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Information on the process used to develop the movement strategy.

The core strategy team developed the process for the 2017 discussions in collaboration with a Community Process Steering Committee, composed of people from across the movement who have deep experience engaging the community. On a weekly basis, the Core Team posted iterative prototypes of suggested processes, based on input and feedback from this Steering Committee and available for everyone to share their thoughts and feedback. All committee meeting notes and multiple iterations of process prototypes can be found here.

It is important to start with an understanding of what's gone right and – perhaps more importantly – what's gone wrong in past strategy processes. To do that, Suzie Nussel conducted an audit of past processes.


  1. Identify as a movement a cohesive direction that aligns and inspires us all on our path to 2030.
  2. Build trust, goodwill, and alignment within our movement. Participate in a legitimate, transparent, open process based on shared power, not hierarchy.
  3. Better understand the people and institutions that form our movement, those we are not yet reaching, and how their needs may change over the next 15 years.
  4. Build a shared understanding of what it means to be a movement, how others outside of us can take part, and what it will take to increase our movement’s impact. Unite around how to grow to achieve our vision.
  5. Build relationships to expand and enrich our movement and prospective partners.

Wikimedia Movement Strategy Process Map

Phase 1 of the process has three main discussion cycles. The purpose of these cycles is to allow time for individual contributors and organized groups that support the movement to discuss the future direction, generate ideas, and then come to consensus. The outcome of this work will be the shared movement-wide strategic direction, which will be posted for review before Wikimania 2017. Below is a graphic that depicts this process.

We are currently adjusting the process flow to better integrate all the findings. More information and a new graphic coming shortly.


Outlines the considerations in developing the strategy process.
Outlines the process for designing the strategy.
Includes the proposed timeline for the strategy process.