Fundraising 2009/Survey/Translations

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This is a closed translation request.

Translation Requests for Wikimedia 2009 Fundraising Survey

WMF Staff: Rand Montoya

About This Translation Request:

  • Purpose - Wikimedia Foundation is requesting your assistance to translate a survey of donors and potential donors. This survey will help us to better understand donors and potential donors, and ultimately, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of fundraising efforts of the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Timing - The translations are needed by July 29, 2009, or as close to this date as possible.
  • Priorities - First priority is to translate the survey into the following languages: cs/Česky, da/Dansk, de/Deutsch, en/English (base language),es/Español, fr/Français, it/Italiano, ja/日本語. nl/Nederlands, pl/Polski. These languages represent the countries with the highest total donations to Wikimedia Foundation in 2008.