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Eksklusionismo en Vikipedio: en, pt
"Ŝajnas ke perfekteco estas atingata ne kiam ekzistas nenio pli ol aldoni, sed kiam ekzistas nenio pli por forigi."
— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Terre des hommes, 1939, chap. III

Exclusionism is a philosophy held by some Wikipedians that seeks to maximize the usefulness of an article by removing irrelevant or superfluous information. Exclusionists may make their exclusions on grounds such as relevancy, lack of references, POV material, article size, information already existing in another article, and so on. Exclusionists may have derived their philosophy in part from the claim that: "Often what is not said is more important than what is said." Wikipedians who practise exclusionism are known as exclusionists.

Ekskluziva moto:
Estas pli bone preventi ol kuraci.
Ekskluziva imperativo:
Seek ekskludi palaj kaj superflua materialo el ĉiuj artikoloj de Vikipedio. Se vi ne deziras ekskludi, modifi. Nur forviŝi kiam forigo lasus nenion substancan.

Eksklusionismo povas esti konsiderita de iuj kiel la malon de deletionism aŭ kiel alternativo filozofio. Eblas esti inclusionist kaj ekskluziva samtempe.

Dum forigistoj simple volas forigi artikolojn venu kiel malriĉulo, estas ekskluziva preferas preterlasi kion ili vidas kiel malricxaj, superfluajn aŭ extraneous materialo en artikolo konservante la artikolo mem. Ili volus forigi artikolon se ili sentis sian omisiones lasus nenio substanca.

An exclusionist would be more likely to delete rather than attempt to modify anything they saw as not written from a neutral point of view (NPOV). They might also omit rather than modify material they feel is contrary to their own POV about how an article should be, although it should be noted that this itself is a POV-driven action.

Exclusionists make their decisions to exclude on grounds such as relevancy, article size, information already existing in another article, POV material, lack of references, and so on. They may also construct seemingly complete articles before publishing them, in the hope they will then be viewed as fait accompli.

Interested exclusionists are welcome to suggest more policy changes. The Association of Exclusionist Wikipedians has been established.

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