WALRUS/September 2016

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Date and time[edit]

Monday, September 19, at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern

Zoom videoconference information[edit]

Getting set up with Zoom[edit]

Link to the meeting[edit]

Chair & secretary for this month[edit]


Join in keeping the shared notes

0:00-0:15 - "One minute updates" from each chapter and user group.
  • Includes governance update from Cascadia Wikimedians - Pine and/or Peaceray
please check-off groups which have a representative giving an update
0:15-0:30 - Wikiconference North America (in San Diego Oct 7-10, 2016) - Rosiestep, FloNight, Fuzheado
  • Submissions have been processed, and nearly everyone has responded. We have a full slate! Schedule published later this week
  • We need more volunteers, to help with a number of aspects:
    • Friday help would be appreciated, GLAM Culture Crawl Day
    • Experienced trainers
    • Room minders (you get to see the sessions, just have to help with time keeping, checking in presenters, etc)
    • Videography
    • Hacking/Hangout Space
    • Registration
  • We have a Slack group, you are encouraged to join. Ask Fuzheado, Richard or Kevin P for an invite.
  • Join Slack and volunteers, or contact User:Fuzheado and/or Brenda Wahler
  • Keynote from Katherine Maher
    • Suggestions on what we would like to address
    • Community strategy session Monday afternoon
0:30-0:31 - "LearnWiki" video tutorial project - Pine
0:31-0:40 - Wiki Loves Monuments - US Page - SuperHamster
  • We have over 4,500 uploads! ~8% are being used in articles.
  • Ways to help:
  • We'd like a panel of judges from all around the United States. Know someone in your network who may be interested in helping judge part of the world's largest photography contest? A historian, photographer, etc.? Let me know!
  • We have several guides to finding historic and cultural sites by state; feel free to make one for your state!
  • Still have almost 2 weeks left; notify your network about the event, including our other ways to contribute.
  • Find images in your state to clean up and categorize, and add to Wikipedia articles.
0:40-0:45 - updates to Wikimedia chapter system - see The Signpost "AffCom still grappling with WMF Board's criteria for new chapters" - bluerasberry
  • Your agenda item here

New business[edit]

  • Your agenda item here

Tabled agenda items[edit]

(If there is time at the end of the meeting, anyone can pick up one of these items for discussion)

  • Health & Medicine programs
  • Wiki Loves Earth and other photography competitions
  • Art + Feminism
  • Legal activism and civil liberties
  • Privacy
  • Copyright
  • Freedom of panorama
  • Orphaned works
  • Technical developments
  • QR codes
  • Wikimedia mobile apps and mobile web
  • Wikidata and referencing
  • Government agencies and NGOs with mission alignment (ex. National Archives, state and local governments, history societies, Red Cross, Consumer Reports, UNESCO, NASA)
  • Grants:IdeaLab/Cameras for Commons photographers
  • GLAM-US coordination and/or "GLAM-Wiki Consortium", possibly an intern, contract, or part-time position
  • Requesting the www.wikimedia.us domain from WMF
  • Collaboration with public broadcasters such as PBS, NPR, and BBC America, and public-interest broadcasters such as C-SPAN

Meeting minutes[edit]

Meeting minutes will be placed here.