimedia Forum, wikimedia-l oder Requests for comment diskutiert werden. Locale CentralNotices sollten tiefergehend überprüft werden; ein kleines Banner kann die Sichtbarkeit einer Diskussion für die am meisten betroffenen AUtoren erhöhen.

Unterstützungsmaßnahmen betreffende Entscheidungen bedürfen einer Bestätigung der Wikimedia Foundation.


  • Relevante Zielgruppen - Schalte nur die erforderlichen Sprachen ein und zeige möglichst keiner Banner in dem Benutzer unbekannten Sprachen (z. B. englischer Banner für nicht angemeldete Benutzer in einem nicht-englischsprachigen Projekt oder für eingeloggte Benutzer mit nicht-englischer Benutzeroberflächensprache). Banner zur Contenterstellung sollten in Contentprojekten angezeigt werden, nicht in Governance- und Hilfsprojekten wie Meta.
  • Campaign weighting - Wherever possible, campaigns should be kept below 50% traffic unless express community consensus exists to do otherwise.
  • Impression limiting - Impression limiting and named campaign cookies should be used for all campaigns. Typically 5 impressions, resetting after minimum of 7 days. Campaigns running on multiple wikis or for long periods will need stricter limits.
  • Campaign length - Campaigns should typically be less than 2 weeks in length. Only in cases where proven success exists or explicit community consensus prevails will exceptions be made for campaigns of 1 month.
  • Limit - Hard limit of 2 campaigns for any one language/geography/project combination per month.
  • Alternatives - Smaller banners, local notices and mass-messaging campaign should be used as alternatives to CentralNotice.

  • Freely licensed - All content including text, background images or logos must be free content.
  • Wikimedia only - Banners must link to Wikimedia-controlled domains (owned either by Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia affiliates or Wikimedia volunteers identified to the Wikimedia Foundation). Banners should not contain any trademark owned by a for-profit.
  • No external resources - All banner resources (code or images) must be sourced from a wiki hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. The link target must provide guarantees equal to the privacy policy or stricter.
  • Secure links (From October 2019) - All links from CentralNotice banners must use https connections.


Banners for fundraising and external surveys should be discussed at least 90 days and requires approval from Wikimedia Foundation in all instances. For these please contact Julia Brungs.

Online fundraising banners are run by the Wikimedia Foundation, however it is now common practice to coordinate timing of fundraising campaigns for all countries (except for US, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia) with local affiliates. The aim is for this to be done around 4-5 months in advance although significant changes in fundraising periods can be discussed anywhere up to 9 months in advance.

Online fundraising banners run by affiliates are approved via legal agreement with the Wikimedia Foundation and again do not need additional approval.

The Wikimedia Foundation and affiliates who run fundraising or tax deductibility campaigns must adhere to the WMF Board Fundraising Principles.


This guidance applies to all Wikimedia requests for surveys is also duplicated for the reference of WMF staff internally

Software: In interests of privacy of our users. Individuals running campaigns with surveys or forms used to collect information via CentralNotice are strongly encouraged to request and use a Qualtrics account by emailing surveys(_AT_)wikimedia.org. This protects the privacy of our users to a much greater degree compared with SurveyMonkey or Google Forms.

Metrics: It's really important to think about how many replies you would like and expect (they are not the same), including breakdowns across languages. It is encouraged all requests for surveys consider about what would be a useful amount of data to collect rather than, which we are all often too guilty of, simply as much as possible. Setting expectations allows CN admins to adjust a campaign to be more or less intensive depending on how on target we are. It's all in the name of efficiency.

Size of audience: Our largest surveys across the whole movement reach thousands of editors. Set realistic expectations about how many responses you will get. As a survey gets narrower in focus, you should not expect nor demand response levels on par with those largest of surveys. You might only get hundreds or even tens of replies. If it's representative of your target audience, small size is not inherently a bad things. You also might want to consider deliberately under-representing certain languages (English or German) to allow the voices of other communities to be louder and positively biased towards.

Is central notice the right tool?: Although applicable to all campaigns, it is particularly important to consider who your audience. Consider other means of communication. Send out surveys to user talkpages, user email, mailing lists, social media, appropriate notice boards/talk pages and village pumps BEFORE any CentralNotice campaign if you are targetting editors.


Banners for maintenance windows are set as they are needed, usually by WMF staff. They use a dedicated banner (please translate). They are identifiable by they syntax: 2019-09-17_Maintenance_window_Wikipedia.

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