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Meta:Interface administrators

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This page provides information on Meta interface administrators, and lays out relevant policies.

Interface administrators are users who can edit CSS, JS, and JSON pages (such as MediaWiki:Common.js or MediaWiki:Vector.css). They can also edit interface messages which are interpreted as raw HTML, the gadget pages listed on Special:Gadgets and other users' CSS, JS or JSON subpages which otherwise can only by edited by the users themselves. Because of the special nature of Meta-Wiki, interface administrators in this project can also edit CSS and JS pages which have a global effect. This access is particularly sensitive due to the potential damage that may be caused by any intentional misuse of the permission or because of an accident, as such it is important that interface administrators ensure they practice good account security and be careful with any changes they make.

Requesting interface adminship


The process for requesting interface adminship on Meta-Wiki is different for administrators and non-administrators:

Activity requirements


Interface administrator access is lost due to inactivity. Activity will be checked as part of the regular Meta-Wiki activity reviews with the following considerations:

  • Administrators removed due to inactivity will also lose their interface administrator permission if they have it. Edits made requiring interface administrator access count as administrative actions for inactivity purposes.
  • Non-administrators lose their access to this permission if they have not made at least ten (10) global edits within the same six (6) months review period set for administrators.

Involuntary removal


Any bureaucrat may remove an interface admin's rights at any time if they feel the tools have been misused, or if a request for comment has shown that the community do not trust the interface administrator, whereby any consensus to demote of higher than about 50% is sufficient to remove. Any interface administrator that had their tools removed pursuant this section must pass a regular request for interface adminship in order to regain the tools, no matter if the user is an administrator or not.

Involved interface administrators


Interface administrators must abide by the involved administrators policy.

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