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2017年資金配分委員会監察委員選挙 候補者

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Info 選挙は2017年6月11日に終了しました。以後の投票は受け付けられません。




Kirill Lokshin (Kirill Lokshin)

Kirill Lokshin (talk meta edits global user summary CA  AE)

Presenting at WikiConference North America 2016 in San Diego
  • 自己紹介:
    • 名前: Kirill Lokshin
    • 年齢: 33
    • 居住地: Washington, DC, United States
    • 言語: en-N, ru-N, fr-1
  • 活動:
    • ウィキメディア参加時期: 2005
    • 活動中のウィキ: en.wp, meta
声明 Having served as the FDC Ombudsperson for the past two years—and having worked with numerous Wikimedia movement annual plan grants as both an evaluator and a grantee—I have the skills and experience to effectively address complaints about the FDC process.
必須質問 1. 財団資金分配委員の活動と推薦過程に適したどんな経歴をお持ちですか。
1.1. 年度計画およびプログラムの指導あるいは評価については?
I've worked with annual plans—and annual plan grants—from both sides of the table. In my role on the board of Wikimedia DC, I've worked extensively with our chapter's annual planning process, preparing annual plans and associated grant applications, as well as directing programs as part of executing those plans. At the same time, I have served on the Simple Annual Plan Grants Committee, where I've had the opportunity to evaluate numerous Wikimedia organizations' annual plans.
1.2. 助成金の作成に詳しいですか。
I am a long-time participant in the Wikimedia grantmaking world, having served on the Grant Advisory Committee, the Individual Engagement Grants Committee, the Simple Annual Plan Grants Committee, and the Project Grants Committee. As a result, I'm very familiar with movement grantmaking processes, participant expectations, and best practices.

2. あなたは何が監察委員の役割だと理解していますか。

The Ombudsperson receives and documents complaints and other feedback about the FDC process from participants and others. In addition, the Ombudsperson is available to assist the Board and the FDC in investigating formal complaints when an independent evaluation is requested.

3. 資金配分委員会のプロセスについて、監察委員に対して実際に起こりそうな申し立てを書いてください。そしてそれに対してどのように対処しますか?

In the two years that I've served as the FDC Ombudsperson, I have not actually received any complaints; while this has obviously made my term rather unexciting, I think it speaks highly of the professionalism of everyone involved in the process, including the members of the FDC, the WMF staff who support them, and the many grantees around the world. However, as more organizations enter the FDC process in the coming years, there is always the possibility that a complaint will be raised, either as a result of confusion or miscommunication among the various stakeholders, or of some more serious matter. The role of the Ombudsperson is to prepare for the eventuality that such a scenario occurs, and to respond quickly and effectively if it does.
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