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Threats of harm/vi

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This page is a translated version of the page Threats of harm and the translation is 66% complete.
Đây là lời khuyên dành cho các biên tập viên đang tham gia đối phó với những hành vi đe dọa gây tổn hại về thể chất với chính họ hoặc người khác.

GHI CHÚ từ nhóm Tin cậy và An toàn WMF: Kể từ tháng 6 năm 2023, chúng tôi nhận thấy rằng một số thư được gửi tới emergency@ lại nằm trong thư mục spam của chúng tôi. Đây có vẻ là sự cố backend với nhà cung cấp email của chúng tôi và chúng tôi hiện đang xem xét sự cố. Nếu bạn không nhận được một câu trả lời cho tin nhắn của bạn trong vòng 1 giờ, vui lòng gửi một ghi chú đến ca(_AT_)wikimedia.org. Cảm ơn bạn. JKoerner (WMF) (talk) 16:13, 7 June 2023 (UTC)[reply]

This page outlines the procedure for dealing with such issues, and threats of physical harm, including self-harm, and complement the Foundation's legal policies on the subject. It does not apply to non-physical forms of real-world harm, such as harassment or outing.

Treat all claims seriously

Treat all threats seriously. Do not make your own determination that an apparent threat is a joke or trolling. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Although someone discussing suicide may not be actively suicidal at present, he or she may become actively suicidal; the same is true of someone threating violence. To repeat: Treat all threats seriously and act as you would in a real emergency.

Liên hệ với Quỹ Wikimedia

As soon as you see a claim or threat of physical harm to persons ("I'm going to kill myself"; "I'm going to kill Person"; "I'm going to kill you") or property ("I'm going to blow up your school"), immediately contact the Wikimedia Foundation office staff at this special email address: emergency@wikimedia.org, which automatically forwards to a trained team of staff members available to respond to these incidents even outside of normal business hours. The Wikimedia Foundation has internal policies for office actions, such as the "On-Wiki Threat Protocol", which applies both domestically in the United States and internationally. Emails sent to other addresses or Foundation staff may not be received in a timely manner, or response might be delayed; thus this email address is the preferred contact point for such incidents and will produce a near-immediate reply of acknowledgement. (Please note: emails sent to this address for non-emergency issues may receive no response at all. If you need assistance of another kind, they cannot help you.)

Liên hệ một nhân viên

Except for edge cases and other cases requiring common sense, such as where a functionary is the source of a threat, you should also contact the closest designated functionary for your local wiki immediately.

"Functionary" here is defined the highest body of authority responsible for overseeing your wiki, one that is typically governed by local policies and guidelines; for example, an Arbitration Committee and/or a resident team of appointed CheckUsers and Oversighters. If there is no ArbCom process, the "functionary" role may be relegated to local bureaucrats, or another special group as determined by local policy; and if there are no local bureaucrats, the "functionary" role may be relegated to local administrators, or another special group as determined by local policy. And finally, if there are no local members of your community elected to hold advanced permissions, or they may be inactive or hold the positions only temporarily, you may contact a steward to serve as local "functionary".

Thông tin liên lạc được đề xuất để nhận được sự chú ý nhanh chóng bao gồm:

Functionaries should contact other functionaries even if they discover such a threat on their own. Other functionaries may be able to provide help more effectively, and a wider announcement is key to mobilizing such effort.

Hành động của nhân viên

Ngăn chặn hành vi đe dọa gây tổn hại đến người khác bằng các thu hồi chức năng gửi thư điện tử. Tuy nhiên, nếu đó là lời đe dọa tự sát hoặc tự làm hại bản thân, thì nên cân nhắc xem liệu việc ngăn chặn có phù hợp hay không. Các nội dung về mối đe dọa hoặc khiếu nại phải được xóa bỏ phiên bản hoặc triệt bỏ khỏi lịch sử trang.

Trách nhiệm

While Wikimedians' legal obligations to report a threat of harm might vary by country, volunteers do have a policy obligation to adhere to the Wikimedia Foundation's Terms of Use, as well as a moral obligation as members of the Wikimedia movement to help bring assistance to persons suffering depression or violence.

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