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Vertical display for classical Chinese content

  • Problem: Most content in Chinese Wikisource is classical Chinese, which has been printed or written in vertical for thousands of years.
  • Who would benefit: Chinese and Japanese Wikisource. Other Wikimedia projects of languages in vertical display (like Manchu).
  • Proposed solution: Add vertical support to the Wikimedia software. To the proposer's knowledge, MediaWiki already supports right-to-left display of Arabic and Hebrew.

    A switch button on each page and "force" setting in Special:Preferences should be added to allow readers to switch the display mode between traditional vertical text 傳統直寫 and modern horizontal text 新式橫寫. Magic word will be added that allow pages to set its own default display mode.

    Hypothetical vertical Chinese Wikisource as follows. (In this picture, some characters are rotated but they should not.)

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  • Proposer: 維基小霸王 (talk) 13:59, 1 November 2019 (UTC)[reply]